Friday, March 17, 2006

Stripe'n up!

When I got home from work today I took off on the first sleeve and got quite a bit accomplished. I really love this Rowan yarn, its definately worth the money, I'd buy it again. The stripes are keeping my interest as I have to change colours every 10 rows and add 1st each end on every 4th. Shouldn't be long now before I slap it all together.
I've got sooooo many projects rolling around in my head that I want to start or buy yarn for but for one, I'm trying to save up a stash so I can splurge when I go to boston. I'm also not very good with having multiple projects on the go, more gets accomplished for me if I work one thing at a time. The new Knit Picks Catalog came in and of course I saw some things I liked and top top that off everyone is showing all this lovely sock yarn in wonderful colours that I just love like Margene's new sock yarn contest, how yummy is that stuff! MUST RESTRAIN SELF!
Then there is also the beading bug that I'm catching.......... must stay away from beads. I'm really getting into this jewellery thing and think I would really like it if I could let myself buy a few things, but I fear a few things will then need a few more and before ya know it the beads are taking over.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post though to see something I made today.

Tomorrow is Gal's day with the girls from work. A few of us are headed to the City Market, going to check out the goods and then catch a bit of lunch. Possibly might stop in at work and pick up some beading wire................. see I told you this would happen!
Have a good one folks!

What's this?????

Belly Up cat, enjoying the heat of the wood fire!

"That's what I'm talking about purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bring on the heat baby"


Katie said...

Sleeve's looking good! I like the colors. And what a CUTE kitty!

Chris said...

Excellent colors. Oh, happy warm purring kitty! Kitty tummy!

Argh, bloglines isn't showing updates for your blog - sorry I haven't dropped by!

Peevish said...

That is a kitty belly just waiting to be rubbed and damn the consequences.

Amy said...

Oh my they do look like twins, Thomas will lay like that too just waiting for his underarms to be scratched