Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Summer is now at the vet hopefully having her operation. I took her in at 7:30 this morning and hope to have her home before I have to go to work tonight.
Think of this sweet face if you have a few moments today!

*wadda you mean she's gone to the vet...... She's coming back right??? I know she's big and gampy but I do love her, she's my big sis after all!!*

Monday, August 28, 2006


Its ohh sooo lonely without my camera! I feel like I've lots my blogging mojo with out it.
If you know me, i'm not much of a talker to start with so no camera makes blogging twice as hard. Moose and I are very different that way, he could ramble on all evening and likes to have the radio on all the time when he's home but me??? I like the quiet, just give me my knitting and let me knit, if I wanna talk I will but if I don't I won't. You know when you meet someone for the first time and you usually get that awkward silence where you don't know what to say?? With me there's no need to say anything :) I'm fine with silence!!!
Anyway enough about that.
I have been knitting, I started the second jungle sock and I'm just about to turn the heel. Won't be long before I have that one off the needles, guess I need to start thinking about the next pair.
I also started a pair of cable wristwarmers from
I'm stuck though on the gusset, for some reason i can't get it to work out so I'll have to have a look at the pattern again and see if I can't figure it out.
Summer is back again for her holiday's :) She's here for a week but we've discovered that she has a lump on her side. Feels like a goose egg under her fur. I took her to the vet today, because as usually I started the what if's. They look a sample of it to see if it was just fatty tissue, which the vet suspected. She said that happens in older dogs. So a few minutes ago the vet called and said it was fatty tissue but there is also something else in there with it and she recommends removing the lump. She also said it would be best to get it sent away to the labs too to see what it was and if its anything we should be worried about. So now I've gotta call my mum and dad, and fill them in :( The vet said they could get her in this week so I just need the go ahead from dad. Please pray my baby will be ok :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

*shake ya booty with me*

First of all thank you all for your well wishes. I spent all day trying to sleep the dang headache off but to no avail. I then tried tylenol.... nope and then resorted to the Well Patch it worked like a charm and was gone in about half an hour, now why didn't I do that in the first place.... so much for my day off. I'm assuming it was a migraine, not too sure, I have these massive headaches every once in a while. The last time was down in NY when we were on vacation, it was sooo sore I was crying so Moose stopped in at walgreens down there and got me these Well patches, worked like a charm. I've only got a few left so I'll have to get a pack or two when I'm in Maine.

I'm going to my first fiber festival!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! I'm a tad excited as this was planned on the spur of the moment. Dianna told me about the Common Ground Country Fair that is in Unity Maine in September, I told her I planned on going to the sheep and wool down there next year and then she sprung this on me. Well holy cow, Moose was up for it (how awesome is he) and I couldn't resist. I swung a few shift changes with another Manager and I'm all set to go!
I'm very excited to go and see everything, there are even going to be DONKEY'S!!!! Do you know how much I loooooooove Donkey's????? Thats what Moose calls me, Donkey! ohhhhh excited excited! I also on top of all the excitement get to meet my first knitblogger. Dianna and I are going to meet up at some point, kinda nervous about that but we'll see.
The 22nd of September is also Moose's birthday so I'll have to plan something good for him :)
If you're in the Maine area or can make it down it would be great to see you all there, just give me a shout and we can arrange to meet up :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

awww my aching head!

This is going to be a short post today as I currently have a killer headache and i'm about to go lie down in a few minutes.
The concert on the weekend was grrrrrrrreat! I got my sock finished between acts and saw another knitting down the line from me knitting some sweater on circulars, unfortunately my camera got sand in the zoom lens and wouldn't do anything at all during the concert so I have no pictures to show, hopefully we get it going again so I can take some knitting pictures. The concert was awesome, Alan Jackson was by far the best entertainer. Brooks and Dunn were great but the weather kind of damped my attention span on that one. It started to bucket down rain after about their second song. There were about 40 thousand there at the concert and about half of them left when the rain started. We on the other hand were troopers though and wanted to see Brooks and Dunn so stayed till the end. We had garbage bags with us so we put them on like a sweater over our heads. I was a dancing garbage bag for their performance and completely drenched and muddy and cold by the time they were done. It was freezing out but we managed to get fairly close during their performance because sooo many people left.
It took forever to get back to our truck and about 150 vehicles got stuck in the fields where they parked due to all the mud. We however parked at the zoo so just had to walk through all the fields to get there. We decided not to camp that night since we were already drenched but headed back to mum and dad's and stayed the night there. It was a good time for sure but next time we will bring out ducky suits !!

Dave has a great dishcloth pattern out!! I've knit about 5 of them already but can only find a picture of one. Here she is in all her beauty. They are fun to knit and quite addictive. Go check it out!

This last picture I just had to take as I was coming out of Old Navy the other day. The car was in the parking lot....... only in NB would they tie a row boat on top of their car lol
Thats it thats all for now, hopefully I can get rid of this head ache and get my camera working asap.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go ahead call me a liar!

From fall weather to todays beautiful heat...... what in the world is going on???? It was sooo hot today when I got out of work, I was quite shocked after the cold spurts we've been having. I'm not complaining though :) I love me some heat. As for you none sock wearers, I've been wearing socks all summer, :( perks of my job.....NOT we have to wear inclosed shoes at work and that means no sandals :( I haven't had shorts on once this summer, can't wear those to work either so my feet haven't been missing socks at all cause I've been in them 24/7.
Speaking of socks remember my lucious Claudia's HP sock???? Yeah it went to the frog pond. The size 3 circulars were too big, which sucks cause I bought two sets just for socks. The sock was too loose and baggy, and I wasn't about to make my new favourite yarn into something I was never going to wear.
She's much happier now she's on the size 1 dpns and off to the races. I've got one more repeat before I start the heel and its look much better.

My jungle socks will be going on a little camping trip this weekend. Its Country Rocks the Hill in Moncton, the biggest country concert to hit the Maritimes, Alan Jackson, SugarLand, George Canyon, Brooks and Dunn oooooooohhhhh weeeeeee!! I can't wait! Thats all day saturday but tomorrow I have to go to work for a few hours and then we are off to camp in Shediac for a couple of nights, its not too far from where the concert is. I can't wait to get away from work and not have to think about it for awhile, it will also be nice for Moose and I to actually get to see each other and do something together. Roll on tomorrow.
Sock is unaware that she is going to stay at her nanny and granda's for the weekend.... I'm sure she'll be delighted to see Summer.
*Sigh* Where oh where is my buddy??? He hasn't come to see me all summer.... it was sooo much fun to lay 10 feet apart and just look at each other.

*hummm maybe I'll just rub my head on the size of the house instead*

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll hopefully be back next week with a finished or almost finished sock :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where has summer gone??

OH where of where as this summer gone to??
As every other blogger was having heat waves I'm sitting waiting for summer to arrive. We've had some nice days but NOTHING compared to what summer usually is here. August is usually the warmest month and the one I look forward to the most.... this year I feel like we got jipped on summer, August is here and it feels like FALL. Ummm pardon me weather but I think you forgot SUMMER!!!!!
All this fall weather have got me craving fall knits, hats, scarves, mittens big wooly sweaters.... am I crazy??? Thats not the worst of it, I was looking at winter pictures the other day and actually MISSED the snow, I definatley must have been on crack that day because I can't possibly miss winter. I do love fall though, I can wear my sweaters and cosy turtlenecks and be snug as a bug and still do things outside without my butt falling off from frostbite. One thing I will look forward to again is sitting by the fire knitting...... *ahhhhh* warm fire!!!
I've got my first hat pattern ready to go, just need the yarn and I'll be off to the races. I think a few pairs of hand warms will be at the start of the line up as well, I could have used them a few nights ago.

Remember the Frog Sweater pattern Amy sent me?? Well I'm gonna use KnitPicks Merino Style yarn for it but can't decide on the main colour. I'll be using Asparagus for the frog but as for the background colour do you think I should go with storm, dusk,or frost... or even a different colour?? Its for a little boy and it would be a size two I'm making. Here's the site for colour reference.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Doggy Visitors part 1

Luke isn't the only doggy visitor we've had. Last weekend we had Zoomer and Toddy visit. They are Nova Scotia Duck Trawlers. Toddy is the older of the two while Zoomer is only about a year and a live wire. Poor Sockies got the shock of her life when they both came bounding up the stairs at here. lol Her back arched and she actually started growling like a dog at her. Poor thing!
She stayed clear of those two but she honestly doesn't mind Luke soo much as he's older and well behaved. She'll come out when he's here and has no problem letting him know who's boss.

The last night we had Zoomer and Toddy we took them down to the water to go swimming. They loooove to swim. Zoomer has this cloth frisbee type toy that floats in the water that he goes CRAZY over. We spent most of the time throwing it for him while Toddy only went up to his belly.

Here they are both trying to carry the toy back to Moose. Toddy of course is much slower than Zoomer so we tried to give him a head start :)
~ Toddy~
~~~~~~~~~ All set to go swimming. How cute are they!~~~~~~~~
Looking for the lost toy with Moose. It was hiding behind one of the row boats that was anchored.

Sockies had one days grace from having Zoomer and Toddy to then having Luke invade her home. All these dogs are having Moose want one now. Sockies you must use your charm to avoid having a puppy around 24/7.

Don't get me wrong I loooove dog's and didn't want to leave Zoomer and Toddy, I told Moose it wasn't fair to get me attached to these dogs and them take them back home again. I only had them for 48 hrs but I took them everywhere with me. We went on a trip to mum and dad's as saturday nanny and granda left to go home. They got to watch the parade there, but didn't like those horses. I had to take them away from the road as I didn't want them to spook the horses.
Then it was back home for some playtime, Toddy even slept at my feet both nights. How could I NOT get attached!
I also told Moose though that it wasn't fair to Sockies to have her hiding in the closest the whole time, Summer she is used to because she's grown up with her but I don't think she'd take to kindly with a new puppy. That and we want to get two dogs so I think that would really put her over the edge. Moose will just have to wait!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ode to Claudia's...

~~~~~~~~~*I am Lukemiester great protector of Claudia's HP! *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh Claudia's how do I love thee??
Let me count the way.

I have found my yarn! Many knitbloggers have one yarn they adore and are in love with. I so far hadn't found mine, that is, until Claudia's HP and I met.
It knits like butter! The yarn just glides around the needles with no effort at all, like it knows its job and what its there to do. As my sock gets longer the cuff rubs against my wrist and I fall in love all over again. I want to be wrapped up in this yarn. I want to attach it to the inside of my duvet cover so I can feel its softness. Does that make me crazy?????
I think if I had a sweater made of this it would never be off me. It would be one of those sweaters that gets worn sooo much it has massive holes in it yet you still continue to wear it just for the plan fact thats its your favourite no matter how much you look like a dog's breakfast! hummm now I want a cardi out of this. AMY LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!

~Lukemiester is on doggy vacation at my house. His mum and dad went on vacation without him :( but he's come for a sleep over with me. He is taking roll of Man of the house while moose is at work, in Moose's lounger of course hehehhe~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Not ten minutes after I had took pictures of my present from Amy I heard a thud and I could hear Sockies prancing around on the stairs. I was actually uploading the pictures at the time so I came away from the computer only to find THIS!!!

That would be Sockies vigourously attacking my Claudia's Hand Painted. I was absolutley horrified, Sockies never bothers with my yarn but she was grabbing this between her teeth, shaking it and then throwing it. I quickly grabbed my precious yarn away from her and threw her new toy Mr. Mouse at her. It was then that I realized that the yarn and Mr. Mouse were wrapped up together so he must have rubbed some catnip on my yarn. I must be very careful where I leave it down while knitting it.
How is Mr. Mouse doing you ask???

*Man that Amy chick sure knows what I like, now get over here mouse so I can slob you to death*

Poor Mr. Mouse got serverly beaten within the next 30 minutes. He was slobbered on until he was sopping wet. And at the end of the battle was missing one eye. *oohhhh Mr. Mouse let me rub my head on you, ohhhh you smell sooooo goood*
Awwwww Mr. Mouse after the battle.

Mr. Mouse has since then lots his other eye but has become the favourite toy. Sockies rarely plays with toys, she'll bat a ball around when she walks by but it doesn't last long. Mr. Mouse has been played with many times since he came to live with us. He was missing in action until last night, I think Sockies hid him because all of a sudden he was back in action and skitting across the floor. Amy Sockies thanks you for an awesome toy!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Brunswick Day Trip

Moose and I both had the day off yesterday so we headed down to St. Andrews.
St. Andrews by the sea as its also referred as, is another village on the way to Maine from St. John. Its a very popular village Americans tend to come to for some relaxation. The main street is full of cute little shops and restaurants as well as Cricket Cove. Of course I drug Moose in for a look and bought some circulars for my first try at knitting socks with 2 circs. On our way home I was knitting away when Moose all of a sudden shouted BUNNIES!!!!!! I looked up and all I saw was a house, surrounded by green grass and bunnies EVERYWHERE! They were all just sitting around the yard. Of course I stopped and hauled out the camera. Just before I went to take the picture the man that lived in the house came outside with a bucket of pellets and started feeding them. I asked if I could go pet them and of course he said yes. They were all soooo cute! Here are a few pictures Moose took as I was feeding and petting them.

These are only the few that were in the front yard. I asked the man how many he had and he said around 70 or so. He started with a couple and of course they multipled, at one point he had over 100.
This is the sign thats graces their front garden. I thought it said welcome to the bunny hutch and immediately pulled out the camera to take a picture for Laura but alas it said Welcome Bunny watchers!
As we were leaving we looked at the neighbours yard and saw that the bunnies were over that one too. We sure hoped the neighbours like bunnies as much as they do :)
The Algonquin pictured about is a famous hotel in St.Andrews for its Victorian style. This is where alot of the vacationers come to stay, who could blame them :)

Cricket Cove is having an Autumn Retreat at the end of September in St. Andrews! There are going to be classes , demos given by Sally Melville author of The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch, Colour, and Sally Melville Styles. Kathyryn Thomas from FLEECE ARTIST is also going to be there demoing knitting with handpainted yarns and knitting with swing needles! Both Cricket Cove locations will be open to shop till you drop at and of course lots of knitting time to knit by the fire. Can I tempt anyone??? I really want to go but I'm not the type of person that would go by myself. Can I tempt anyone for a little NB vacation??? I'll make sure you get to London-Wul as well. Check out the info and class schedules on the website. I'd love to have you come and experience NB!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Today is New Brunswick Day and a Stat holiday aka day off!!!!!
So in order to celebrate New Brunswick I've put together a little factoid post. When people ask what is there to do in NB I kind of draw a blank, there are tons of things to do here and travellers seem to love our province but I guess living here you take so much for granted.
My family fell in love with NB right away and its how we came to be living in Canada now!

The New Brunswick Flag!

The gold lion on a red background represents the Duchy of Brunswick, a possession of Britain's King George III who ruled in the year of New Brunswick's creation in 1784. The galley, with oars in the water, represents New Brunswick's early seafaring industrial history.

- we have the highest and wildest tides in the world!
- warmest salt water beaches north of virginia (hummmm its still cold to me)
- more kinds of whales more often than anywhere
- Kings County *where I live* is the Covered Bridge captial of Canada
- 6,000 kms of snowmobile trails!
- St. Stephen houses Ganong Chocolate factory,maker of the world's first chocolate bar!
-Sabian cymbals are made right here in NB, musicans like Phil Collins and Eric Clapton won't play without them.
- we have one of the largest natural sandbars in North America. Fresh water washes the shores on one side and salt water on the other.
- There are 62 covered bridges in NB, the longest being in Hartland, its 390 meters long.
- Covered bridges were called Kissing Bridges in the olden days. When a couple was courting they would drive there buggy thru the covered bridge, they had the horses trained to stop halfway across to share a few kisses with their love.
- World known salmon fishing on the Miramichi River
- The inventor of the ice cream cone was born in Sussex, Dairy capital of the world.
- Second to none outdoor adventures

Check out some pics of NB HERE and NB's offical tourism site just in case you all want to drop by for a visit :)

Now I'm sure you're all wondering what about the yarn :) Well I haven't left that out.

Cricket Cove - is the largest selection of handknits and fibers in NB
They have 3 locations, St. Andrews, Blacks Harbour and the Saint John Market ( which just so happens to be my local yarn store )

Briggs & Little - is the Oldest Canadian woolen mill, check out the virtual tour and take a look at the mill and those massive carders. This mill has been open since 1857, although facing 4 fires, they rebuilt each time and is still up and running today :)

London-Wul- London-Wul is a farm, rabbitry, spinning and yarn HAVEN!!!! This is the place I've been BEGGING from Moose to take me to and also where I will be taking my spinning wheel to, to see if Heidi deems it spin worth or just for decoration. This place is my dream world and would be what I'd love to have some day along with a few donkies of course :)
Definatley check out this site as well as Heidi's Blog, she has the cutest dogs, and sheep and goats and rabbits and ohhhhhhhhhh I just want to live there.

Well I know thats not everything there is to know about NB but hopefully you've seen enough to make you want to come visit.

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Miss Amy is knitting THIS froggy sweater for her neice. How cute is that? I thought it was sooo cute that it would be perfect for one of the many babies popping up. I emailed Amy and asked where I could get it and she promptly replied saying she could send me one in the mail as they had them at her LYS. BONUS! That was fine with me so of course for the kind offer I asked her what I could send her in return. She said she has the Sock bug at the moment and hasn't tried dyeing, could I dye her some sock yarn? WELL YESSSS!!
Anyway my pattern arrived today and it is sooo adorable. Now also in the package was a cute little crochet mouse for Sockies from Thomas. If you all don't know who Thomas is check him out HERE Thomas my friends is Sockies twin. How cute is that?? Now to top it all off that wasn't all. All I wanted was a pattern here and she sends me none other than CLAUDIA'S HANDPAINTED!!!! HOLLLLLLY FRIG! I was opening the package while driving on the way to work. Probably not a good idea when you realise you've got Claudia's Hand Painted in your hands. Ohhh man it is soooo soft and sooooo my colours. Its called Jungle and its different types of greens. I'm in looooove!
Thank you thank you thank you to Amy for her kindness and generousity!! There will be some dyed sock yarn in the works as soon as I get my batch of yarn :)
Here are the goods!!!
* Drools* Claudia's handpainted! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Ummm this is Moose..... how did he get in here..... lol oh well candid shot of my Moose!

AND the cutest little Crochet mouse ever!!!