Saturday, June 10, 2006

Progressing Lace

WOOT WOOT!!! Looky here! I'm knitting lace!!!

I'm taking it slow and steady, no need to get frustrated early in the race. It took about 2 hrs for me to finish the first repeat..... slow would be an understatement but its done and its perfect :)
After the first repeat I was kind of skeptical if I was even doing it right at all. I held it up all different ways and couldn't figure out which part it was supposed to be exactly, it looked like a knotted mess. Now that I'm four repeats in I can clearly see that its the border around the bottom. Picture one would be the way it sits on the garment. The pictures look actually alot clearer and easier to figure out than me looking at it in person at the moment lol
I shall continue at my slow pace and hopefully it won't be long till i'm flashing a finished border.


Chris said...

Good for you!!! I think it looks great. And you're already way ahead of me. :)

irishmama said...

It looks great.

Annarella said...

Go girl go!

Well done on knitting with what looks like thread... VERY impressive! It's great seeing the pattern slowly emerging - looking good!

And I love your purple needles, they're so funky! xx

Dipsy said...

Wow, this is coming along so nicely, it's going to be such a beautiful piece when it's done! And I do love your needles as well, they're so funky!

The Crafty Weasel said...

Wow, I am impressed!! Lace is something I have not yet dared to try!! You go girl, it looks gorgeous!!

Kelly said...

It is looking good. I had the same experience with my first lace project. I just could tell what it was right away.