Thursday, March 30, 2006

The end of the red and pink!

Do you see this almost finished sock infront of you??? Say goodbye cause it has to go to the frog pond *sniff sniff* I was doing fine they were snug but thats they way I like them and then when I tried to put it over the top of my foot disaster struck! TOOO SMALL!!! :( ohhhh whhyyyyy meee! I think I'm gonna chuck this yarn aside for now and move on to something else for the time being. I'm fed up being frustrated at the dang thing. Good news though is i've completed the neck of the little star sweater and started to sew up the sleeves, I hope to get a chance to work on it Sunday.
This is yarn I recieved from Danielle she wanted to pass this bamboo yarn to someone who could use it. If you were interested she asked that you leave a comment saying you were interested and then she used a number generator to pick out the winner. IT WAS ME!!! YAY!!
I think I'm gonna use this during PS blue month to make a one skein wonder maybe.

I looooooooove cupcakes, every year Moose says all he wants for his birthday is my cupcakes, can't get better than that. We are having a party for L tomorrow at her place after work so of course I decided to make her cupcakes. L is a chocolate fiend!!! Not to mention a pizza one as well, so we are ordering in pizza, eat some chocolate and hopefully she will like these swiss chocolate cupcakes with teal and PINK icing and of course chocolate bits on top, I added some with sprinkles for some colour. They are all set and ready to go in my Wilton carrier I got from work. I simply ADORE this thing check it out here. Holds cupcakes, flip the bottom and it could be mini cupcakes or take that part out and it carries a slab cake. The handle locks down on each side and I just think its FANTASTIC!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Runs in the Family

Knitting definately runs in the family. This is the latest project made by my mum and sported by my dad, the handsome devil he is. lol Mum picked this wool up last time she went home along with the pattern to make another jumper for dad. I'm sure this is his third big wooly one, I swear she churns these out like its nothing. They stopped by on the weekend and I had to get a picture and share it with you all. Cables and twists oh she's just an old pro, no cable needle or use of other needles here, she uses her fingers :)

This picture is just too cute NOT to share. Remember when I said that Summer MY *errr mum and dad's I guess* dog was coming to visit. Well while dad and Moose put in my new vanity mum and I went to Tim's and got them something for a coffee break. If you don't know Tim Horton's you don't know what your missing! They have a roll up the rim contest every year, grand prizes being Rav 4's this year. After we roll up the rim's of course Summer likes to lick the coffee or tea out of the cups and then run off with them. I grabbed the camera and took quite a few pics of her. This was the best one! Is she cute or is she cute???

*says with a mouth full of coffee cup* Rrrrrrrrrrrroll up the rim to win!!!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Your opinion needed!!

I really suck at this project spectrum thing! I see things I want to knit but nothing seems to fall into any colour category that we are using. I'm wanting to knit Eunny's Deep Argyle Vest but I just can't decide on colours. Of course the next month coming up is orange but Knit Picks doesn't have an orange I like in the dk merino. I've already got two projects for blue so I don't really need anything else blue but of course when I asked people what colours they think would look best on me it was two shades of blue GRRRRR!!! Then I thought I should look somewhere else for yarn but I can't seem to find anything thats 5.5st/inch and dk merino. Eunny suggests it not to be superwash either so that narrows it down again. I like bright colours but I don't want it to be crrrrrrrrrrrazy looking! Decisions decisions! I just don't know! Anyone have any suggestions for other yarn, or have a look here and see what you think. The colours in the catalog compared to the computer are quite a bit different as well. I'm really at a loss!
I just checked out the vestalong and the newest post by Erin is what most people at work thought I should go with but I just don't know if its me!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yes sir I believe I found the bargain of the week, month, YEAR! HECK THIS IS A BARGAIN IF I EVER SAW ONE! I picked up a second hand spinning wheel today for $25.
THAT'S RIGHT $25!!! Talk about SWEET deal! Needless to say I'm a little pumped! It needs a little tlc but I hope to have it up and running soon.

"What in the world is she bringing home now??"

" 25 DOLLARS!!!! WHAT A STEAL! ok mum you can keep it"

Now for a name, hummm what shall I call my fair maiden??
I'm gonna practice just the simple motion of pumping the wheel so that hopefully at the weekend when I get my lesson I can try to spin something. :)
I must go pet my lovely beauty!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Completely Knackered!

Gaaaaaaa!!! I don't know whats been up with me lately but the last three days I've come home from work and either had a nap or like last night fell asleep on the couch, woke up and crawled up to bed till morning. I'm completely knackered and have NO idea way. The only knitting i've managed to get done was the leg on my PS socks at work during my breaks.
I have found out some cool things lately though that I thought I'd share.

I found a fellow gal from the Homeland check out IrishMama 's blog!

I also found Sockies Dopleganger his name is Thomas and he belongs to Amy, check them out here

OH before I forget the TWINS have also arrived! The boys were born this morning by cesarian, Alexander Caleb and Thedore Noah. No pics yet but I'm excited to see them!

So before Moose went to work tonight we decided that when the truck comes on tuesday we will wait till the weekend to go pic it up *being as its an hour and a half drive* that way we can kill 2 birds with one stone and also we can drive up with his brother that way we can drive back together in the new vehicle instead of travelling seperately. So besides picking up the truck we are going to be going to Pleasant Valley Heritage Farm. Its a non profit shelter for abused,neglected and unwanted farm animals. Please check out the website.I'll have to explain a little background here. At christmas I recieved a basket of goodies from Moose's mom that included handspun wool, some little sheep and donkey things *I love sheep and donkies* along with a letter. The letter told me that it entitled me to a day on the farm, working with the animals and also getting a spinning lesson. I'm very excited to be going I know i'm going to have a blast because this is right up my alley. The lady that owns it was contacted and next weekend she said is perfect. I had also asked about sheep shearing as I think it would be cool to watch so she said she'd love to to have me go and help her shear....... I don't know about help but we'll see. She also said when the baby lambs will arrive and that I can go help with that as well. All so exciting for me, maybe not so much for others but I love animals so much! On top of all that she's gonna teach me how to spin!!! How much better can it get???
I will be taking my camera for sure so be prepared for lots of sheep pics :)
I'll have some knitting pics tomorrow for you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So we are on the last two weeks of the first month of Project Spectrum and only NOW I realize HEY I have RED sock yarn!!! DUHH! So needless to say I have cast on for a pair of RED socks, just simple ribbing and hoping I'll get them done before PS month one ends! This yarn is actually Trampoline Stretch and has elastic in the middle of it which is kind of neat. I'll let you know how it knits up.
This is the lovely sign that now adorns my yard, thanks to my BIL...... Moose of course loves it but I on the other hand think he could have found another spot to nail it to other than my deck post!!!

Now this discovery of red sock yarn has led me to cleaning out my stash. Now when I say stash, don't get all excited because truely there isn't anything in it that anyone would want really. Its alot of old yarns red heart etc that I've been holding on to just because its yarn and I might SOME DAY need it. Well I've now realized I've become a yarn snob lol and probably won't touch it again. So appart from some baby yarn's, dishcloth cotton and little and briggs sock yarn the rest is going going gone. I'm actually going to take it over to a retirement home, I figure there are lots of knitters there and this yarn, while it has no use for me anymore would quite happly keep some of these ladies occupied for hours upon end. I do have a mass of Bernat fur out that I bough on a big sale... couldn't tell you why but anyway I know a preteen that would love some furry bright pillow's for her bed so I'm keeping that to whip those up as well. Other than that my real stash is down to the Rowan yarn I am using, the sock yarn i'm using, one skein of spunky eclectic, one skein of knit picks sock yarn and 3 skeins of dyeable sock yarn from knit picks so there you have it, an almost non existant stash. Now can you please all go tell my husband how lucky he is that I don't have even 1% of what some of you have in your stash!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Comforts from home!

At the market yesterday I found a stand that sold imported groceries from HOME!!! I couldn't believe it, I've been living 15 mins away from my cravings???? I only got a couple of things but now I know where it is I'll definatley be going back. I picked up a Milky Bar *drools* now THAT is chocolate, snowballs which I haven't had since I was 11 and I got a curly wurly for Moose *his favourite* he polished that off only minutes after me giving it to him. Nanny and Granda will be coming over in July so I've got to think of what I really want them to bring over! YUMMM!
* Boys oh boys mum that stuff looks goooooooood! Can I have some?? *
Since I've been talking about my jewellery groove I thought I'd show you the latest earrings, I am really liking the danglies on these ones! And pretty pretty pink for Project Spectrum.

We went to Cora's for lunch after the market. This is what L got. We couldn't believe how BIG it was. Its a banana chocolate crepe, massive I say massive! Needless to say she didn't finish it! The star sweater is on the home stretch, Ive just got to sew it up and add the neck then it will be on to sweater two.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Stripe'n up!

When I got home from work today I took off on the first sleeve and got quite a bit accomplished. I really love this Rowan yarn, its definately worth the money, I'd buy it again. The stripes are keeping my interest as I have to change colours every 10 rows and add 1st each end on every 4th. Shouldn't be long now before I slap it all together.
I've got sooooo many projects rolling around in my head that I want to start or buy yarn for but for one, I'm trying to save up a stash so I can splurge when I go to boston. I'm also not very good with having multiple projects on the go, more gets accomplished for me if I work one thing at a time. The new Knit Picks Catalog came in and of course I saw some things I liked and top top that off everyone is showing all this lovely sock yarn in wonderful colours that I just love like Margene's new sock yarn contest, how yummy is that stuff! MUST RESTRAIN SELF!
Then there is also the beading bug that I'm catching.......... must stay away from beads. I'm really getting into this jewellery thing and think I would really like it if I could let myself buy a few things, but I fear a few things will then need a few more and before ya know it the beads are taking over.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post though to see something I made today.

Tomorrow is Gal's day with the girls from work. A few of us are headed to the City Market, going to check out the goods and then catch a bit of lunch. Possibly might stop in at work and pick up some beading wire................. see I told you this would happen!
Have a good one folks!

What's this?????

Belly Up cat, enjoying the heat of the wood fire!

"That's what I'm talking about purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bring on the heat baby"

Thursday, March 16, 2006

100 Random things about ME!

hummmm Chris had this on her blog a few days ago and I've seen it on a couple of others as well telling 100 things about yourself. First thing I thought of was there aren't 100 things I could possibly tell people about me that would be of ANY interest to them. Then this morning while I was in the shower things were coming to mind so I'm gonna give it a go and I'll see how far I make it :)

1. I am a British Citizen
2. Born and raised in Northern Ireland
3. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 11
4. I started Primary school when I was 4
5. As a result of this I was bumped ahead a year when we moved to Canada after taking a test to determine what grade level I was at.
6. I learned quickly to loose my accent when we moved as I got tease quite a bit about it.
7. I can turn my accent on and off depending on who I'm around.
8. I'm told however that when I'm mad the Irish comes out :)
9. I am a very shy person.
10. I have been told by people that they thought I was a snob before they knew me because I was so shy and wouldn't talk.
11. I come out of my shell once I'm confortable around a person.
12. I LOVE bright colours!
13. I'm aways freezing!!!
14. We went to Florida one year during March and I wore pants the whole time cause I was freezing!
15. Beside the fire is my favourite place to be.
16. I would sit on top of it if I could avoid third degree burns on my butt!
17. I am a country girl all the way.
18. I like visiting the city but at the end of the day I love to get back to the country.
19. I would love to have a hobby farm with lots of sheep and a donkey or two.
20. I also get stuck with weird nicknames.
21. In high school they called me Mufasa *because of my poofy lion like hair*
22. To get better than that, a kid at the boys and girls club I worked at one summer called me Chow Chow as he said my hair resembled one! CHARMING!
23. I HAVE managed to tame it, lots of length helps.
24. In college I got stuck with the name FETUS! *I was the baby of the group*
24 In my grad year I entered a local fair's pagaent.
25. I won Queen and Miss Congeniality.
26. My title was Miss W estmorland C ounty A gricultural F air LOL
27. I'm allergic to Hay
28. Found this out when I went to a cousin's farm, helping to throw bails onto the truck. I was in shorts and had a huge rash all down my leg because of it.
29. I love TEA
30. Tetley is preferred
31. I've been drinking tea since I was little out of a tommy tippy cup
32. THAT is normal in Ireland :)
33. In Ireland its normal to have a cup every couple of hours.
34. I'm a very picky eater.
35. I don't eat fruit, and only a few vegetables.
36. Been like this since birth, docs said there was nothing wrong with it as long as I was getting what I needed from other things.
37. My mum used to make me sit at the table after everyone was done until I would eat my carrots.
38. I cried and had to plug my nose while I ate them.
39. I'm a sucker for penny candy
40. Hardly EVER eat chocolate
41. If I do it has to be Milk Chocolate and can't be plan.
42. Even them I can only take a bite or two, it makes me feel sick.
43. I have BAD motion sickness
44. You name it and I've been sick on it lol
45. That INCLUDES the ferris wheel
46. The fair SUCKS for me
47. I also can't stand for long periods of time without fainting
48. Do you think I'm a freak yet?
49. I got married in 2005
50. My husband and my dad are very very similar
51. My husband was allergic to Sockies
52. Until he had to live with her
53. I love all animals
55. Chickens really frighten me
56. I would have lots of cats and a few dogs if Moose would allow it hehe
57. I have vowed not to get another pet until sockies goes
58. I don't want to cause her stress * she gets stressed easy*
59. I worry about Sockies dying
60. Sometimes when she's sleeping a check to make sure she's still breathing
61. When I was little I used to have nightmares about Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
62. I have only been to one concert in my life
63. It was for my birthday, I saw Paul Brandt and the Wilkinsons
64. Faith and Tim will be my second in June.
65.I'm obsessed with Dance movies
66. I could watch the same one over and over
67. I'm currently hooked on Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
68. I asked for Shall we dance for christmas but didn't get it
69. I plan on it though
70. I used to tap and modern dance
71. I would love to try latin ball room or salsa
72. I don't have a partner
73. My husband WILL NOT dance
74. I HATE journals and will NOT use them
75. We had to learn to knit, cross stitch and sew in school in Ireland when I was 6
76. Boys and girls had to, therefore my brother can knit
77. He will never admit that
78. In 2000 I picked up on knitting again and have been going strong since
79. I usually go back and forth between crafts
80. I also cross stitch, scrapbook, card make
81. Knitting is my favourite
82. The newest thing I'm into is Beading
83. I love my job
84. I was off work before this job for 6 months
85. I realized how much I NEED to work
86. I get anxious in new situations
87. I don't like being with a bunch of new people without Moose there
88. He's the talker of the two of us
89.I love my alone time
90. I love 4 wheeling and muddin
91. Although I like to dress up
92. I'm very much a tom boy underneath it all
93. I love to get dirty
94. I love to travel regardless of my travel sickness
95. I crave IHOP alot
96. I'm very competitive
97. Coronation street is my FAVOURITE PROGRAM
98. I'm been watching it since I was little, in black and white believe it or not!
99. I have only been back to Ireland once in 11 years
100. It made me realize how much I love living HERE!

So there you have it!
Hope I didn't scare you all off!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome to the world Baby Callum

Baby Callum has arrived!! He was born early this morning by section, and I bet mum was ever so glad to have him arrive. So it IS a boy, which means I need another boy project.... oh but I'd already thought of that :) Its a mary maxim pattern that I have been drooling over for a while. *Tell me that isn't cute* It actually comes in a kit with the yarn, I'd rather pic my own out but you can't order the pattern by itself so I'm getting the kit and then I'll have the pattern for next time as well.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why are we waiting..................

*drums fingers* still no baby news, not that i'm inpatient or anything!!! I've been knitting away finished the star on the front of the sweater but still have a ways to go before I'm done that side.

Not the greatest picture but the edges are rolling under at the minute so it was hard to get a decent shot. I'm not crazy about the chart for the star, you can't really see because its far away but the white spans out into the blue around the edges if that makes any sense. It is fine but I'd prefer a cleaner line I think.
I've also been looking on line at shopping in Bangor, couple of the girls from work and I are headed down for a shopping weekend in a month or so. I was looking on JoAnn specfically at the ball winders, yes yes I know, I don't have one *hangs head in shame* I wanted one for christmas and didn't get it so I decided I'm getting one in Bangor come hell or high water. The thing I was wondering though is that they have 2 winders listed. Is there a difference?? Are they not the exact same thing???
Now that I have downed a big hunk of gingerbread cake and ice cream I should put some laundry away before bed, ugggggg .

Pink WAS my new obsession!

KETCHUP!! The Plague of my life! We buy several of these at a time to support Moose's habit!

My Favourite trainers! PINK PINK AND MORE PINK!

My Swiss army knife, petite version, never leave home without it :)

BLAST I can only fit 3 pics on so stay tuned for more red and pink to come!

Tonight is an exciting night here at CelticCastOn, on of my two prego friends has gone into labour today and we are all eagerly awaiting the news! She has been texting another friend who has been updating me on msn, there have been no text's now for 6 hours so we figure it won't be long. I haven't started knitting for this one yet because I wanted to find out if it was a boy or girl first so I'll have to get a move on with the twins sweaters cause it looks like I'll be starting a new knit shortly! So tonight is a knit in front of the computer night and patiently await the news *bites nails* I wish to heck she'd hurry up and push that baby out already hehe

On a Project Spectrum note, I've found some pink and red in my house. Pink was never an issue because the last couple of years was a PINK obession for me. Everything that I saw in pink I loved and had to have, so needless to say I do have quite alot of pink clothing. This pink phase was really kind of strange for me because as soon as I was old enough to dress myself I would not be caught DEAD in pink, I blame my mother for dressing me in pink dresses and of course the matching ribbons in the hair. I looked super cute of course but when YOU are the one with the ribbons in your hair, you think otherwise. I am over the pink phase now and I'm loving the new green shade that is out this year *know what I mean* I don't know how many things I've picked up and wanted with that colour but I've been very good and to date I only have one sweater that colour. I've been looking at yarn though in that colour, I just don't think ONE measly little sweater in that colour is enough, I must have MORE!!!!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pink Sky at night...

Its definitely a Project Spectrum night tonight in NB check out what I caught on camera!

Backyard field trip

Well you can't see much of my yard right now for snow, that and we are surrounded by trees. SO for my backyard field trip I thought I'd take you on a little trip with us. We hopped on the four wheelers and headed into our backyard THE COUNTRY! I am 100% country girl, you can put me in the city but at the end of the day I want to go HOME. I need fields and grass and trees, thats what I enjoy the most! I love being able to sit out on my deck, be surrounded by country. We can jumped on the bikes and be in the woods, fields, gravel pit, in just seconds. So I added a few pictures, the first one is me, we were playing around with a little mound of dirt jumping it, as you can see Moose cut my head off lol. The next one is Moose farting around on the pond, you can see to the left where the neighbours have plowed it off so the kids can skate and play hockey on it. We avoided the plowed part so that we didn't ruin their ice rink. The last is Moose in the gravel pit. It was another great day, above 0 degrees and not windy at all. Its supposed to get up to 10 sometime this week so all the snow and ice will soon be gone.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

What a beautiful day!

Well its a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods, sun is shining, little flakes of snow and fairly warm out. My parents came down last night with my other baby *the dog* and my birthday present. Dad made me a new bathroom vanity woot woot! The one that was here when we bought the house was just made of rough board and it drives me nuts!!! So he's installing a new maple one :) Can't wait! Mum and I are going shopping for hinges and handles for the doors. Then we can finally get to painting it and put everything in place! Can't wait!

So I did say that my other baby can down. Summer is the family dog, she's the cutest ever! Half husky half german shepard. Her eyes are outlined in black that makes her look like she's wearing eyeliner :)

On the knitting front I kind of changed my knitting spot for the time being. I was getting frustrated down by the fire and nothing I knit seemed to be working out so I moved to the living room upstairs. We have the new furniture in there now but we hardly ever sit up there. It was a nice sunny day with the sunbeams streaming through the window so I found my comfy chair and cast on for the first of the twins sweaters. I had a little trouble from the start because the cast on method I use *knitting the stitches on* was making the edge look GROSS! I knew there were several ways I could cast on to make it look right so I challenged myself to learn something new. After some practice I learned the double cast on method *yeah I know everyone else in the world probably could do it but I'd never tried* So once I got the edge down pat I was flying. I'm just about to start the bottom of the star. WOOT! WOOT! Its amazing how quickly I knit when its something I'm excited about.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The 411 on The Sock

speaks thru side of mouth *why does she insist on doing this*
*do you hear that??? it sounds like, somethings coming!*
*Not another flaming photo shoot MUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM*

You haven't all be introduced properly to Sockies. So I thought I'd fill you all in.

This is Sockies *I named her this as she has 4 white paws and looks like shes wearing socks.... original I know but hey i was in grade 8 :) She could have also been named Tuxedo because she looks likes she's wearing one.

Alternate Names: The Sock, Socky Bear, Junior, Junior Asparagus, Socko, Moggylena I could go on.
Favourite Pasttimes: Sleeping, Eating, sleeping, sitting on my lap surfing the net, sleeping.

Pet Peeves: Loud noises, Tinfoil, the vacuum, people other than family, any animal, opening the garbage can.

Loves: Lying bell up in front of the fire, food, sleep, wool sweaters being stroked, a good hin or bum rub.

Ailments: Has diabetes, needs a needle daily and special food. Isn't too energetic anymore. Her ankles crack when she walks now heheh awww she's getting old!

Age: 9 almost 10

So there you have it, this is my baby, I've had her since I was in grade 8. When she was diagnosed with Diabetes she had to go to the vet every other week so they could figure out what insulin dosage to give her. I cried when they went to stick the thermometer up her bum and had to leave the room :) I dispise needles but have learned to give them to her, she even lies down for them now.... I cried during that process too. I HATED leaving her overnight at the vets and would fight with them to let me bring her home. When they figured out what was wrong with her I cried on the couch some more. After getting married we both moved in with Moose :) He didn't really want 2 roomies but now *even though he won't admit it* he loves her. She's part of our little family.

I would do anything in the world for this cat, she is my life. After all how could you NOT love a face like that. I don't even want to think about what will happen to me when its her time to go, Moose says I'll go into depression which I'm sure is true. I just can't imagine living without her.

So there you have it, the 411 on The Sock! *She's sitting purring away on my knee right now and doesn't like the fact that I'm adding about her getting a thermometer up her bum but I'm sure she'll get over it.*

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Let the Project Spectrum commence

*Please Mum, yarn is sooooo boring!!! Bring on the cat nip!*

Without me :( I have one skein of pink hand spun yarn that I got for christmas. I decided I was going to make hand warmers or arm warmers with it, that way I can knit in the car with them on *I'm ALWAYS FREEZING!!!!* I don't have a pattern except for the one from weekend knitting. Its very plain though and I wanted something more like SNB hurry up spring arm warmers. seen here. I started swatching and trying out a few rounds to see what it would be like. I'm thinking that this yarn is just a bit too thick for what I want to do with it. Soooooooooooooo I'm at a loss. I really have no idea what to make with it. I don't need any more hats or scarves, heaven knows I have enough! So any suggestions would be appreciated on what I could do with this lovely skein! In the meantime I guess I'll start to frog my cable sock back to the ribbing and try again. Hope the rest of you are having more luck than me!