Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So we are on the last two weeks of the first month of Project Spectrum and only NOW I realize HEY I have RED sock yarn!!! DUHH! So needless to say I have cast on for a pair of RED socks, just simple ribbing and hoping I'll get them done before PS month one ends! This yarn is actually Trampoline Stretch and has elastic in the middle of it which is kind of neat. I'll let you know how it knits up.
This is the lovely sign that now adorns my yard, thanks to my BIL...... Moose of course loves it but I on the other hand think he could have found another spot to nail it to other than my deck post!!!

Now this discovery of red sock yarn has led me to cleaning out my stash. Now when I say stash, don't get all excited because truely there isn't anything in it that anyone would want really. Its alot of old yarns red heart etc that I've been holding on to just because its yarn and I might SOME DAY need it. Well I've now realized I've become a yarn snob lol and probably won't touch it again. So appart from some baby yarn's, dishcloth cotton and little and briggs sock yarn the rest is going going gone. I'm actually going to take it over to a retirement home, I figure there are lots of knitters there and this yarn, while it has no use for me anymore would quite happly keep some of these ladies occupied for hours upon end. I do have a mass of Bernat fur out that I bough on a big sale... couldn't tell you why but anyway I know a preteen that would love some furry bright pillow's for her bed so I'm keeping that to whip those up as well. Other than that my real stash is down to the Rowan yarn I am using, the sock yarn i'm using, one skein of spunky eclectic, one skein of knit picks sock yarn and 3 skeins of dyeable sock yarn from knit picks so there you have it, an almost non existant stash. Now can you please all go tell my husband how lucky he is that I don't have even 1% of what some of you have in your stash!!


Chris said...

I love that sock yarn you're using! Very Project Spectrum - do I also see yellow and oragne?? Aren't those next month's colors? Maybe you don't want to knit TOO fast. ;)

Heh, I'm participating in Flash Your Stash Day (April 1) - if your husband wants to know how lucky he is, you can just surf around that day and show him pictures!!

Chris said...

Heh, that brightly colored sock yarn that I'm using has me SO TRAUMATIZED. :) I'll probably just wear those socks for biking...

Laura said...

Hi Kelly! Still catching up after Spring Break - LOVE that sock yarn! It looks like there's a bit of yellow and orange in there - they can be good for April too! heh

Your "100 things" post is great too. I haven't made one but I love reading ones that other people have done. :)

Katie said...

Same same =) I had kajillions of Red Heart but now it's ruined for me. Sob. I've been spoiled.

Beautiful sock yarn! I love stretchy socks.