Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boston Bound!

Well we have arrived........ after 3 extra hours of driving around trying to find our hotel. What is it with men and not wanting to ask directions!!!! I got out to ask myself because we'd already wasted enough time driving around and ending up in the same place. We stopped at a gas station and the guy didn't speak english AHHHHHHHHHHH we were destined to be lost forever. This of course was all after we bought a map too. Map's aren't to good though unless they have the streets MARKED on them. Honestly it was a complete nightmare! We stopped in Lexington and Moose finally went in and asked for directions HERE.

Well we all know he didn't want directions he just wanted to go see their trucks and talk to the guys. HONESTLY! He did come out WITH directions but seemed to know alot of other things about their department as well. *rolls eyes*
While all this was happening OSW was making her appearance in the world. This bamboo yarn is sooo silky smooth its going to be wonderful on. One thing I didn't like about it is that it seems to be all these tiny strands that make up the one *unlike two strands plyed together* so you've got to make sure you get all the strandies or they will stick out all over the place on the front. I did however make the mistake of leaving the second ball.......... AT HOME!!! Dang it! Good thing I brought my second project to work on so I won't be stuck for something to do.
We *coughs* I am planning to go to A Good Yarn today. They open at 1 so it should give us lots of time incase we get LOST. Hopefully I'll have some yarny goodness to share soon.
Well I must get Moose up so we can take advantage of the continental breakfast!!!


Ana Banana said...

I am lmao at Moose stopping at a fire station.

Have you found an IHOP yet?

Chris said...

Maybe Moose was driving around LOOKING for the fire station?! :)

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm thinking "Continental Breakfast??" What happened to the girl so crazy about I-Hop?!! heh

Of course a fire station is the best place to ask directions. Firemen know how to get anywhere you wanna go!

Have fun sight seeing and yarn shopping - wish I was there! With all the great photos that Dave Daniels shows of Boston I know it must be a wonderful place to visit. :)

Have fun and have a safe trip home!

Donna said...

Hey Kelly,
Have a great time in Boston! I was just there last week. It was my first trip there and I was very impressed. It is a nice clean city. Unfortunately I didn't get to visit any yarn shops there, so you'll have to make up for me! You should go to the top of the Prudential building. Awesome view and great martinis and appetizers. The brie with a fig compote was fab-u-lous! Have fun!

irishmama said...

Typical men, my husbnds the same. Have a fun time

Kelly said...

Have fun in Boston, I wonder if there will be other Firestation stops along the way.

Becky said...

Have a good time in Boston!

Amy said...

my darling never asks either..just drives aimlessly unless I have a trip tik from AAA..he loves those. Have fun in Boston

Annarella said...

Ah, men and directions... what's up with that??
Have fun in Boston - hope you get to stash up, will look out for your yarny pics. Take care xxx