Thursday, March 30, 2006

The end of the red and pink!

Do you see this almost finished sock infront of you??? Say goodbye cause it has to go to the frog pond *sniff sniff* I was doing fine they were snug but thats they way I like them and then when I tried to put it over the top of my foot disaster struck! TOOO SMALL!!! :( ohhhh whhyyyyy meee! I think I'm gonna chuck this yarn aside for now and move on to something else for the time being. I'm fed up being frustrated at the dang thing. Good news though is i've completed the neck of the little star sweater and started to sew up the sleeves, I hope to get a chance to work on it Sunday.
This is yarn I recieved from Danielle she wanted to pass this bamboo yarn to someone who could use it. If you were interested she asked that you leave a comment saying you were interested and then she used a number generator to pick out the winner. IT WAS ME!!! YAY!!
I think I'm gonna use this during PS blue month to make a one skein wonder maybe.

I looooooooove cupcakes, every year Moose says all he wants for his birthday is my cupcakes, can't get better than that. We are having a party for L tomorrow at her place after work so of course I decided to make her cupcakes. L is a chocolate fiend!!! Not to mention a pizza one as well, so we are ordering in pizza, eat some chocolate and hopefully she will like these swiss chocolate cupcakes with teal and PINK icing and of course chocolate bits on top, I added some with sprinkles for some colour. They are all set and ready to go in my Wilton carrier I got from work. I simply ADORE this thing check it out here. Holds cupcakes, flip the bottom and it could be mini cupcakes or take that part out and it carries a slab cake. The handle locks down on each side and I just think its FANTASTIC!!


irishmama said...

Congrats on winning the wool, its a really pretty color, and I love the cupcakes

Chris said...

Oh, your cupcakes look so tasty! Alas, I'm sure they're not gluten free, so I must merely admire them.

Congrats on the contest win!

The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh Kelly, send some of those over to Jersey! They look YUMMMMMYYYY!

Amy said...

too bad with the socks they look cute, and yes I loved the circulars with socks - it moves much faster and easier

Rachel said...

What is it about cupcakes that make them so delicious? In theory they shouldn't be any different from a piece of cake with frosting, but in reality they are much more fun. (Yes, I am a cupcake fan too, how could you tell?)

Sorry about your sock. :(

Chris said...

You didn't stay out at that farm, did you? Hello??? Hellooooo?