Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Runs in the Family

Knitting definately runs in the family. This is the latest project made by my mum and sported by my dad, the handsome devil he is. lol Mum picked this wool up last time she went home along with the pattern to make another jumper for dad. I'm sure this is his third big wooly one, I swear she churns these out like its nothing. They stopped by on the weekend and I had to get a picture and share it with you all. Cables and twists oh she's just an old pro, no cable needle or use of other needles here, she uses her fingers :)

This picture is just too cute NOT to share. Remember when I said that Summer MY *errr mum and dad's I guess* dog was coming to visit. Well while dad and Moose put in my new vanity mum and I went to Tim's and got them something for a coffee break. If you don't know Tim Horton's you don't know what your missing! They have a roll up the rim contest every year, grand prizes being Rav 4's this year. After we roll up the rim's of course Summer likes to lick the coffee or tea out of the cups and then run off with them. I grabbed the camera and took quite a few pics of her. This was the best one! Is she cute or is she cute???

*says with a mouth full of coffee cup* Rrrrrrrrrrrroll up the rim to win!!!!!


Chris said...

Very cute - smart dog to steal coffee cups to get the goodness out of them. :)

That's a great sweater - your mom must be one kickass knitter!

irishmama said...

My mom is the same, she use to knit the cable sweaters and did.nt use a cable needle either. The sweater looks great. See I've become Americanised I use to call it jumpers and now look at me I'm calling it sweaters.

Amy said...

great sweater, haven't even started cables yet, cutie dog too!

Laura said...

Great sweater on your dad - I bet she even made up the pattern, eh? My mom knits that way too - kills me. heh

Those cupcakes look so great and love that cupcake holder thingy!! Cool! :)

The Crafty Weasel said...

I love the sweater! Oh and that puppy!! I just want to squeeze her and kiss her. What is she, a German Shepherd? Can she come play with Bayou?? :-)