Monday, May 22, 2006


You never know what we are going to be up to next :)
We have an old barn in the yard that was housing our wood for the winter. We knew it probably wasn't going to last another winter as it had gaping holes in the side had some rotting boards and the tar paper blew off the roof in a storm. When Nathan went up on top to check the situation and see about getting more tar paper for the roof he said it wouldn't be long before the roof caved and neither of us wanted to be in there when that happened so the plan was tear it down.
And tear it down we did. Moose called in the Demolition team.

Demolition team seen here, Me and the Big Rig!!!!
Moose tied a rope through a hole on each side of the front of the shed and tied it to my bumper.
he stood back with the camera and I gave Big Rig some gas.

Mission Complete!

It was sooo much fun pulling it down! I suggested we start a demolition company :)

Stay tuned for tomorrows update on what we did with the shed then.

Today is Victoria Day in Canada and as the stores are closed that meant a day off for me. Just so happened Moose was off too. I spent all morning reading The Da Vinci Code. I want to see the movie but of course I wanted to finish the book first because as you know the book is always better than the movie. The movie came on on Friday and I was still only halfway through the book *I've only really been reading at work* So Moose said if I finished the book by tonight he'd take me to see it. GAME ON! So I finished the book at around 1:30 this afternoon and am off in an hour or so to go see it *bounce bounce* I can't wait!

I spent the rest of the day knitting. You'll NEVER guess what I was knitting. Remember the dreaded little star sweater #2?????? The one I forgot to put arm holes in?????? Yup well I finally caved and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I need to get this sweater done before the kids are too old to wear them. So I ripped and knit my little heart out. Mister sweater thought he was still going to be stubborn but I showed him who's boss and barrelled on. The only thing left to do is the neck band which I can probably finish either tonight after the movie or tomorrow before I go to work. I told myself I'd have it finished before wednesday so I can take it to mum when I go visit. I also have great knitting plans for the rest of the week. I need to get striped sock #2 finished and a new pattern for nanny's socks started. She's coming in just over a month so I best get cracking! I also need to start Calum's cable sweater as he is now 3 months old. Oh the plans the plans! I just keep thinking after I get all that done I can start something for myself! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Peg said...

Demolition - what fun! You seem to be on a roll.
Did you enjoy the DaVinci Code? I enjoyed the story, but wondered what all the hype was about. Will be interested in what you thought of it.
Happy Knitting!

Chris said...

Definitely on a roll! I'm glad you kicked that star sweater's little butt. :)

Laura said...

Yay for Demo!! Isn't it fun to tear things up? heh I got angry at my ex husband once and tore out a wall in our house that was needing to come out. Works well to take out your pent up anger with a crowbar. hehe

I hear you on those "projects for myself". I'm finally getting to something like that.... I THINK... but still have all this "need to knit for others" guilt hanging over my head.

Peg said...

It is me again. Thank you for welcoming me to blogland. I still cannot get things in the sidebar area. The daily headlines do show up there, but I want to put an Olympic medal there - I need a 12 year-old child to help me. J (my DH) and I tried it, but gave up for a bit. Is it fiddlehead and gaspereau time yet?

irishmama said...

I bet Demo was fun. You sure are on a roll with your knitting. I got DaVinci code, have'nt started it yet as I'm going to read his first one Angels and Demons first.

Becky said...

I bet it felt GREAT to knock that down :-)