Saturday, October 14, 2006

Swaps and Alongs

First off let me just show you what my husband has been wearing to work for well over a month now. Yes that is black electrical tape, and its holding the sole of his work boot on.
I finally said enough is enough and that he HAD to go buy a pair of boots yesterday and good ones. Moose is the type of person that if he can jimmy it and get away with it then all the better but electrical tape????? *shakes head* Needless to say he has a new pair of boots on at work tonight, thank goodness!
I've joined two alongs recently. The first is Dulaan, 10,000 or bust. Here's the deal. This knit along is for the Dulaan project, which i'm sure you're all aware of. If not the project knits hats, scarves,gaitors, mittens etc to keep the children of Mongolia warm in the winter due to the extreme temps. So this year 10,000 or bust is that each person pledges to knit five items for the project and their goal is to have 10,000 items for the kids. Sign ups end this month but you have until june 2007 to knit 5 things, how hard is that??? You'll have all winter to knit a few hats and scarves and you'll be saving this children from the extremes of winter. Go sign up!!!

The other along is Warm up the Dutchians. Kristi of Red Dog Knits is preggers with not one, not two but 3 wee babbies! Thats right triplets are on the way. In an effort to help Kristi keep those babies warm and clothed, Kelli and Sarah are hosting a virtual baby shower for her. You knit an item or items for the Dutchians and your name gets put into the pot for some great prizes.

Come on over and warm those Dutchians up!

Now hands up if you looooove swaps????

OH OH Pick me Pick me :) Lately I have done a couple of swaps with some people that I'd been lurking on their blogs but not always posting.

Trek of course has some fabulous sock bags and when I saw the sock monkies bag I had to have one. We agreed on a trade for a University T from NB. I've had my bag for quite some time now, comes with me to work everyday and usually accompanies me in the truck too. Its perfect, I love it, Thanks Trek.

Now the second is Mr. Daniels, I think we all know Dave from Cabin Cove. He has some fabulous yarn but he is also a Moose lover just like me :) Not my moose of course but anything Moose. We got the cutest Moose ornaments in at work, of course I grabbed them but they also made me think of Dave. I told Dave about them but he doesn't have a Michaels near him so we agreed on a swap. I swapped for a fantastic skein of Dave's sock yarn yippppeee. How awesome are those colours! The only question now is what to make???


Dave Daniels said...

Hey there! How about knitting a moose antler hat, a hat with some little antlers? it'd be great for the Holidays.

Dave said...

Great swaps! I have a sock monkey bag too - love it. And that Cabin Cove yarn looks totally yummy.

Chris said...

Wow, you are busy busy busy! I'm working on a little something for the Dutchians... Great swap stuff - here's a funny thing: that fabric in your sock monkey bag might've come from me, since I swapped sock monkey fabric to Trek. :)

Amy said...

those knit alongs sound great, I'll lokk them up. That sock yarn looks yummy. It's not just Moose, I think all men do that stuff, Zach's muffler at one time was attached with a coat hanger!