Saturday, March 04, 2006

What a beautiful day!

Well its a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods, sun is shining, little flakes of snow and fairly warm out. My parents came down last night with my other baby *the dog* and my birthday present. Dad made me a new bathroom vanity woot woot! The one that was here when we bought the house was just made of rough board and it drives me nuts!!! So he's installing a new maple one :) Can't wait! Mum and I are going shopping for hinges and handles for the doors. Then we can finally get to painting it and put everything in place! Can't wait!

So I did say that my other baby can down. Summer is the family dog, she's the cutest ever! Half husky half german shepard. Her eyes are outlined in black that makes her look like she's wearing eyeliner :)

On the knitting front I kind of changed my knitting spot for the time being. I was getting frustrated down by the fire and nothing I knit seemed to be working out so I moved to the living room upstairs. We have the new furniture in there now but we hardly ever sit up there. It was a nice sunny day with the sunbeams streaming through the window so I found my comfy chair and cast on for the first of the twins sweaters. I had a little trouble from the start because the cast on method I use *knitting the stitches on* was making the edge look GROSS! I knew there were several ways I could cast on to make it look right so I challenged myself to learn something new. After some practice I learned the double cast on method *yeah I know everyone else in the world probably could do it but I'd never tried* So once I got the edge down pat I was flying. I'm just about to start the bottom of the star. WOOT! WOOT! Its amazing how quickly I knit when its something I'm excited about.

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Chris said...

Wow, you are flying along on that!

TOO COOL about the vanity! I bet it's gorgeous - must see a picture when it's all installed and ready. My brother's a woodworker and he made me an amazing maple cutting board for Christmas.