Friday, June 23, 2006


Guess what's in the box yaaaaaaaaa'll guess what's in the box. I'm a taddy mc waddy excited about the box in my kitchen. Do you know do you know do you know whats in the box???
Not like you can tell by the writing on the side or anything *Cough cough*

MY DIIIIIIIIISHWASHER! Its here its here! I took pictures of the inside too heheheh But then I figured you might think I was just a TAD bit crazy. NOOOOOOOO I'm not crazy!
I'm dishwasher happy!!!! While I was peeling the plastic off the front I was singing
"your beautiful, that's for suuuureee" to it. WEEEEEEEEE No more dishes all over the counter, no more bent backs from washing dishes!!! No more dishpan hands! YIPPPEEE!!!
Now we just have to put it in. It won't of course be until we come back.

Thats the other reason I'm soooo pumped! I'M GOING TO BOSTON TOMORROW BABY!!! Holy crap Tim and Faith is only a couple of days away!!! There will definately be time for shopping and sightseeing in Boston. I have been saving and not buying much knowing that I'm going to be in new yarn stores and many other kinds I HOPE! I cast on for my OSW and plan to knit it on the way there. I also have another project but you'll have to wait until I come back or possibly a post from the road.

Have a great weekend and start of next week everyone. I'm going on a much needed MINI VACATION!!!!


Chris said...

I love your Vanna White pose in that first picture!!

Have a great mini-vacation!! Read you on the way back. :)

Ana Banana said...

Have a good time in Boston, and eat plenty of pancakes at IHOP for me ;-)

Becky said...

Yay for dishwashers! Man, I need one of those.

Laura said...

Yippeeeee!!!! You'll LOVE having that new dishwasher! I just got a new dishwasher a few months ago and I'm still bowing before it in praise for its greatness and wonderfulness and beauty. I have gone without a dishwasher for basically 20 years and I'm tellin you this is pure Heaven. You'll be so happy with it. :)

OH! And have a fabulous time in BOSTON!! Bring back lots of photos and a finished OSW! :)

irishmama said...

Looks like the kitchen is coming together. Have a great time in Boston