Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thou shall not defeat me!!!!

I seriously thought I was going to be screwed when I ran out of yarn for these babies. I'm not really into the different coloured toes but I really had no choice so off I go to the LYS with my fingers crossed to see if I can get a match for the toes.
With sock in hand I walked into the store and she looked at it and said "I have that yarn!"
At this time I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Me - "YOU DO?"
Lady - "Yup!" Halls out yarn.
ALAS! Its REGIA not Lion brand that I had. But it does on the other hand look fairly similar. I was hesitant to take it cause I figured yeah it will look really stupid with off colours so I looked around for a pink, green or blue but nothing.
Finally she said
Lady - " Why don't you take it and try it, I'm almost sure its the same yarn. If it works come back and pay for it and if it doesn't bring it back and I'll knit something with it myself."
Me - " REALLY??? Are you sure????"
Well heck I didn't have anything to loose and no other yarn store near by so I took the yarn home and tried it out.
Turns out that the blue and red were much darker than my lion brand but the other colours were dead on.
So with a few minor adjustments I was about to make them matching right to the end.

Beauties I say Beauties!
I just hope they fit her :)


irishmama said...

Th3e socks look great, I love the colors.

Laura said...

Girl! They're awesome!! You can NOT even TELL at ALL that you used a different yarn for the toes!! Cool for you! Yay! :)

Chris said...

Ok, I would NEVER have known. They are super cute! Stripey fun and very you!

Sandra said...

What a joyfull socks! Great knitting!

Kelly said...

Wow I think the colors match great. I can't tell the difference from the pictures.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhhh lovely socks!!! :-)

Amy said...

they look great! what colorway is the regia?

Jeanne said...

Wow! They turned out really good! You can't tell the difference.

margene said...

That is great customer service! Perfect fix and she'll love the socks!! Nice work.