Friday, August 25, 2006

*shake ya booty with me*

First of all thank you all for your well wishes. I spent all day trying to sleep the dang headache off but to no avail. I then tried tylenol.... nope and then resorted to the Well Patch it worked like a charm and was gone in about half an hour, now why didn't I do that in the first place.... so much for my day off. I'm assuming it was a migraine, not too sure, I have these massive headaches every once in a while. The last time was down in NY when we were on vacation, it was sooo sore I was crying so Moose stopped in at walgreens down there and got me these Well patches, worked like a charm. I've only got a few left so I'll have to get a pack or two when I'm in Maine.

I'm going to my first fiber festival!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! I'm a tad excited as this was planned on the spur of the moment. Dianna told me about the Common Ground Country Fair that is in Unity Maine in September, I told her I planned on going to the sheep and wool down there next year and then she sprung this on me. Well holy cow, Moose was up for it (how awesome is he) and I couldn't resist. I swung a few shift changes with another Manager and I'm all set to go!
I'm very excited to go and see everything, there are even going to be DONKEY'S!!!! Do you know how much I loooooooove Donkey's????? Thats what Moose calls me, Donkey! ohhhhh excited excited! I also on top of all the excitement get to meet my first knitblogger. Dianna and I are going to meet up at some point, kinda nervous about that but we'll see.
The 22nd of September is also Moose's birthday so I'll have to plan something good for him :)
If you're in the Maine area or can make it down it would be great to see you all there, just give me a shout and we can arrange to meet up :)


irishmama said...

Glad you're feeling better, I'm going to check out those "Well Patches" never heard of them until now. Enjoy the fair.

Chris said...

Well Patches - must check them out! Thanks for the lead.

Oh, you'll have fun at the fiber festival! And meeting knitbloggers is cool - you feel like you already know each other, so there's just a momentary awkwardness about the talking instead of typing and then it's ok. :)

Amy said...

never heard of well patches, I'll have to look. I'm sure the fiber festival will be great I've never been to one. We're lucky this year we have Stitches East coming to Baltimore so I'll get to go there!

Laura said...

Wow, just that little patchy cold thingy made your headache better?? Cool! (so to speak, heh)

You'll have SO much fun at the fiber festival and how cool that you'll meet Dianna!! Yay for you!

Shelley said...

Wish I could go, but alas I will be back in school.

Glad that well patch thing made your headache go away. I use the migraine strength advil (extra strength) and those work well - generally take about 20 mins.

Becky said...

I'm glad your migraine is better. That fair looks like fun; I wish I could go. I hope you let us know all about it. Have fun!

Peg said...

Glad you are headache free!
The Fair sounds like fun! I will be in NB on the 5th and 6th of September in the Moncton area, so guess what LYS I am going to visit?

Peg said...

Kelly - I will be going to to Heidi's wool shop (cannot remember the spelling, but you know the one I mean) on September 6th. I will be staying with my friend, Liz, at Sandra and Errol Dimmock's place in Moncton. Sure would love to meet you! Blogging has opened a whole new world to me, what about you?

Amy Boogie said...

I'm glad your head is better.
Common Ground is not JUST a fiber festival. It's a farm fair, they have native American exhibitors and nice artisan section.

And there are 2 other agricultural fairs going on as well. You'll have a great time I'm sure and we'll meet up at some point :)