Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pink WAS my new obsession!

KETCHUP!! The Plague of my life! We buy several of these at a time to support Moose's habit!

My Favourite trainers! PINK PINK AND MORE PINK!

My Swiss army knife, petite version, never leave home without it :)

BLAST I can only fit 3 pics on so stay tuned for more red and pink to come!

Tonight is an exciting night here at CelticCastOn, on of my two prego friends has gone into labour today and we are all eagerly awaiting the news! She has been texting another friend who has been updating me on msn, there have been no text's now for 6 hours so we figure it won't be long. I haven't started knitting for this one yet because I wanted to find out if it was a boy or girl first so I'll have to get a move on with the twins sweaters cause it looks like I'll be starting a new knit shortly! So tonight is a knit in front of the computer night and patiently await the news *bites nails* I wish to heck she'd hurry up and push that baby out already hehe

On a Project Spectrum note, I've found some pink and red in my house. Pink was never an issue because the last couple of years was a PINK obession for me. Everything that I saw in pink I loved and had to have, so needless to say I do have quite alot of pink clothing. This pink phase was really kind of strange for me because as soon as I was old enough to dress myself I would not be caught DEAD in pink, I blame my mother for dressing me in pink dresses and of course the matching ribbons in the hair. I looked super cute of course but when YOU are the one with the ribbons in your hair, you think otherwise. I am over the pink phase now and I'm loving the new green shade that is out this year *know what I mean* I don't know how many things I've picked up and wanted with that colour but I've been very good and to date I only have one sweater that colour. I've been looking at yarn though in that colour, I just don't think ONE measly little sweater in that colour is enough, I must have MORE!!!!!!

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Chris said...

I have a mini Swiss Army knife on my keychain, too! Mine's black tho (no surprise THERE).