Monday, March 27, 2006

Your opinion needed!!

I really suck at this project spectrum thing! I see things I want to knit but nothing seems to fall into any colour category that we are using. I'm wanting to knit Eunny's Deep Argyle Vest but I just can't decide on colours. Of course the next month coming up is orange but Knit Picks doesn't have an orange I like in the dk merino. I've already got two projects for blue so I don't really need anything else blue but of course when I asked people what colours they think would look best on me it was two shades of blue GRRRRR!!! Then I thought I should look somewhere else for yarn but I can't seem to find anything thats 5.5st/inch and dk merino. Eunny suggests it not to be superwash either so that narrows it down again. I like bright colours but I don't want it to be crrrrrrrrrrrazy looking! Decisions decisions! I just don't know! Anyone have any suggestions for other yarn, or have a look here and see what you think. The colours in the catalog compared to the computer are quite a bit different as well. I'm really at a loss!
I just checked out the vestalong and the newest post by Erin is what most people at work thought I should go with but I just don't know if its me!


Chris said...

Well, the yellow and orange don't have to be in a big project. They could be a dishcloth or a hat or something not even knitting! Or a baby item - babies look good in those eye-searing colors. :)

I like the blues for the argyle sweater and I bet they look good on you!

Peg said...

I want a yellow sweater for spring!! Orange is not an easy colour to wear. I, too, often order from Knitpicks. I try to go to my LYS often, but a small shop cannot carry everything. Good luck with the colour choice!

The Crafty Weasel said...

Kelly, how about some neutrals and a bright colour? Say a black and a white and a red? Or a camel, a white and a red or the asparagus green, for instance?