Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Not ten minutes after I had took pictures of my present from Amy I heard a thud and I could hear Sockies prancing around on the stairs. I was actually uploading the pictures at the time so I came away from the computer only to find THIS!!!

That would be Sockies vigourously attacking my Claudia's Hand Painted. I was absolutley horrified, Sockies never bothers with my yarn but she was grabbing this between her teeth, shaking it and then throwing it. I quickly grabbed my precious yarn away from her and threw her new toy Mr. Mouse at her. It was then that I realized that the yarn and Mr. Mouse were wrapped up together so he must have rubbed some catnip on my yarn. I must be very careful where I leave it down while knitting it.
How is Mr. Mouse doing you ask???

*Man that Amy chick sure knows what I like, now get over here mouse so I can slob you to death*

Poor Mr. Mouse got serverly beaten within the next 30 minutes. He was slobbered on until he was sopping wet. And at the end of the battle was missing one eye. *oohhhh Mr. Mouse let me rub my head on you, ohhhh you smell sooooo goood*
Awwwww Mr. Mouse after the battle.

Mr. Mouse has since then lots his other eye but has become the favourite toy. Sockies rarely plays with toys, she'll bat a ball around when she walks by but it doesn't last long. Mr. Mouse has been played with many times since he came to live with us. He was missing in action until last night, I think Sockies hid him because all of a sudden he was back in action and skitting across the floor. Amy Sockies thanks you for an awesome toy!


The Crafty Weasel said...

LOL LOL LOL Atta girl!

Laura said...

Oh my GOSH that's funny!! You can untwist those skeins and give them a rinse in vinegar (recommended rinse by many yarn companies) - I'd be worried about Sockies attacking it again! Hmm. I know where I can get some cat nip. heh

Amy said...

very funny..I was laughing so hard I was actually crying. Everyone at work must think I'm crazy. Love to Sockies. Jackson loves my Claudia too..maybe something in the dye

irishmama said...

Too funny. Mr. Mouse is really loved.

Chris said...

Chaos asked me to tell you that he admires Sockie skill with mouse toy abuse!