Friday, June 16, 2006

Go ahead roll your eyes!

I know you want to! Its more DEMO!!!!!!
But wait! This is fun demo! The picture below is of the current state of my kitchen. All our previous cupboards have been removed and anxiously awaiting are my new cupboards ready to be installed. Mum and Dad are coming down tomorrow and dad's going to put them in. He's got all the boxes ready to go. I don't think the doors are quite ready yet but heck I'll just be glad to proper cupboard's and to not look like the hunchback when doing dishes. I'm getting a countertop a bit higher than standard because i'm taller and have to hunch over all the time. PLUS now that my counter top will be high enough I'm able to get my dishwasher. I will kiss that thing when it gets here :)

It will be interesting to see the difference once we get the new ones in.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


irishmama said...

Can't wait to see it finished. Like a true Irish woman the teapot is still there.,

Chris said...

Oh, fun!! I'm so jealous - a dishwasher... I would love a slightly taller countertop, too!

Amy Boogie said...

Seeing your kitchen makes me cringe at the memories of a summer without cabinets and then a year or so of cabinets without doors. I'm jealous of the dishwasher too.

Kelly said...

Wow I can't wait to see the difference.