Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Monster Madness Pics

** I never noticed before but if you click on the pics it makes them bigger and better to see**

As promised pictures from Monster trucks!

Here's me with Monster Patrol, this was the only actual real TRUCK body. They had the back lined with seats and charged $5 for a ride in it. They made an insane amount of money that day and they only went around half the arena twice! NUTS I SAY NUTS! *it looks like I'm holding a cigarette in that picture but let the record show that its mearly they light in front of the back wheel and I do not partake in that habit :) *
This was another ACTUAL truck that was just there for show and at the pit party. Pretty awesome paint job though!
And here is the wheelie round..... don't worry you didn't miss out on the other rounds because THEY ALL LOOKED LIKE THIS!!!
We had some time to kill between the pit party and the actual show so we went to Tim's for dinner. We chose the bar top table against the window because Moose likes to People watch. Its not a very good picture but I spyed a cute little pom wearing a knit sweater that I had to capture on camera! She was styling!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Lately it seems that every project I pick up has something frustrating me! Every project I have on the go right now is stopped dead in their tracks.
I am on the toe decrease for the second stripe sock and I of course RAN OUT OF YARN! Yup go figure if anything bad could happen it would happen to me! I'm stuck on the top of the foot on my Psock. I can't seem to get the pattern to work out so have asked for some help from a fellow Psocker. Dyeing............. I'm not even going to GO there at the minute. I wanted to start my Butterfly for the Amazing lace but don't have the beads DANG! I started Calum's cable sweater but its not something I really want to knit right now so its going pretty slow. I want to get another pair of socks on the go, the ones for Nanny but my two pairs of needles are occupied right now with those dang socks that I'm currently stuck on!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I think I need to haul down another building or something!

I'm sure your all wondering how Monster Trucks was. Well I could lie and say it was great yadda yadda but since I'm frustrated enough at the minute I may as well ramble on some more. If you don't want to hear me ramble feel free to skip to the next part :)
Well the trucks themselves were pretty cool. Moose was telling me before we went that they weren't actually trucks they were toys put together to look like trucks but I didn't really understand until I saw them. Its a giant mass of parts and on top is the shape of a truck shell but its made of fiberglass all one piece. Anyway seeing them at the pit party was pretty neat! I got some pics. Now the actual show was less than thrilling. The monster trucks did 3 events! The wheely contest, the race, and something else but to sum it all up in on go, the wheel the race and whatever else they did all LOOKED THE SAME. In every contest they all jumped over 3 cars and smushed them. Just forwards mind you. There was no going backwards or sideways just over and over again on top of these trucks. Oh yes and I remember the last competition was the free style.............. what was their free style you may ask????? Well jumping over 3 DANG TRUCKS OF COURSE! OH I was soooo ticked! Its a good thing the tickets were only 10 bucks cause I would have been demanding my money back. Now the show was NOT what I recall watching on tv AT ALL! Moose says the good ones are usually outdoors and the trucks are even bigger.
So in a nutshell the Monster trucks was a big FLOP! but at least I got to see them. I'm glad for that.
I'll post some pictures later on today from the show and have some other things to show you.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Monster Madness!

Chris guessed correctly! I'm going to see monster trucks! Now you all might think i'm kinda weird to be soooo excited about some Monster Trucks but its something I used to see advertised on t.v. all the time remember Bigfoot?? The biggest monster truck back then. Well anyway I couldn't pass it up when Nathan asked if I wanted to go seeing it was only $10. Do you need to ask???? OF COURSE I WANT TO GO!
I've been counting down the days and finally today is it! We even got Pit Passes so we could go down and look at all the trucks before the show! WOOOT WOOOT! I've got my camera and I'm ready to go :)
I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures for you tomorrow.
In the meantime I'll leave you with the site if your interested!

Friday, May 26, 2006

I can't believe you guys haven't guessed this yet. I thought it would be too easy!
Here's another hint its an indoor event and Laura was kinda on the right track when she said car races........

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Take a guess!

I've been pretty pumped for the last couple of weeks because this Saturday I'm going somewhere VERY EXCITING! * for me anyway* Somewhere I've always wanted to go but never got the chance to. I will need to bring with me what is pictured below as well as my camera. Can you guess where I'm going???

Here's the Post Demolition picture. Moose salvaged what he could and the rest we cooked in the fire. BURN BABY BURN! Let me tell you that fire was HOOOOT! I had to stand back quite a ways because the heat was craaaaaaazy!

If you will notice on my side bar, both *thats right folks* BOTH little star sweaters are complete! They are at the seamstresses now becoming beautiful garments for the twins :)
I'm hoping to finish my second stripe sock tonight or tomorrow and then cast on for a new project or two.

I don't know how the rest of you are doing with your Dyeing for Dyeorama but I have been having a BALL with my dyeorama pal.* She is on the giving end*
If you know me you know that I CAN NOT! side by idoly and not try figure out who my dye buddy is. It runs through my brain all day at work and while I'm knitting and trying to go to sleep. CONSTANTLY!
So I asked my dye buddy if she could give me a clue to who they were so I could try and figure it out. She has been giving me various clues and I thought I was on the right track until I discovered I was wayyyyy off course on the wrong side of the contenient. So once I got situated in the right area I got a few more clues and was still having troubles. This girl is good! I seriously felt like I was trying to solve the da vinci code. I'd be on here in the morning and at night trying to find something. Finally tonight I found her! Don't worry Laura I didn't look at my yarn :) I told her I didn't want to find her blog if it showed my yarn so she kindly linked all the pictures and let me on my merry way. Of course you'll all have to wait until my yarn arrives before I tell you who she is :) Thanks Dye Buddy that was sooo much fun!

Monday, May 22, 2006


You never know what we are going to be up to next :)
We have an old barn in the yard that was housing our wood for the winter. We knew it probably wasn't going to last another winter as it had gaping holes in the side had some rotting boards and the tar paper blew off the roof in a storm. When Nathan went up on top to check the situation and see about getting more tar paper for the roof he said it wouldn't be long before the roof caved and neither of us wanted to be in there when that happened so the plan was tear it down.
And tear it down we did. Moose called in the Demolition team.

Demolition team seen here, Me and the Big Rig!!!!
Moose tied a rope through a hole on each side of the front of the shed and tied it to my bumper.
he stood back with the camera and I gave Big Rig some gas.

Mission Complete!

It was sooo much fun pulling it down! I suggested we start a demolition company :)

Stay tuned for tomorrows update on what we did with the shed then.

Today is Victoria Day in Canada and as the stores are closed that meant a day off for me. Just so happened Moose was off too. I spent all morning reading The Da Vinci Code. I want to see the movie but of course I wanted to finish the book first because as you know the book is always better than the movie. The movie came on on Friday and I was still only halfway through the book *I've only really been reading at work* So Moose said if I finished the book by tonight he'd take me to see it. GAME ON! So I finished the book at around 1:30 this afternoon and am off in an hour or so to go see it *bounce bounce* I can't wait!

I spent the rest of the day knitting. You'll NEVER guess what I was knitting. Remember the dreaded little star sweater #2?????? The one I forgot to put arm holes in?????? Yup well I finally caved and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I need to get this sweater done before the kids are too old to wear them. So I ripped and knit my little heart out. Mister sweater thought he was still going to be stubborn but I showed him who's boss and barrelled on. The only thing left to do is the neck band which I can probably finish either tonight after the movie or tomorrow before I go to work. I told myself I'd have it finished before wednesday so I can take it to mum when I go visit. I also have great knitting plans for the rest of the week. I need to get striped sock #2 finished and a new pattern for nanny's socks started. She's coming in just over a month so I best get cracking! I also need to start Calum's cable sweater as he is now 3 months old. Oh the plans the plans! I just keep thinking after I get all that done I can start something for myself! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Happenings at Celtic!

Wednesday was my mum's birthday but because I was working and so was mum I decided I would head down to see her on thursday *my day off* and visit before she went to work. Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without CUPCAKES!!!! My fourty shades of green butter pecan cupcakes! I grated some dairy milk bar *one of mum's favs* and sprinkled it on top.

Here's a picture of me and my mum on my wedding day! One of my favourite pics! Doesn't she look fabbbbbbbbbulous! I've very close with my mum, and my dad for that matter. Mum as you have seen previously is the knitting extrodinare. I can't wait until they move down here so I can have a knitting buddy!
LOOKEY LOOKEY WHAT I MADE!!!!!!!!! My jewellery class paid off cause that night I came home and made these! I can actually do the loop now. I was sooo excited I was swirling them around on my needle and yelling to Sockies, "SOCKIES YOUR MUM IS A FRIGGIN GENIUS!!!!" hehe She was thrilled as you can imagine.

On the dyeing note I have completely washed my hands of the acid dying. It just isn't for me. I tried again last night and it went on alot better but it didn't matter how many times I microwaved it the dye just wouldn't set and started running out when I was rinsing it. So that's it! Wilton's it is. I have a little bit of yarn left to play with and my one good skein for my pal. Fingers crossed it all works out for me please!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Milk ad!

*I wonder how far I can shove my head in here* *I NEEEEED MILK*
*slurp slurp* ahhhhh thats some goood stuff!
*sobbing* OH mum DON'T, I don't need anyone seeing my milk mustache!

Just for the record I did NOT feed my cat a whole glass of milk! She follows us everywhere when we have milk and won't stop till she gets a taste. She had a few licks and then I pulled her away. *She's not even supposed to have milk but a few licks here and there can't be too bad.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Few more pics from weekend!

Heading up to Wee Peek!

Moose's Bro aka HELMET HEAD!
And of course the green views from Wee Peek!

weekend adventure!

Saturday Moose, moose's brother and I headed out for a day on the bikes. It was an awesome day out, sunshining and gorgeous blue sky. I was thinking yup another day on the bikes were I get to drive a bit and then sit on the back.......... then it hit me. THE GREEN MACHINE!! I totally forgot I had my own bike and would be cruising solo today yipeee!!!!!
I love love love my bike, its sooo peppy and turns on a dime. Moose and his bro's bikes are alot heavier and bigger than mine so when they get into a tight spot they have to reverse, backup and then put it in drive again BUT NOT THE GREEN MACHINE! He turns on a dime and away I go. I find it quite comical me whizzing away while they are still turning muhahaha
Anyway we went to the trails and found out how to get to St, Martins which is a little waterfront town thats a popular camping spot in the summer. We found a picnic table and stopped for a snack there before heding back on the trails again. This time we ended uo finding a stream and biked up that overall the slippery rocks. I got hung up on a few rocks a couple of times because I'm so low compared to the others but with some rocking I managed to get free. On the way back to the truck we swung by StoneyBrook lodge. Stoneybrook is a very popular place for snowmobilers and bikers as its right off the main trail. They have a restaurant, nice little pond area with paddle boat and cabins if you feel the need to stay overnight. Stoneybrook also has a great lookout spot called Wee Peak with great views of the surrounding areas. All in all it was a great day, and ride. Of course if you know anything about our 4 wheeler trips with Moose's brother you'd know that we never go on a trip without something bad happening. At least thats the trend since we got the bikes. So saturday's event was that when we got back to the truck and trailer someone had stolen our RAMPS!!! These are what we use to load the bikes on the truck and trailer. Of course everyone was ticked off after that. I just don't get stealers! Someone works hard to accumulate the money to buy something and they think they can just walk away with it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I'll leave you with some pics from saturday!

This is stoneybrook. The restaurant is the farthest building on the right. The one directly in front and to the right all cabins.
Heere we are in the stream.
This is moose and I when we stopped in St.Martin's to eat!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Progress progress progress!

I've been getting quite a bit of knitting done in the past few days. I've turned the heel on the second stripe sock. Mostly I've been taking my projects in the truck and working on them during our travel time. Its weird though, I can't read in the car at all and before I couldn't knit either but now it doesn't seem to bother me. I can happily knit away and not get nausea! YAY for me!

That's another shot of my bedroom wall :)
Yesterday on our way to and from seeing Moose's mum I got another whole pattern repeat done and the heel started. It was fantastic to just knit travelling. Usually I'm thinking about when I'm going to beable to squeeze in a row or two when i get home.
Lastly I went to a beading class tonight at work and made this bracelet and earrings. Pretty dang impressed I was, and I'm finally getting the hang of the loop making. I'm excited for the next one.
Short post for tonight, I've got lots pics for you to see tomorrow though.
*sings* The needles, the needles are caaalling! *sung to tune of Danny Boy*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Long time no see!

Hello Hello! I know i've been MIA all this week but its been work and then coming home to work on a house project so there's just been no time to post. But here I am back at it, for a few minutes anyway :) We are going 4 wheeling today!! As you can see from the picture below *taken only moments ago* its perfect wheeling weather. I almost forgot that I get to take my OWN bike today..... was thinking I'd be sitting on the back of Moose's but NOOOOO the green machine is out and ready for action!
I'm sure by now you're all drooling at the picture below. The new best friend to my spring green sock yarn I dyed is none other than APPLETINI! *Yes yes I broke down and bought her.* I couldn't resist, when Scout mentioned she had two new skeins of her just waiting to be bought I new one would be coming to live with me. I kept thinking about Appletini alllll day before I finally caved and bought it :) Let me tell you Scout's yarn is every bit as yummy as it looks. It smells yummy, the colours are yummy and heck its going to be super yummy to knit with. I'm just waiting now until I see that perfect Appletini sock pattern so I can cast on.

I bought some Acid Dye's from work last week and thought I'd give acid dyeing a trying seeing how everyone's is turning out soooo fabulous. Well lets just say mine was NOT so fabulous! IT WAS HORRIFIC! I used 2 teaspooons of dye and mixed with 1 teaspoon of vinegar and some water and started painting. It all looked like it was going well but when I got up the next morning the colours were sooooo BLAH!!! All faded, and the yarn was hard and crusty?????? WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING WRONG???? Moose said I had too much water for one but too much water wouldn't make it crusty! Good thing I just used a few strands of yarn to test it out. No one seems to know how much dye etc they use but if you can tell by what I used that I'm using too much or too little of something pllllllease tell me! I'd like to get this right. Then to make matters worse Appletini came the next day................ That oh so perfect yarn and perfect colours and perfect NON crusty yarn *sighs* Oh Scout if only I could dye like you!

Ok so we are finally done the house project we've currently been working on. Check it out!
This is our bedroom. I swear Lolly is following our paint pallet for Project Spectrum because EVERY room seems to fall into the right colour category! So for the bedroom we painted green. I don't remember the exact name of the chip but its perfect. The camera didn't do a very good job of capturing the colour but its brighter than what you see here. You also can't see the white trim, baseboard, door trim and windowsill..... well actually you can see a little bit of it in between the tall boy and the dresser in the first picture. The crown moulding ledge is from Pottery Barn, as well as my duvet cover. I looooooove Pottery Barn! I plan on actually lowering the Crown moulding a bit and adding some art to it but I haven't found the right thing yet. I also have a oil painting in the frame shop at work getting framed that will match the furniture. I also plan on getting some proper lamps and a few other odds and ends but hey a finished constructual room is a dang good start!

As for knitting news I've basically only been knitting in the truck on the way to different places so the second stripe sock is getting worked on but other than that I'm VERY behind. I need to get my butt in gear and pull out that second star sweater and finish it. Maybe on sunday while i'm watching Coronation Street.
Hope you all have a great day! I'll be cruising the trails if you need me :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Whats wet and green and smells like Vinegar???

Why its dyed yarn of course! Dyed with Wilton gel's leaf green. It now smells like koukaburra woolwash but the vinegar still lingers in the kitchen. Its a little blotchy but it was my first time with the wilton so I didn't want the colour coming out too dark. I'm happy with it and they are going to make some cute lace socks.
Another soon to be green project! I picked up a cat grass kit for Sockies last weekend and tonight we have 3 little blades growing!! See the one in the bottom left hand corner?? Hang on Sockies your grass is coming!

*Ummm mum??? You think HE'S funny??? HE'S GOT HIS HEAD IN A BAG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!* Some of us will stoop to any level to get noticed! HUMPH!

* I don't get these humans!*

** In case you don't know that's the crazy Chaos.

I've been missing L at work the past few days. She's really sick. She got blood tests done with no results yet but they are pretty sure its something from when she was in Mexico :(
She's in alot of pain and can't keep anything down. Poor L I wish there was something I could do for her. Keep her in your thoughts!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Joining up!

I've signed up for the Psock KAL
I did a whole repeat section on it today so its coming along nicely
I'm getting used to the pattern now and its going faster.
Did I mention before how much I LOVE this Amy Boogie yarn?
Go buy some Spunky Electic. Its varigated yet i'm getting purple
and blue stripes as well. FANNNNNNNNNNTASTIC!

I also joined Amazing Lace. The idea is to knit a lace project through the summer until labour day. While knitting your project there will be challenges and tasks you have to complete. Its going to be lots of fun! Go check it out at Rachael's blog.

I've really gotta get some WIP's finished as I have too much on the go and some new things coming :) I've also got some dyeing to do. An update on that later!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Playing Catch up!

I have ohhh so much to blog about and don't know where to start! I'm finally having a minute to sit down and actually post something. I've been meaning to do it since sunday but just haven't had the time. First off Happy GREEN Month! I think this will be one of my favourite months so far considering I A have projects to do that are green and B I love the shades of greeen that are out and about these days! Oh sooo yummy!
Now before I start babbling go over to Harlots new post! At the very end of her post she has a picture that she took in Lexington. Well heck its only several hundred young people at Triangle Park participating in the NIGHT COMMUTE!!! YAY!!!!! That makes me oh so happy!!!! FYI I'm buying the movie and bracelet!!!! I hope you are too!
This whole night commute is really pulling on my heart strings and making me want to go visit my kids! I checked out flights to Uganda....... wooowwwwwwwwweeee!!! Thats alot of moola!
Then I check flights to Brazil which weren't as bad sooo we shall see. I might get to see one of them after all!
Anyway back to blogging!
L is home from Mexico and is sooooooo incredibly brown I can't believe it!!!! What a brat! I told her I could cat sit IN mexico but nooooooo!!!
She was however very nice in bringing me back a little something even after I told her to go enjoy herself and no worry about any of us! There are 4 of us girls that hang out together so she brought all 3 of us a little suede purse and neckace. Each necklace is different and the little purse will be perfect for summer when I don't want to carry around a big bag. She also pulled out a little Cat carved in some kind of polished stone for looking after Gizmo. Its soooo cute and Sockies just loved it! Rubbing her head on it the whole bit. Its going in my living room once I get my little box shelves up.

This is my first project for Green month! I joined the Pomatomas Along * no wonder Margene called them her P socks! How in the world do you pronounce that!!!!* I'm using my contest win from Amy Boogie that I've had for a while now. It is sooo fantastic and of course I was waiting for the perfect project and after falling in love with this pattern they were destined to be P socks!! So the yarn is Spunky Eclectic, colourway is unknown, it doesn't seem to match the others in her shop so I'm thinking maybe its a one off. I love the colours, in winding it up a found sooo many other little splashes of colour and different shades.
Sockies decided she was going to play with it last night while I was winding it up. I promptly reminded her that this was special Amy Boogie yarn and that she was to keep her paws to herself! A handspun delight that is not for cats! She then decided to punk me off and go back to sleep!

The best part of my weekend! And a complete fluke! I got my very OWN four wheeler!!!! This is a yamaha 250 a perfect sized bike for a little donkey! Moose's bike is a 450 and I find it hard for these little arms so steer so when Moose's old boss was selling this for a steal of a deal we couldn't pass it up. There have been only 5 tanks of gas through the green machine and its a 93. It fits perfectly on the back of the truck and then Moose's and his brothers can go on the trailer no problem so now we each have our own. YAYYYY!!! Perfect P.S. purchase to start the month!!
Now that I've talked your ears off I'll leave it at that for now. I'll hopefully beable to blog some tomorrow and fill you in on the rest of the news.