Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run Day!

Today was run for the cure day. We got there in just enough time to get our money in and throw on our t-shirts. It was a great day for it, the wind was a tad chilly but with a sweater underneath it was just right. Moose thinks there were around 2,500 people running or walking today. I just can't WAIT to see what the total for our run site is!! I took a few pics before the events but I was too close to get the massive crowd all in.

If you all remember I told you all that whoever donated to the cause would get their name put in a hat and drawn for some yummy yarn. Well I went a little yarn shopping yesterday for the prize as well as my tea swap pals goodies and came home with some of this Fleece Artist as the prize.
This is Peter Rabbit and mohair blend from fleece artist and is ohhhh soooo soft. Its sooo yummy I'd like to keep it myself. So this morning I did a little writing and cutting up of names, put them in a bowl and got Moose to draw for the winner.

So without any further ado the winner of the Scrumptious Fleece Artist is...........................

That's a somewhat blurred JEANNE from K3TOG!!!!!! Congrats Jeanne. Email me your details and the goods will be on the way to you this week!
Thank you to all of you that donated to the cause. Every donation helps in such a big way and just think if there were around 2,500 in the small port city of Saint John just think how much the whole of Canada can raise!



Chris said...

Congrats, Jeanne! And good job, Kelly and Moose, for running for this important cause!

Peg said...

Well done, Kelly and Jeanne. Just remember what I said on my blog yesterday, check your own breasts and have a mammogram at least every other year once you reach 40.

Jeanne said...

Thanks Kelly! The yarn looks yummy! And thanks for getting out there and running for this great cause.

irishmama said...

Well done on the run, and congrats to Jeanne, gorgeous wool prize.