Thursday, March 16, 2006

100 Random things about ME!

hummmm Chris had this on her blog a few days ago and I've seen it on a couple of others as well telling 100 things about yourself. First thing I thought of was there aren't 100 things I could possibly tell people about me that would be of ANY interest to them. Then this morning while I was in the shower things were coming to mind so I'm gonna give it a go and I'll see how far I make it :)

1. I am a British Citizen
2. Born and raised in Northern Ireland
3. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 11
4. I started Primary school when I was 4
5. As a result of this I was bumped ahead a year when we moved to Canada after taking a test to determine what grade level I was at.
6. I learned quickly to loose my accent when we moved as I got tease quite a bit about it.
7. I can turn my accent on and off depending on who I'm around.
8. I'm told however that when I'm mad the Irish comes out :)
9. I am a very shy person.
10. I have been told by people that they thought I was a snob before they knew me because I was so shy and wouldn't talk.
11. I come out of my shell once I'm confortable around a person.
12. I LOVE bright colours!
13. I'm aways freezing!!!
14. We went to Florida one year during March and I wore pants the whole time cause I was freezing!
15. Beside the fire is my favourite place to be.
16. I would sit on top of it if I could avoid third degree burns on my butt!
17. I am a country girl all the way.
18. I like visiting the city but at the end of the day I love to get back to the country.
19. I would love to have a hobby farm with lots of sheep and a donkey or two.
20. I also get stuck with weird nicknames.
21. In high school they called me Mufasa *because of my poofy lion like hair*
22. To get better than that, a kid at the boys and girls club I worked at one summer called me Chow Chow as he said my hair resembled one! CHARMING!
23. I HAVE managed to tame it, lots of length helps.
24. In college I got stuck with the name FETUS! *I was the baby of the group*
24 In my grad year I entered a local fair's pagaent.
25. I won Queen and Miss Congeniality.
26. My title was Miss W estmorland C ounty A gricultural F air LOL
27. I'm allergic to Hay
28. Found this out when I went to a cousin's farm, helping to throw bails onto the truck. I was in shorts and had a huge rash all down my leg because of it.
29. I love TEA
30. Tetley is preferred
31. I've been drinking tea since I was little out of a tommy tippy cup
32. THAT is normal in Ireland :)
33. In Ireland its normal to have a cup every couple of hours.
34. I'm a very picky eater.
35. I don't eat fruit, and only a few vegetables.
36. Been like this since birth, docs said there was nothing wrong with it as long as I was getting what I needed from other things.
37. My mum used to make me sit at the table after everyone was done until I would eat my carrots.
38. I cried and had to plug my nose while I ate them.
39. I'm a sucker for penny candy
40. Hardly EVER eat chocolate
41. If I do it has to be Milk Chocolate and can't be plan.
42. Even them I can only take a bite or two, it makes me feel sick.
43. I have BAD motion sickness
44. You name it and I've been sick on it lol
45. That INCLUDES the ferris wheel
46. The fair SUCKS for me
47. I also can't stand for long periods of time without fainting
48. Do you think I'm a freak yet?
49. I got married in 2005
50. My husband and my dad are very very similar
51. My husband was allergic to Sockies
52. Until he had to live with her
53. I love all animals
55. Chickens really frighten me
56. I would have lots of cats and a few dogs if Moose would allow it hehe
57. I have vowed not to get another pet until sockies goes
58. I don't want to cause her stress * she gets stressed easy*
59. I worry about Sockies dying
60. Sometimes when she's sleeping a check to make sure she's still breathing
61. When I was little I used to have nightmares about Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
62. I have only been to one concert in my life
63. It was for my birthday, I saw Paul Brandt and the Wilkinsons
64. Faith and Tim will be my second in June.
65.I'm obsessed with Dance movies
66. I could watch the same one over and over
67. I'm currently hooked on Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
68. I asked for Shall we dance for christmas but didn't get it
69. I plan on it though
70. I used to tap and modern dance
71. I would love to try latin ball room or salsa
72. I don't have a partner
73. My husband WILL NOT dance
74. I HATE journals and will NOT use them
75. We had to learn to knit, cross stitch and sew in school in Ireland when I was 6
76. Boys and girls had to, therefore my brother can knit
77. He will never admit that
78. In 2000 I picked up on knitting again and have been going strong since
79. I usually go back and forth between crafts
80. I also cross stitch, scrapbook, card make
81. Knitting is my favourite
82. The newest thing I'm into is Beading
83. I love my job
84. I was off work before this job for 6 months
85. I realized how much I NEED to work
86. I get anxious in new situations
87. I don't like being with a bunch of new people without Moose there
88. He's the talker of the two of us
89.I love my alone time
90. I love 4 wheeling and muddin
91. Although I like to dress up
92. I'm very much a tom boy underneath it all
93. I love to get dirty
94. I love to travel regardless of my travel sickness
95. I crave IHOP alot
96. I'm very competitive
97. Coronation street is my FAVOURITE PROGRAM
98. I'm been watching it since I was little, in black and white believe it or not!
99. I have only been back to Ireland once in 11 years
100. It made me realize how much I love living HERE!

So there you have it!
Hope I didn't scare you all off!

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Chris said...

10 - Me TOO!!!
11 - Definitely.
18 - We are totally the opposite here, aren't we?!
43 - Oh, I do, too! Argh. I hate hearing about people who can knit and ride in the car or train. I just wanna puke when I try.
59 - I do about Chaos, too.
86 & 89 - Yup, me too.

A great list - thanks for sharing!! Hope you're having a good weekend.