Wednesday, April 05, 2006

*sigh of relief*

I'm baaaaaaaack! Well I've been back since sunday night but I've been so busy with work I'm only now getting a chance to sit down and read some blogs. Can you believe the first month of april is almost done already?? Holy cats! I've almost missed a whole week of PS's Orange month! Once again I don't have any orange yarn.....yet! Strange really because orange IS one of my favourite colours! I do however have some orange projects in mind that I hope to get started on soon. In the meantime I'll show you some orange things to get the month started off right!

Our living room finally finished and painted Orange perfect for this months project spectrum!

A cool tealight holder I got from Moose's mum for my Bday. It has two interchangable glass inserts, that glow orange with black shadow's, perfect for my safari theme living room.
Another view of the living room.

More Orange things to come and an update from the farm!


Chris said...

Oh, very Project Spectrum - fun!!

Laura said...

Yay! I missed you! Glad you're back and love your orangey paint job! Cool theme! :)

irishmama said...

Love the orange walls, they look great.

Amy said...

I love the room, I have an Asian themed roomed that has similiar colored accent wall

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comments on my walls, i love them too! Turned out JUST how I envisioned it. I still need to find the perfect art for the walls, and put some other things up but I'm happy I've got everything else in.
Great minds huh Amy!