Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where has summer gone??

OH where of where as this summer gone to??
As every other blogger was having heat waves I'm sitting waiting for summer to arrive. We've had some nice days but NOTHING compared to what summer usually is here. August is usually the warmest month and the one I look forward to the most.... this year I feel like we got jipped on summer, August is here and it feels like FALL. Ummm pardon me weather but I think you forgot SUMMER!!!!!
All this fall weather have got me craving fall knits, hats, scarves, mittens big wooly sweaters.... am I crazy??? Thats not the worst of it, I was looking at winter pictures the other day and actually MISSED the snow, I definatley must have been on crack that day because I can't possibly miss winter. I do love fall though, I can wear my sweaters and cosy turtlenecks and be snug as a bug and still do things outside without my butt falling off from frostbite. One thing I will look forward to again is sitting by the fire knitting...... *ahhhhh* warm fire!!!
I've got my first hat pattern ready to go, just need the yarn and I'll be off to the races. I think a few pairs of hand warms will be at the start of the line up as well, I could have used them a few nights ago.

Remember the Frog Sweater pattern Amy sent me?? Well I'm gonna use KnitPicks Merino Style yarn for it but can't decide on the main colour. I'll be using Asparagus for the frog but as for the background colour do you think I should go with storm, dusk,or frost... or even a different colour?? Its for a little boy and it would be a size two I'm making. Here's the site for colour reference.


Chris said...

Argh - the knitpicks page won't fully load the color pictures, so I can't offer any suggestions!

Wow, you missed all the heat waves and skipped right to this cooler bit? That would make it seem like missing summer. Too bad!

Amy said...

I would go with frost or dusk. Maybe even tidepool. The frost seems boyish but bright enough to be fun. The pattern doesn't say it but I think you need a tiny bit of white according to the chart.

Laura said...

I say go with Frost - it'll be SUCH a cute little sweater!!

And ohh... I would hate to miss summer. But seriously - one or two days would be enough heat for me. Give me mild. Give me comfortable. Give me snuggly socks and a cardigan or something please please PLEASE. I haven't worn socks in months, it seems (except to exercise at Curves). I want to wear my hand knit socks. At least you like the winter activities, snow, and snuggly crafts like knitting! :)

irishmama said...

I would go with Storm, although it is hard to tell with the other 2 choices unless you had them side by side. I can't wait for Fall, or to light a fire and knit at night.

Jeanne said...

I think that all the colors you picked will work, but frost would be alot of fun. You may be living in the only place in the Northern Hemisphere that missed summer this year. I like the warmth, but am looking forward to wearing my hand knitted socks again.

The Crafty Weasel said...

I have to tell you that I am fed up of NY Summer and can't wait for the cosy Autumn!