Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sock Markers

Keeping in the theme of Socktoberfest I've made some Sock markers! These babies are the perfect size for you sock projects and not too big that they are going to loop over 4 or more sitches. I've made quite a few sets, each one being different.

Turtles - There are 5 markers in this set, the three beaded one being your row marker. They are made with Lead free pewter charms and tiger eye beads. These markers will fit on up to a 5mm needle, I can also customize them for sock projects only that fit up to a US 3.
If interested I am selling this set for $7.50 CAD plus shipping

Yarn & Needles - This set is a must have for knitters. Those cute balls of yarn and needles are perfect for your sock projects. This set has olive green and orange tiger eye beads but can be customized to your colour preference. Made to fit large up to 5mm or size sock size up to US 3. Available for $7.50 CAD plus shipping

Sheep - Everyone loves sheep and these little guys are the cutest! 4 markers in the set, fit up to 5mm needles with pink and chocolate brown beads. $10.00 CAD plus shipping ~SOLD~

Tea Time- If you're a tea lover this set will be perfect for you. A combo of tea cups and teapots with chocolate and olive beads made to fit up to a 5mm needle. Can customize for small sock needles 3mm. $7.50 CAD plus shipping ~SOLD~

If you're interested but don't see a colour you like or want a different size email me at Celticcaston at rogers dot com

Hope you're all having a sock filled weekend!


Dave Daniels said...

Those are all really cute! You gotta get yourself set up with a little online shop.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh Those are so cute!! Any ferrets? :-)

Chris said...

Those are adorable!!

Dianna said...

Those are great, Kelly! Please tell me you've sold them all - save me from myself.