Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in Review

Carole had asked what our favourite knits in 2006 were and what we knit so here it is!

The List

*6 pairs of complete socks
*one hat
*6 scarves
*6 discloths
*1 one skein wonder
*4 baby sweaters
*1 gaiter
*1 pair of fetching
* one tank that was complete and then had to be ripped

Thats 27 items in total this year. Not too bad! I'm happy with the amount of socks I have made but I'm going to lets say doubt that in 2007 :)
I also want to make more sweaters for myself.

So my favourite knits in 2006 are:

The two little star sweaters I made for the twins. They were sooo cute I still wish I'd kept them. I can definately see me making another one if there is an addition to this family in the future.
My favourite knit for myself was my OSW. While I haven't really gotten much use out of it yet, I can't wait to wear it out this summer :)
I have lots of goals I want to accomplish knitting wise in 2007 so keep your eyes peeled for lots of knitting in 2007.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Over for another year!

Well Christmas is as far away as ever for another year. Company is gone, Moose is off to work and its just me and Sock once again. A knit night by the fire is in order while watching the first season DVD's of 90210!!! Good job Moosey!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Work getting in the way of christmas!!!

IIEEE IEEEE IEEE!!! What a week! I've been missing blogland over the last week or so but i'm sooo glad to be back. My computer corner was taken over by a hard working Moose and I had no internet all week!!! I didn't know what to do with myself. Not that I had time to go online except for maybe in the morning's while i'm drinking my tea and I definatley missed that. Then I went to write a post yesterday and the computer died on me......what is that all about?????
Finally I'm here and ohhh soooo happpy!
Work has been CRAZY!!!! I have two shifts left until I get a few off for christmas and I'm ooohhh sooo glad. Working seven days straight during crazy time is NOT what I call fun.
The basement i'm glad to say is 98% done! There are parts of a few walls left to paint, the floor is complete and the woodwork painted and trim on! I'll be soooo glad when its done and the basement can get back to normal.
What little time I have had to knit *ie: in the truck while Moose drives, or right before I go to bed* has been spent on Dulaan knitting. So I missed the Knit Unto Others KAL, everything was jsut CRAZY with work and the house turned upside down that I didn't even attempt it but this past week has been declared knit unto others week and most likely over the holidays as well. It seems everytime I sit down to knit by the time I get my charts and patterns and needles and yarn its time to put it away again so I opted for some very simple back to basics knits for Dulaan. Something that will keep my hands busy, and enjoy the tention relief knitting gives me and not have me frustrated and wanting to pull my hair out. This type of knitting will continue over the holidays me thinks. I want to beable to spend time with my family and not have to worry about patterns and counting.
I present my first FO fo Dulaan.

The Gaiter *cue jaws music* I whipped this puppy up on our last christmas shopping trip to moncton. A gaiter is basically a neck warmer that can also be pulled up over your face to sheild out the cold. Its made out of Bernat Solo a steal of a deal at work for $2. I doubt the giftee of this knit will mind that it is acrylic. Its a bulky yarn, and will give much warm to those who need it.
I made it long enough too that it can go over your head like a balaclava. ahhhhh the balaclava days, I remember having a white one with pink fair isle around the edges. Those were the days :) I have two other dulaan projects done, one which really needs blocking and one that I just cast off the needles. I hope to cast on another knit this afternoon, after my attempt at putting the christmas tree lights on by myself.
It was soooo nice this morning to SIT and knit for a good hour. I just want to go back to the couch now, wrap myself in a big blanket and knit some more but I do need to get some things done before the weekend. We have company coming for christmas. :)

Sunday at work we had one of our Bob Ross classes going on at work. It wasn't your typical landscape painting but a super cute baby seal. Everyone had been admiring the sample in the store for weeks but only two signed up for the class. I had been tempted to take the class but with my lack of painting skills and also having to work I didn't get to.
I asked the instructor if I could buy the sample painting before the end of the class,that seal pup was just so cute I could take him home and scratch his little chin all day. So told me that she was taking it back to an art show in NS but if I wanted to pay for the canvas of the seal pup she was painting with the class I could have that one.
Of course I jumped at the chance and after thanking her over and over that little baby seal came home to live with ME!

Isn't he gorgeous???? Moose doesn't think Sockies will like the idea of a seal pup joining the clan but I think she'll get used to him :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

IT'S AN FO!!!!

In a whole two weeks I managed to knit the second half of a sock............. and thats it. But Hey it is an FO and something crossed off my list.
This is Lorna's Laces that I got in Portland last year. I can't say that I'm a big fan of the pooling that seems to happen with Lorna's. I'd much prefer some CLAUDIA'S :) Don't know that I'll buy this sock yarn again, unless I see a colourway that I looooove. The socks were knit with US 1's in the pattern Gentlemen's shooting sock from Nancy Bush's knitting vinatage socks.

You can see underneath my feet the new flooring in the basement. Moose has got a good start on it and hoepfully will have a good chunk more done when I get home from work tonight.
The first snow of the season is over. Its still all here, after we had some freezing rain last night. I was gazing out the window this morning at the snow and ice on the trees, its sooo beautiful, THAT's what I love about snow, now if the coldness would leave it would be a perfect day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Its beginning to.......

Look alot like Christmas!!!!
I can't believe its December and christmas is only a week or two away. Until this morning it totally didn't feel like it.
Although we had our work christmas party already, and a pot luck in which I make a yummy supply of christmas rice krispie squares...

it still really doesn't feel like christmas time. Maybe its because my mind was a little preoccupied in wanting my Moose home. Did I mention he's home *insert massive grin from ear to ear* saturday night he arrived home, and although I was working that night he stopped in on the way home to see me. Boy am I glad he's home. After work that night I arrived home to find, my nicely tidied basement looking like THIS!!
ok ok so i knew we were putting down new flooring because I lugged it all in the house while Moose was gone. But I certainly wasn't expecting to come home a few hours later to find the carpet completely ripped up. Don't get me wrong i'm not complaining! That pink carpet was BEYOND nasty! We do however had a slight problem. See all that stuff on the floor that looks like snow???? That would be years old underlay thats stuck to the cement......... We went to Kent yesterday and they are completely out of the stuff that helps to lift it so it looks like we will be shovling it off, bit by bit, very tedieous work. Don't go telling me well it looks like you've got alot of it off already because thats only PART of the basement. I'm standing in the middle of the main part, then there is more to the right. We'll see what it looks like when I get home from work.
Now I did say it was beginning to look alot like christmas...... well this might be why!!

I woke up to this, this morning. It was a total shock, I was heading to the bathroom, looked up and did a double take. SNOWWWWW!!! I know I won't be saying this in a month or two but right now I'm happy. I was starting to wonder, all these blogs I've been reading with snow in hot places had me wondering if we were ever getting any. I didn't know if I should be jealous or glad. Now I can say its beginning to look alot like christmas... for now:)

I have been knitting, and honestly I think Moose coming home made me knit faster, for whatever reason, I am back in action. I have to bind of the toe of my sock today at work and I'll have a finished pair to report later on. Whooooppppeeee!

Must run and get ready for work!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

shop till you drop!

CelticCastOn Designs has now been updated!!!

4 more sleeps!

Yes 4 more sleeps to go and Moosey will be home!!! We are BOTH counting down the days. He's gonna have to come see me at work though when he gets home cause I'll be there when he arrives. No telling what I might do when I see him :) I told him to watch out cause I'm gonna football tackle him from the knees :)

This past week I've recieved a few things that have cheered me up!
One I recieved a package from Kelli aka Knitter Bunny. She had a contest for her birthday and her beautiful dog Beau picked ME! She sent me some absolutely AWESOME sock yarn.
Sock can you please show them the goods!

*well I would but I kinda like lying on this green stuff that makes a noise!*

Well while Sockies is getting ready to show you the goods I also decided to get my hair cut.
I've been toying with the idea of bangs for YEARS now and have never bit the bullet and gone ahead with it. Well Friday night, I bit the bullet!!

What do you think??? Most people at work have said they prefer me with them so we'll have to wait and see what Moosey thinks. I did send him a picture but he says he has to see it in person.

Ok Sock, show them some yarny goodness.

*sniff sniff* ahhhh YES this is the one mum, cause it smells like BUNNIES!!!! This funky mailer was leaning up against my door when I got home from a close shift. Fab thing to come home to. So Kelli sent me 2 skeins 550 yards each of Fearless Fiber 100% superwash merino sock yarn in colourways Mermaid and Marakesh! I'd never heard of this yarn before but ohhhhh I can't wait to knit with it. YUMMMY! Now the ball in the far right is two skeins of Mohair send by Sarah from Knit for the Dutchians . My name was randomly drawn for a prize from all the knitters. It was sooo funny when I opened the package the mohair was in a ziplock bag and when I took it out it looked like mini beret's, flat as pancakes. I tried to get Sock to model a beret for you but she was having none of it. The mohair was quickly taken away before she could attack it. No idea's what I'm going to use it for yet but it will join the stash and wait until it is called.

I went christmas shopping on the weekend and got a good bit finished and wrapped. I also have a surprise for Moose when he comes back! Our tv in the basement died before he left but I found a great deal on a new one this weekend. Its all set up and waiting his arrival :)

The knitting front as severely been lacking. I'm about to turn the heel on my sock, but that is all I have accomplished during these two weeks. I'd like to tackle my tweed cardi today but when I came down the stairs I realised what a disaster the house is in so if I have time after tidying today I may start on it.

celticcastondesigns is going to have some new stuff added today so stay tuned for the goodies.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


* humph I want my daddy!!! I'm not speaking to you till he comes home*

Sock and I have been missing Moose alot. Its just not the same around here. There has been very minimal knitting going on. I ripped back my second sock to just before the leg shaping because I couldn't remember where I was in the pattern *DOH* and i'm about half way up the leg. Other than that I haven't touched any other project. I just don't FEEL like knitting. I don't really feel like doing anything. My friend at work and I are on total opposites all this week so I really am all by myself. She works when I'm off and I work when she's off, so looks like its just me and the Sock in it for the long haul. I think Sock is totally punking me off too, all she's done in lie upstairs as if she's ignoring me. Frankly I think she's ticked that Moose isn't around for her to lie on. If you could hear the conversations he has with her lol I'll be sitting at the computer and I'll hear "GEEZ Woman, will you give me some space!!" That would be the comment made as Sock realizes he's sitting down and she jumps up to sit on him once again eheheh Honestly they are soooo funny together.

My fetching's have been done, for quite some time, but since Sock can't hold the camera up to take the pics you'll have to wait till Moose returns to see the final pics.

I got some new charms in yesterday and I'm still awaiting more so I'll be posting new markers in a day or two.

I hauled out my garland for around the deck yesterday and attempted to staple it on...... but of course the staples just don't want to stay in. My only solution was to buy some floral wire at work and wire it on. Anyone else have any brain waves??? Sock loves to chew on the garland....... can't wait to put it on the bannister to the basement. She'll be sitting on the stairs all day just chewing on it. She jumped every time I said her name last night to get her to stop chewing it. She'll have it ripped to shreds in no time I'm sure.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The WIP Basket!

This morning when I sat down with my tea and pop tarts to read my blogs I didn't have anything to blog about...... as is the story of my life. I'm very quiet in person and am quite content to have silence all day. It annoys me that Moose has to have the radio on when he's home all the time, he even leaves it on for Sockies when he goes out............. *says she asks him to leave it on for her(rolls eyes)* Me I'd just rather have the silence. Weird I may be but thats just my preference. So when Moose informed me he was going on a guys vacation without me *hangs head* without me???? But we haven't been appart for more than a 12 hour shift in the almost 2 years we've been married and you're telling me your leaving me for 2 weeks??????
I get to stay home and go to work *throws confetti* and meanwhile you'll be sunning yourself on some beach somewhere..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
Until this morning I was less than thrilled to be home by myself for 2 weeks but reading Margene's blog this morning got me in a knitting mindset and I think I'm ready to get things done. On Margene's post this morning she talked about finishing up projects that are on the needles and starting a new project fresh on New Years Day. Well heck that sounds great to me, but can I really do it???
What on earth am I talking about??? I've got two whole weeks with no husband and nothing to do, heck i should be able to do it. But finishing my projects is not the only thing I plan to get done. I want to secretly finish the painting of the basement that was started oh so long ago for when Moose gets back as well as finish all my christmas shopping. Think I can do it???? We're gonna go for it and see what I can accomplish.
So for WIP's that are in my basket at the moment are:

1. Second Socktoberfest sock- currently I am on the leg decreases
2. Butterfly - ohh poor butterfly is still on the border from Amazing Lace
3. Tweedy Aran Cardi - I frogged that thing 3 times yesterday and I'm still at the same spot.
4. Potomaus socks - I don't know if these will get finished or not but I'd like figure out what I did wrong and finish those dang socks.
5. Ruby - the pink tank I made that was waaaay too small. Plan to make a larger size

Think thats if for the time being, now if it wasn't for work I could start rocking this list now!

Now on to stitch markers. I've been keeping busy with custom orders. I have about 10 at the moment that I'm just waiting for the product to arrive so I can get them made and out to everyone. I've put together a page where I will have pics of all the stitch markers I make and if I have any available or not. I don't have it all set up yet but the page is here
These are some new markers I've been making but don't have on the page yet.

The colours are hard to capture but the far left are purple and the 4 right are black. These circles can be accented with any of the fiber optic beads I carry *with new colours on the way*

Here's an example of a green one complete. The green is much better than this in person, I just can't seem to get a good picture of it.
So a set of 5 are $7.50. Again any colour beads and size rings you desire.
Email me at celticcastonatrogersdotcom if you'd like to order some.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The art of making a rose

The lily has a smooth stalk,
Will never hurt your hand;
But the rose upon her brier Is lady of the land.

There's sweetness in an apple tree,
And profit in the corn;
But lady of all beauty Is a rose upon a thorn.
When with moss and honey
She tips her bending brier,
And half unfolds her glowing heart,
She sets the world on fire.

~Christina Rossetti

Now you're probably all thinking I thought she said she didn't like flowers???? And I don't but that doesn't mean I don't see the beauty in them. How each petal is delicately made and how they grow and bloom into fantastic colour. But flowers...... they just aren't my thing. You will not see a flower in my house, save maybe an orchid, they haveno smell, pretty much grows on its own, plain and simple. I don't like the smell of flowers, ESPECIALLY easter lillies *barf* boy do they ever smell awful. But I'm not going to get into all the negatives, flowers just aren't for me.

Well in our cake decorating class when she told us we were going to be learning how to make a rose I thought fabulous...... I looooooooooooooooooooove flowers...................... not. But I did want to learn how to make them on a cake so that if there was someone who did like them in need of a cake I could do it without a second thought.

The rose she tells us is the hardest flower in the course to learn...... right right thats why they put it in course ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes head*
We had been learning the rose step by step each week, first the base, then the base and the middle petal but the third night was when we added all the other petals to make it complete.
Well that went a little south for me. I had been working all day before the class so had my icing in the fridge at work, so when i brought it out it was very stiff and hard to work with. Everyone else that night was just banging off roses, while I was just trying to get my icing to squeeze out without my hands shaking.
I left that night being the only one that couldn't make a rose and was quite frustrated. I had the whole weekend before the last class where we had to bring 6 premade roses to decorate our cake with so I figured I could work on it then.
Well you know how weekends are. I ended up only having half an hour to get making this rose down pat and make 6 of them. I left my icing out on the counter that morning so that my hands wouldn't be shaking like a leaf trying to squeeze icing out.
I sat down and off I went.

I practiced and practiced, saving all the roses so that I could see my progress and actually SEE that I was doing better with each one. Once I got the hand motion for the petals right they started to become better.
Add to that the turning on the nail head and you've got ROSE ACTION!
Notice the picture above, the small rose on the bottom was one of my first roses, and the one closest to the pencil was one of my last. CHA CHING!!!!

We had rose action. And although I knew I could have perfected each and every one of them if I had more time to practice I took my 6 best and let them harden.

The night of the class I was taking them out of the oven, *note* if you set them on a tray in your oven with the light on for a few days it will harden them :) and Moose looked at them and said "WOW Donk, those are really good!" *insert wide grin* For Moose to notice and comment made the night. But it got better. After the class was over, and we had our cakes decorated i was talking to the instructor saying how horrible I did the first night we tried to make them and that I was the only one who couldn't do it. Her reply was, and yours turned out to be the nicest of the bunch!

CHA CHING! A successful attempt at making a buttercream Rose!

*addtional note* I know my cake is all different colours and nothing matches but i didn't want to make new icing and have all the previous stuff go to waste so I used up what I had. After all its all about the Process..... right Margene??

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kitties Kitties Kitties!

Chappysmom is having a contest. Show her your november calendar page and you could win a yarny prize! Well Chappysmom, over here at Celtic land its all about the kitties. I have 3 calendars and all three have furry little faces on them.
First we have the desk calander. A kitty for everyday of the year!!
The second is the calander in my kitchen, all sleeping kitties awwww I love this one!
And number 3 is a special gift from my mum's bf. She sent it from Ireland and the name of the calendar is Kelly's Cats puuuurfect! They are paintings of all Kelly's cats too cute!
Now I have been knitting, somewhat slowly but it has been happening. The only time I've had to knit at the minute is on breaks at work, or what breaks I get... *grumble*
I picked up a ball of Louisa Harding at the LYS last week and immediately cast on for a pair of fetchings. The Louisa Harding has angora in it and is incredibly soft, they won't be the warmest things in the world but they will be DANG cute :)
Because I have small little hands and I wanted them to be snug I used US3's. The pattern calls for US4 but I didn't have any, and 5's were way to big. One down one to go.

I actually have a 3 day weekend coming up........ that is unheard of for me so I hope to enjoy somje time with Moose, can you believe we have all three days off together????? CRAZY! Hopefully I'll get some knitting in too!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

PSSSSSSSSSST!!! Can you keep a secret????

This is one of Moose's christmas presents! A girl I work with does amazing things with clay. She took a shadow box that you would put a baseball in and made a mini version of all the framing staff. It is the cutest thing ever with their little aprons on :)
Sooooo I asked if she would be willing to make me a mini Moose and fire truck for Moose for christmas. She said yes right away and has been working on this for a while now. I sent her a picture of a ladder truck, because if you are a Fire Fighters wife, all you hear about is how awesome "ladder" trucks are. This is what she came up with.

Awww little Mini Moose, it even has his number on his helmet! Its sooo incredibly small I don't know how she ever did it.

The truck is soo detailed. She copied all the little dials and nobs etc on the side of that truck its amazing.
I think Moose will be dead impressed at how well she did that truck!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

*grumble grumble* Blogger!!!!

Fingers crossed blogger is accepting posts this morning......... *nough said*

So I've been a busy bee the last few days! With knitting, charm making, posting, shoppping.
I had a request for some ferret stitch markers, so a hunting I went and found these little cuties!
This set is a custom order for the Crafty Weasel she has 5 ferrets *how perfect is that* and 5 stitch markers in the set. I hope she likes them.
If you have a request, please let me know, I'd do what I can to find you the perfect charms for your stitch markers. Is there a breed of pet you'd like, your occupation maybe, or how about another hobby other than knitting you'd like to have as stitch markers. Make your request to celticcaston at rogers dot com. Also keep an eye out for some new styles of markers coming in the next post!

Now I said I was also busy shopping...... Christmas shopping that is. It is time to start :) I've got two presents bought and wrapped for mister Moose and hid where he hopefully can't find them. I loooove buying for other people, its soo much fun!

This has also been knitting, weaving and sewing on buttons at top speeds. The postal date for the dutchians baby shower is today, and *phew* I got these last two sweaters complete with buttons done last night around 8 o'clock. Talk about cutting it close. They are off to the post office today.
One of the reasons I was cutting it sooo close with the baby sweaters was that I kind *looks around innocently* might have maybe cast on for my tweedy aran cardi when I should have been sewing up sweater........ WHAAAAAAAAT?????? I couldn't help it, its was giving me the stare down and I just couldn't TAKE it anymore!!!! I'm so glad I did though. The ribbing on this cardi is called a twisted rib, its a very interesting and fun pattern to knit. Once I started it I just couldn't stop. I have just begun the cable pattern wooo hooooo and by the sounds of it I'll get a little bit more done on sunday :) Roll on the weekend!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yes yes I know I know, its been a week since my last post. Well seven days is how long i'm been working without a day off. We've had inventory this weekend and prep for that and a big wig come to visit not long before inventory so its been stress city at work. BUT today is the weekend and I have the WHOLE THING OFF!!! WOOOO HOOOO! I plan on doing alot of knitty things in the next two days so hopefully I'll have some post for ya.
Now if you'll remember I'm in the cake decorating class??? Well Tuesday was our second cake night and we were learning flowers.
OH MY WORD! The rose is the most annoying flower to learn, I still haven't got it down pat but I'm going to have to over the weekend as i need 6 of them for Monday's cake. The rest of the flowers were soooo easy to learn but when you have to put them sideways on a cake its a whole different ball game. Needless to say I need lots of practice this weekend. My cake however turned out like CRAAAAAAAAP! My icing had been in the fridge all day since I was at work and was hard and annoying to work with. I'll have to leave it out in the morning before I go to work next time. Glad the cake wasn't for anything specfic, Moose had already claimed it before it was made to take to the guys at work.

Don't laugh at my cake now! We all have to start somewhere.

* Ummmm mum I'm going into a diabetic coma! I think I need sugar, quick grab the first sugar substance you see, like ummmm, THAT CAKE!*

Something else I forgot to show was my haul from Waterville. Sorry Jeanne

So here we have: 6 skeins of Tahki Tweed for my Tweedy Aran Cardi I'm casting on for today.

2 Skeins of Koigu in purples, greens and blues.

2 skeins of art yarns ultra merino 4 colour 139, green and blue.

3 packs of wooden buttons for my cardi

Hedgy Hedgehogs pattern, can't wait to make these cuties.

Some carded , wool, angora llama mix.

And acid dyes, so maybe I can get this dying down pat.

Well I'm off to start knitting, hopefully I'll have a few fo's to show you shortly!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cake and goodies

My knitters tea swap package arrived yesterday and I actually contained myself long enough to get it home still sealed before opening it. My Spoiler was Amy from iheartknitting. I got some yummy walkers shortbread cookies, I don't know how Amy new, I think she might be psychic but Walker's is a favourite in our family and they are MINE ALLL MINE!!!!!! MUHAHAHAH! I haven't introduced Moose to the walker goodies yet and I think I might keep him in the dark for a while longer while I eat my biscuits :)
I also got TREKKING!!!!!!! That was what blurted out of my mouth when I opened it. AWWWW me thinks Amy did some good snooping on my blog and found out I've been wanting some :))
There were also some yummy smelling soaps, a tea ball *which I don't have but wanted one*, comforting tea made with Licorice root and peppermint yummmmmm and A SOCK BAG!!!!!!!!!!! A fantastic bright stripey sock bag that I absolutely Lovvvvvvvvvve!
Thank you soooo much Amy, I love everything and can't wait to have a big cup of tea and some walker biscuits by the fire :)

Also if you remember last week I told you all I had started the wilton cake decorating class at work. Well tuesday night was the first decorating night. We had to have a cake already iced, and extra icing coloured and ready for our cakes as well as icing for practicing with.

Well I kinda didn't have time to make the cake and icing until I got home from work on monday night @ 10 , the class was the next day and I worked at 9 until the class started. Can you smell disaster????

Well I was up until 2 in the morning making that dang icing! i ran out of icing sugar and had to run to the Irving at 1 in the morning. I needed two bags and they only had one so i had to do some more running around to find another store that was open this late. Finally I found one and they had just ONE bag left. SAVED!!! So off I go home to make the rest of my icing and get some sleep. I get home and start making the icing and what do I find??? Only TWO bags of icing Moose had picked up for me that day. DANG IT!!! I thought I had already used it! Anyway apart from little sleep I did get to the class and had a great time. I think I am really going to like this cake decorating. Here is my first creation!


I think i did pretty darn good for my first time. The rainbow itself was a little on the crooked side but other than that I'm pleased. Next weeks cake is one with flowers, and while I don't like flowers myself I'm excited to learn how to make them with icing!

Roll on Class two!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

more markers

Same as before but with a few different colours. Both are $7.50 plus shipping


Sock Markers

Keeping in the theme of Socktoberfest I've made some Sock markers! These babies are the perfect size for you sock projects and not too big that they are going to loop over 4 or more sitches. I've made quite a few sets, each one being different.

Turtles - There are 5 markers in this set, the three beaded one being your row marker. They are made with Lead free pewter charms and tiger eye beads. These markers will fit on up to a 5mm needle, I can also customize them for sock projects only that fit up to a US 3.
If interested I am selling this set for $7.50 CAD plus shipping

Yarn & Needles - This set is a must have for knitters. Those cute balls of yarn and needles are perfect for your sock projects. This set has olive green and orange tiger eye beads but can be customized to your colour preference. Made to fit large up to 5mm or size sock size up to US 3. Available for $7.50 CAD plus shipping

Sheep - Everyone loves sheep and these little guys are the cutest! 4 markers in the set, fit up to 5mm needles with pink and chocolate brown beads. $10.00 CAD plus shipping ~SOLD~

Tea Time- If you're a tea lover this set will be perfect for you. A combo of tea cups and teapots with chocolate and olive beads made to fit up to a 5mm needle. Can customize for small sock needles 3mm. $7.50 CAD plus shipping ~SOLD~

If you're interested but don't see a colour you like or want a different size email me at Celticcaston at rogers dot com

Hope you're all having a sock filled weekend!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Swaps and Alongs

First off let me just show you what my husband has been wearing to work for well over a month now. Yes that is black electrical tape, and its holding the sole of his work boot on.
I finally said enough is enough and that he HAD to go buy a pair of boots yesterday and good ones. Moose is the type of person that if he can jimmy it and get away with it then all the better but electrical tape????? *shakes head* Needless to say he has a new pair of boots on at work tonight, thank goodness!
I've joined two alongs recently. The first is Dulaan, 10,000 or bust. Here's the deal. This knit along is for the Dulaan project, which i'm sure you're all aware of. If not the project knits hats, scarves,gaitors, mittens etc to keep the children of Mongolia warm in the winter due to the extreme temps. So this year 10,000 or bust is that each person pledges to knit five items for the project and their goal is to have 10,000 items for the kids. Sign ups end this month but you have until june 2007 to knit 5 things, how hard is that??? You'll have all winter to knit a few hats and scarves and you'll be saving this children from the extremes of winter. Go sign up!!!

The other along is Warm up the Dutchians. Kristi of Red Dog Knits is preggers with not one, not two but 3 wee babbies! Thats right triplets are on the way. In an effort to help Kristi keep those babies warm and clothed, Kelli and Sarah are hosting a virtual baby shower for her. You knit an item or items for the Dutchians and your name gets put into the pot for some great prizes.

Come on over and warm those Dutchians up!

Now hands up if you looooove swaps????

OH OH Pick me Pick me :) Lately I have done a couple of swaps with some people that I'd been lurking on their blogs but not always posting.

Trek of course has some fabulous sock bags and when I saw the sock monkies bag I had to have one. We agreed on a trade for a University T from NB. I've had my bag for quite some time now, comes with me to work everyday and usually accompanies me in the truck too. Its perfect, I love it, Thanks Trek.

Now the second is Mr. Daniels, I think we all know Dave from Cabin Cove. He has some fabulous yarn but he is also a Moose lover just like me :) Not my moose of course but anything Moose. We got the cutest Moose ornaments in at work, of course I grabbed them but they also made me think of Dave. I told Dave about them but he doesn't have a Michaels near him so we agreed on a swap. I swapped for a fantastic skein of Dave's sock yarn yippppeee. How awesome are those colours! The only question now is what to make???

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Turkey Day!

Moose had to work on Thanksgiving so I headed down to Mum and Dad's for the day and to have dinner..... yummmm turkey!
My mum makes the best Bisto Gravy and Roasters in the WORLD! Irish Mama, you like the ole bisto and roasters????
It took longer than usual to drive down because I kept pulling over and taking pictures of the scenery. It was just awesome! I'd go over a hill and all of a sudden i'd shout WOW! The colours were soooo intense and ran for miles! I love CANADA!
Mum and Dad's house was no exception to the beautiful colours. The tree below is usually just a green colour but this year has turned an awesome orange! They also have 3 big trees in the back garden that turn every colour before the leaves fall off. I wish I could up root them and put them in my yarn, they are sooo great to look at. It seems like every day they are that shade brighter or more leaves are turning yellow.

Now Miss Sockies, yeah well she's been catching up on all the blog reading and she's not to happy with all of you and the suggestion of getting a puppy. I found her reading my blog and doing this to the screen when I got up.
* Stinkin weasels! There will be no puppy in my house!! TTTTTTTTTTHHHARRRRRPPPPP*
How awesome are these trees??? Can you see why I want to keep them?
It of course wouldn't be a trip to mum and dad's without seeing my girl Summy. We went for a walk down the field and even a little dip in the river :) Her patch is growing in nicely and she's 100% back to normal. I have a picture of her patch but I couldn't fit any more pictures on this post.

I've made good headway on the second sock, and I hope to get it finished next week sometime. Hummmm I'll have to start planning the next one! I'm thinking toe up's maybe????