Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go ahead call me a liar!

From fall weather to todays beautiful heat...... what in the world is going on???? It was sooo hot today when I got out of work, I was quite shocked after the cold spurts we've been having. I'm not complaining though :) I love me some heat. As for you none sock wearers, I've been wearing socks all summer, :( perks of my job.....NOT we have to wear inclosed shoes at work and that means no sandals :( I haven't had shorts on once this summer, can't wear those to work either so my feet haven't been missing socks at all cause I've been in them 24/7.
Speaking of socks remember my lucious Claudia's HP sock???? Yeah it went to the frog pond. The size 3 circulars were too big, which sucks cause I bought two sets just for socks. The sock was too loose and baggy, and I wasn't about to make my new favourite yarn into something I was never going to wear.
She's much happier now she's on the size 1 dpns and off to the races. I've got one more repeat before I start the heel and its look much better.

My jungle socks will be going on a little camping trip this weekend. Its Country Rocks the Hill in Moncton, the biggest country concert to hit the Maritimes, Alan Jackson, SugarLand, George Canyon, Brooks and Dunn oooooooohhhhh weeeeeee!! I can't wait! Thats all day saturday but tomorrow I have to go to work for a few hours and then we are off to camp in Shediac for a couple of nights, its not too far from where the concert is. I can't wait to get away from work and not have to think about it for awhile, it will also be nice for Moose and I to actually get to see each other and do something together. Roll on tomorrow.
Sock is unaware that she is going to stay at her nanny and granda's for the weekend.... I'm sure she'll be delighted to see Summer.
*Sigh* Where oh where is my buddy??? He hasn't come to see me all summer.... it was sooo much fun to lay 10 feet apart and just look at each other.

*hummm maybe I'll just rub my head on the size of the house instead*

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll hopefully be back next week with a finished or almost finished sock :)


The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohh she's such a cutie! Hello kittie!

See, I told about the sock needles! :-)

Laura said...

Have fun camping! Have fun at the concert!!

I tried knitting my first sock on size 3 needles (recommended on the pattern). They could have fit an elephant!! So I ripped those. It took me a while to get the needles and gauge and yarn to all hook up properly with my sock knitting but now I mostly use US2 or Addi Turbo 1. :)

Chris said...

Your redone Claudia's sock looks great!

Oh, poor Sockies... will she make you pay later?!

Have a fun weekend!

Annarella said...

Shame about the sox, but the new one is looking gorgeous, I'm digging the stitch, ace! xx

Amy said...

ooohh..those socks look good. Have fun this weekend

irishmama said...

the new sock looks great, hope you enjoy your weekend, sounds like alot of fun

Shelley said...

Hi Kelly, and thanks for the comment in my blog. Not sure if you saw my knitting blog or not, it's called Kitten Yarns & Crafts.

I have a suspicion by what you've said in your post that you're not too far from where I am...actually, I live not far from the concert site! Though you did mention camping so maybe you aren't from around's cool though that you're in NB. Where do you get your yarn? Aside from anything I get at Michaels or WalMart (the dreaded acrylic stuff) I have to buy the natural fiber stuff online.