Sunday, March 19, 2006

Comforts from home!

At the market yesterday I found a stand that sold imported groceries from HOME!!! I couldn't believe it, I've been living 15 mins away from my cravings???? I only got a couple of things but now I know where it is I'll definatley be going back. I picked up a Milky Bar *drools* now THAT is chocolate, snowballs which I haven't had since I was 11 and I got a curly wurly for Moose *his favourite* he polished that off only minutes after me giving it to him. Nanny and Granda will be coming over in July so I've got to think of what I really want them to bring over! YUMMM!
* Boys oh boys mum that stuff looks goooooooood! Can I have some?? *
Since I've been talking about my jewellery groove I thought I'd show you the latest earrings, I am really liking the danglies on these ones! And pretty pretty pink for Project Spectrum.

We went to Cora's for lunch after the market. This is what L got. We couldn't believe how BIG it was. Its a banana chocolate crepe, massive I say massive! Needless to say she didn't finish it! The star sweater is on the home stretch, Ive just got to sew it up and add the neck then it will be on to sweater two.


Chris said...

Ye gads, that crepe looks like it could feed a family of four... What a fabulous cat picture! :)

Darn bloglines still isn't showing updates for you. :(

irishmama said...

Thanks for the St.Paddy's day message, hey I understand about Snowballs and my kids will do whatever I want for a MilkyBar and Buttons. I get the candy from a store down the road from me and I have to hide it. My Mom comes over every summer with a suitcase full of Irish candy

Amy said...

Love the kitty, looks so much like my cat Thomas, who can be viewed in one of my previous posts.

elizabooth said...

Mmm. Curly Wurly is my favourite too.