Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hummm do I show you yarny goodness or pictures from the trip.... yarny goodness or pictures from the trip.......
OH heck i'll show you yarny goodness cause frankly I didn't talk many pics as we were lots 99 percent of the time in the truck....... but lets not go there.
Ok I present Yarny GOODNESS!!!!

The below picture is of the books I picked up while I was gone. We've got Socks, Socks, Sock, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush *I'm loving this one cause its actually a spiral bound one and will lay flat while i'm knitting, I for one think all knitting books should be spiral, I'm always trying to knit and hold the book open in my lap* I got a Good Yarn by Debbie MacComber which I've been wanting to read. All these came from Borders. Man I could have stayed in there all day! Four whole shelves of knitting books!!! WOOT WOOT! I love it! Folk Socks by Nancy Bush was from A good yarn which I managed to get to on Tuesday before we left. Do you notice a theme in my pattern books???? I still can't believe it after I said I'd never knit another sock when I completed my first pair. PSSSSAWWWW! Never say never!

OK OK I can hear you all chanting "YARN YARN!" I'm getting there be patient! Geesh! Now as I was saying I got to A Good Yarn on Tuesday right before we left the city. I didn't make it there on sunday and when we finally found it on Monday..... it was closed all day. GAAAAAAA CLOSED ALL DAY!!!! NOOOO WAYYYY!! So i whined on the way back to the hotel and Moose said we could go before we left the next day. heheheh I knew my whining was good for something. Alison at Blue Blog works at a Good yarn but she wasn't there that day :( I did however see her Airplane sweater on display, it was tooo cute!
Now let me just say that A Good Yarn was PACKED full of yarn. There was sooo much yarn there I was a little overwhelmed and didn't know what was what or where to start. I of course headed straight to the sock yarn to get my trekking for the KAL...... NO TREKKING:( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I guess so much for the KAL!
Anyway besides the no trekking I did manage to spend a good chunk of moola!
Below we have from left to right 4 balls of sugar and creme that actually came from Michaels, 3 balls of kid silk haze in that yummy green I love so much which will become my Kiri Shawl, 8 balls altogether of Dale of Norway ULL for those norweigan socks in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. In the front we have 2 skeins of Lorna's Lace, colourway.... pink purple and grey??? lol All this is upstairs so thats all your getting for now. It is sooooo incredibly soft I can't wait to try it out. And also my very first Chibi. I must say I had noooooooooo idea what in the world this Chibi was that everyone talked about on their blogs. I knew it was a needle of some sort in a plastic thing... but that was it :) Well now I have my own :) Its perfect cause I can't keep a darning needle for more than one project, I always loose it. It doesn't look like alot but heck that yarn all adds up I tell ya. When the lady was putting it in the bag I said...... awww great a clear see thru bag, it had to be see thru, my husbands in the truck lol. She laughed and said did you want me to wrap it in something else, I replied with a no, he'll see it some time :)
When we were getting all our reciepts together for the border he said wooow that much for whats in that one bag. Man that looks like about $20 worth of yarn.......
Me - Yes dear $20 worth lol *rolls eyes, clearly he has no clue*

This is my new cute little book holder I got at Michaels that matches my living room and looks like its going to be holding alot of yarn books!
Of course I couldn't go to the states and not come back without my cinnamon and brown sugar pop tarts. We do have pop tarts up here but for some reason we don't get this kind. So i've got 3 boxes of the shaws, 32 poptarts :) a pack of the go tarts that I had to try in the same flavour and I found some tetley that we don't have at home either so I got a box of each.

Now since we've been living in Canada we noticed that you can't just get normal flavoured Tetley like at home, its Orange Pekoe so when I saw the Classic and British blend I knew one had to be the right one. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Well there you have it the yarn goods! Now I'm off to work again :(

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sock Bucket

I'm just in from work and sUUper Duuber excited. But first there is a story to go along with my excitedness.
Ok so for the past while I'm been carrying a *coughs* plastic bag to work with my knitting in it. *Hangs head in shame* I know I know you're all thinking "a plastic bag???? Is she on crack??? No one would disgrace their knitting enough to carry it around in a plastic bag."
Well I did and have frankly because I wasn't going to shell out the money for something I didn't really like. I haven't come across a knitting bag that I've actually said I NEEEED THAT....... that is until 2 weeks ago. Jen recieved her dyeorama yarn from Rosa. Not only did she get yarn but Rosa made her a Sock Bucket that matched her yarn! Here's Jen's BUCKET *scroll down to june 7th to see it.*
You back?? Ok how cute was that? So now that I was totally head over heels in love with this cute little bag, I had to have one. Not to mention that I'd had comments at work about my plastic bag *grumbles* HEY IT WAS SERVING ITS PURPOSE! AS LONG AS I COULD KNIT AT WORK I WAS HAPPY! I emailed Rosa and she said she certainly could make one for me.
WOOOOPPPPPPEEEE! Now I was super excited. Not only could she make me one but she could have it on its way to me in 2 days. Holy BATMAN! ROSA THE SUPER SEW 'er!
Just as she said it would be, two days later it was on its way to MEEEEEE!!!
She had posted a picture of it on her website so of course while waiting for it to arrive I kept going back and drooling over it.
So fast forward to Friday that just passed. I get the mail on the way home from work and my little notification is there that says I have a package. WOOP WOOOP! How sweet is this, I get to take it to Boston. So we did some running around in town and I go to get my package....... the post office part of Shoppers is closed.................... *gasps* but the lady was still there so I said I" just here to pic up a package. I can see all the boxes lined up in the back room, one with my name on it.
She says - "Sorry the systems are closed, I need to process it through the computer, we are open again at 9 in the morning."
Me - But i'm not going to be here I'm going away, I can't just get my package???
Lady - Sorry the system's are down I can't do it.
Me - Storms out of post office and getting in truck ranting to Moose about not being able to get my package. Stupid post office ...... mumble mumble. I really wanted to take that to Boston.
Little did I know when I told Rosa that my package was here and I just couldn't get it yet she says if she would have known I was going to Boston she would have hand delivered it as she lives 40 mins away. :( DANG!

So after all that, here's the much awaited pictures of the cutest Sock Bucket on earth!

Cute huh!
Its square on the bottom so it actually sits up right. There is even a few pockets on the inside and a pen pocket too!
I couldn't be happier with my new bag. Its exactly what I wanted!
Rosa does have a shop on her blog and sells some really cute diaper bags and bibs.
She also sells two more sizes in the bag I got. The sock bucket is the small one, just the right size for a sock project, then she has a medium size for a cardigan project and then a large that would fit a blanket project.
I'm strongly considering the next size up as well :) Rosa just doesn't know it yet hehehhe

home again home again!

*sung to Michael Jacksons I"m Bad*

I'm baaack I'm baaackk I'm glad to be back!

Yuppers I'm home again home again! We arrived home at 2am this morning ugggggg and we both have to work tonight. I'm soooooo glad to be home but I REALLY don't want to go back to work tonight, or the next night or EVER :)
I've got some yarny goodness to share with you but you'll have to wait till tomorrow. The truck is still packed and I've gotta head to work in about an hour. BOOOOOOO for work!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boston Bound!

Well we have arrived........ after 3 extra hours of driving around trying to find our hotel. What is it with men and not wanting to ask directions!!!! I got out to ask myself because we'd already wasted enough time driving around and ending up in the same place. We stopped at a gas station and the guy didn't speak english AHHHHHHHHHHH we were destined to be lost forever. This of course was all after we bought a map too. Map's aren't to good though unless they have the streets MARKED on them. Honestly it was a complete nightmare! We stopped in Lexington and Moose finally went in and asked for directions HERE.

Well we all know he didn't want directions he just wanted to go see their trucks and talk to the guys. HONESTLY! He did come out WITH directions but seemed to know alot of other things about their department as well. *rolls eyes*
While all this was happening OSW was making her appearance in the world. This bamboo yarn is sooo silky smooth its going to be wonderful on. One thing I didn't like about it is that it seems to be all these tiny strands that make up the one *unlike two strands plyed together* so you've got to make sure you get all the strandies or they will stick out all over the place on the front. I did however make the mistake of leaving the second ball.......... AT HOME!!! Dang it! Good thing I brought my second project to work on so I won't be stuck for something to do.
We *coughs* I am planning to go to A Good Yarn today. They open at 1 so it should give us lots of time incase we get LOST. Hopefully I'll have some yarny goodness to share soon.
Well I must get Moose up so we can take advantage of the continental breakfast!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Guess what's in the box yaaaaaaaaa'll guess what's in the box. I'm a taddy mc waddy excited about the box in my kitchen. Do you know do you know do you know whats in the box???
Not like you can tell by the writing on the side or anything *Cough cough*

MY DIIIIIIIIISHWASHER! Its here its here! I took pictures of the inside too heheheh But then I figured you might think I was just a TAD bit crazy. NOOOOOOOO I'm not crazy!
I'm dishwasher happy!!!! While I was peeling the plastic off the front I was singing
"your beautiful, that's for suuuureee" to it. WEEEEEEEEE No more dishes all over the counter, no more bent backs from washing dishes!!! No more dishpan hands! YIPPPEEE!!!
Now we just have to put it in. It won't of course be until we come back.

Thats the other reason I'm soooo pumped! I'M GOING TO BOSTON TOMORROW BABY!!! Holy crap Tim and Faith is only a couple of days away!!! There will definately be time for shopping and sightseeing in Boston. I have been saving and not buying much knowing that I'm going to be in new yarn stores and many other kinds I HOPE! I cast on for my OSW and plan to knit it on the way there. I also have another project but you'll have to wait until I come back or possibly a post from the road.

Have a great weekend and start of next week everyone. I'm going on a much needed MINI VACATION!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


ok folks! I have a proposal. This is for anyone interested in some cotton or possible avid dishcloth maker. I have pictured below three POUND balls of Bernat cotton. They are all varigated. I obviously have wayyy to much of the stuff but I figured hey you can never have too many dishcloths right? Well The patterns I've been wanting to make lately are all using several solid colours. If anyone is interested I'm offering to do a trade grams for grams. I'd like some solid colours for some of my varigated. I'll wind however much you want of each or any into center pull balls before sending. If anyone's interested please leave a comment and make sure you have an email where I can contact you on there.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Go ahead roll your eyes!

I know you want to! Its more DEMO!!!!!!
But wait! This is fun demo! The picture below is of the current state of my kitchen. All our previous cupboards have been removed and anxiously awaiting are my new cupboards ready to be installed. Mum and Dad are coming down tomorrow and dad's going to put them in. He's got all the boxes ready to go. I don't think the doors are quite ready yet but heck I'll just be glad to proper cupboard's and to not look like the hunchback when doing dishes. I'm getting a countertop a bit higher than standard because i'm taller and have to hunch over all the time. PLUS now that my counter top will be high enough I'm able to get my dishwasher. I will kiss that thing when it gets here :)

It will be interesting to see the difference once we get the new ones in.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seeing Blue!

Surprisingly I have not one but 3 project spectrum projects on the go this month. 4 if you count my P socks which are sitting in the knitting basket until I figure out what I did wrong!
I've cast on for Nanny's Socks once again. I'm trying the basic cable sock pattern because I'm bound and determined that these socks will have cables!!! I'm about to start the heel and think I'd like to try something new for it. Any suggestions???

Second is of course Butterfly, which is coming slowly but surely. I'm up to about 8 repeats. Haven't had much time to work on it since I started it but I'm trying to get a repeat done every now and again. This is definatley going to be an all summer project!

Three is going to be a one skein wonder. I'm using the blue bamboo yarn I won in a contest around February time. This yarn is silky soft and is going to be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

I was finally able to get a picture of one of our little friends who arrive in the summer for a seasonal visit. He was enjoying the weeds growing in the gravel when Moose stepped out the door tonight. I managed to get the camera and he got quite close before he hopped off. *sighs* If only I could pick him and give him a little squeeze :) They are just too darn cute for words!
* Excuse me as I sink back into my drawer to sleep!*

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


How awesome is surprise mail????? It gives me warm fuzzies to think that someone is thinking of me :)
Before I show you the goodies remember the orange and yellow yarn I dyed?? My first dyeing with koolaid and easter egg dye??? I finally skeined it up, same time I did my dyeorama pals and look! How yummy is that? I really like it! I'm calling it Florida Orange!
There will be more on what I dyed for my pal once I hear from them.

Sockies was in on the action when I opened the box that arrived for me. Head right in the box!
There was something for HER! Two fluffy balls rolled in CAT NIP! Well she took one and off she went to like it! They are a new favourite!

Also in the box arrived a bright bright hand dyed yarn! One I had been admiring!

Chris from Stumbling over Chaos sent me a surprise of some yarn she dyed. A very Chaos Chocolate bar, a cd of silly songs and the present for sockies! How rocking is that???

Thank you thank you Chris! YOu rock!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Progressing Lace

WOOT WOOT!!! Looky here! I'm knitting lace!!!

I'm taking it slow and steady, no need to get frustrated early in the race. It took about 2 hrs for me to finish the first repeat..... slow would be an understatement but its done and its perfect :)
After the first repeat I was kind of skeptical if I was even doing it right at all. I held it up all different ways and couldn't figure out which part it was supposed to be exactly, it looked like a knotted mess. Now that I'm four repeats in I can clearly see that its the border around the bottom. Picture one would be the way it sits on the garment. The pictures look actually alot clearer and easier to figure out than me looking at it in person at the moment lol
I shall continue at my slow pace and hopefully it won't be long till i'm flashing a finished border.

Gotta Have Country!

May I first add! Thank you for all the great comments on the stripe socks! I think thats the most comments I've ever had. I thought it was a mistake at first when it said how many I had lol
I've very pleased with the turn out and you cannot tell one smidge there is a difference. The Regia yarn is called Crazy colour for those asking!

Last night Moose and I made a last minute decision and headed over to the A.Q. to see Aaron Lines play. He's a relatively new country singer on the go and man he can sing. His big hit on the radio at the moment is Waiting on the Wonderful, does that ring a bell??? He's a Canadian hailing from Alberta and was doing a tour of Maritime pubs. His opening act was J.P. Clark, a Nova Scotian again new to the country scene. We got seats right in front of the stage...... closest you could get without sitting on the dance floor. My camera really sucks for night time pics though so these were all that I came up with. It also didn't help that a mass of girls all got up to dance when Aaron started to sing. Never the less it was still a good time.

J.P. Clark!
Aaron Lines
Closer view of Aaron.
Now that's not all! Its two weeks from today and I'll be on my way to see Tim and Faith!!!
*bounce bounce* I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thou shall not defeat me!!!!

I seriously thought I was going to be screwed when I ran out of yarn for these babies. I'm not really into the different coloured toes but I really had no choice so off I go to the LYS with my fingers crossed to see if I can get a match for the toes.
With sock in hand I walked into the store and she looked at it and said "I have that yarn!"
At this time I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Me - "YOU DO?"
Lady - "Yup!" Halls out yarn.
ALAS! Its REGIA not Lion brand that I had. But it does on the other hand look fairly similar. I was hesitant to take it cause I figured yeah it will look really stupid with off colours so I looked around for a pink, green or blue but nothing.
Finally she said
Lady - " Why don't you take it and try it, I'm almost sure its the same yarn. If it works come back and pay for it and if it doesn't bring it back and I'll knit something with it myself."
Me - " REALLY??? Are you sure????"
Well heck I didn't have anything to loose and no other yarn store near by so I took the yarn home and tried it out.
Turns out that the blue and red were much darker than my lion brand but the other colours were dead on.
So with a few minor adjustments I was about to make them matching right to the end.

Beauties I say Beauties!
I just hope they fit her :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Meet Team Celtic!

Team Celtic originating from the British Isles managed to find each other in Portland Maine and now reside in NB Canada. Their current home in NB is where they will all work together for one thing and one thing only....


This challenge is a first for all! Kelly although having been a knitter for many years is coming ready for her first lace knitting experience! This team is definately going to have to work together and feed of each others strengths if they want to complete this challenge on time. The team has been together for 5 months now and have been waiting for the right time to form together and create Butterfly! With co-operation and great teamwork I have high hopes that Team Celtic will make it to the end!

Yesterday I caught up with Team Celtic who where busy working on their skills. I witnessed the determination on their faces and the even had the chance to speak a few moments with Team Captain Kelly.

*Reporter* - "Thanks for taking the time out to talk with me Kelly. How are you feeling about the Amazing Lace??
*Kelly* - " Well we're all feeling pretty confident. There are of course some nervous jitters being that this is a first for all of us but as you can see we've been working on our team skills and feel that this will benefit us greatly.
*Reporter* - " Now looking at the other competition i've noticed a lot of people have already started the Lace..... Do you feel you are at a disadvantage seeing how your team hasn't left the starting block already??
*Kelly* - " Definately not. You know seeing as how we ARE a new team we figured we'd be best to take it slow and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses are before we jump in.
*crackling can be heard on radio* Kelly come in, Kelly come in over!

*Kelly* - "*speaking into radio* Go ahead Kid Silk!
*Kid Silk * - " Lets get this show on the road! We're more than ready!

*Reporter* - " Well there you have it folks! Team Celtic is up and ready for the challenge! Well check in on them later in the week!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


As you know I couldn't wait to find out who my dyeorama pal was I had to hunt her down! We've been chatting back and forth now the entire time and have been having lots of fun. Today however my package came! Now I've been counting the days since it left its destination, usually takes a week so I've been anticipating my yarn any day now..... *Not that I've been thinking about it much lol* Of course I had to pick it up at the post office in town because it wouldn't fit in the mail box...... leading to more suspense! FINALLY I get it and wooooweeeee goodies galore! Have a look!!!
Fabulous Yarn! The colourway is called Lorikeet! Its going to make some lovely summer socks!
THEN not one but TWO milky bars!!!! milky bar CHUNKY I might add that I've never had before. * Please excuse the bad hair and purple fuzzy jammies! It was almost bed time when I finally got home with the package!
Look at it all! Spoiled Rotten!! Candy coming out the ying yang, old fashioned lemon drops, gum, rock candy yummmm and awesome turquoise beads! And some great postcards too! Not only that but Anne also thought of Moose and sent him a package of chocolate and candy too! How sweet is that! Big thank you from Moose! He'll have that chocolate gone before I even open my milky bar lol
My Pal was Anne from Florida. She has been soooo totally awesome even though I bugged the heck out of her for weeks to find out who she was.
Anne I love my yarn and the whole package! Thank you for taking the time to create yarn especially for me and all the fabulous other things you sent!
An added bonus to doing Dyeorama is that I now have a new knitting friend that I wouldn't have met otherwise! :) You rock Anne!