Saturday, April 29, 2006

Invisible Children!

Tonight at 7pm all around the world Millions of people will be taking part in the Global Night Commute. These people will be commuting on foot to a large city and sleeping in in one designated place. Why you ask?
Every night in Uganda Millions of children have to endure this walk to another community and sleep with hundreds of other children in one place JUST to avoid being Kidnapped by the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) who kidnap the children and make them become part of this cult. Killing innocent people for no reason!
I encourage you to visit the invisible children webpage which shares more stories from the children that are kidnapped and the torturous things they go through.
This definately hits home for me. I have a sponsored child in Uganda. Although he is fortunate enough to be in a community away from the LRA and protected by World Vision there are still thousands out there just like him that live in fear everyday! I cannot even begin to imagine sending my children away every night and hoping that they will be safe and return in the morning. What a horrible way to live. The Global Commute is bringing awareness to this war that continues in Uganada and urges others to join the fight against it. We can all make a difference if we only speak out! Invisible Children has a store selling t-shirts, the dvd movie that started the invisible children movement. There are also bracelets available that you can purchase for a mere 19.99 that are named after a child that is enduring this and comes with a dvd telling their story. All the proceeds go towards Invisible Children and ultimately ENDING THIS WAR!!!
Know that you can and are making a difference in a childs life by sponsorship or by buying a simple bracelet from Invisible children! You are giving them HOPE in life and a chance at a future they might otherwise not have.
If this is something you also feel needs to be heard please pass it on so others can become aware of this as well and change the lifes of children in Uganda!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Real Renos!

Last night was spent staining and hanging doors. We has nice wood wainscotting in the hallway and kitchen that we wanted to keep but the trim and door didn't match. They were those cardboard in the middle doors, if you know what I mean. So anyway we found my solid wood doors that I've been wanting on sale at Home Depot so we got enough for all the doors upstairs and pine trim that we will be staining to match the doors and wainscotting.
It takes quite some time to hang those doors as Moose has to make the holes for the handles and lock, plain them down to fit, stain them, install the hardware and then hang but he was busy at it last night. We have 2 up so far and I hear the plain going already outside so he's hard at it again. He also has another coat of paint to go on the cutting around the hallway so my paint job can be complete!
I had the job of stainer last night. I got all the trim, door casings and blocks for the corners done, while watching America's Next Top Model! :)
Now this is little Gizmo, L's cat i've been looking after. To say that she is TICKED at being left at home by herself is an understatment. She is PISSED! She won't eat any treats, hisses at me if I try to touch her, totally punking me off! I told her that she only had 4 more days until mum and dad come home so she should just be nice to me and eat all her food but she is just not listening!
I couldn't get a good picture of what her eyes are actually like for fear of being attacked by a mad cat :)
The sock is coming along nicely! I should have a finished sock for next post. Startitis is definately taking over! I can't wait any longer to start this next one! I have yarn sitting here thats been calling to me for oh so long and a pattern I can't wait to try! A new project is definately going on the needles!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Odds and Ends!

Here's what I'm storing from the loot Moose's mum brought back for me. Alot of packaging to house these tiny things.
This is the progress I've made on my striped socks! I'm just about to start the heel turn so its coming along nicely! Seems to be the only project thats working out at the moment. While I was trying it on to see if it was going to be big enough I kind of snapped my needle......... Those Takumi are strong though because its still useable its just got a crack in it. I figured I was going to be screwed as it was almost bent in two but the needle held on for me.
I always used to be a one project gal before blogging and couldn't understand why bloggers had soooo many knits on the go. Well I think your startitis has caught me because I find myself wanting to start ANOTHER sock. I SHOULD be starting nanny's socks again because she'll be here before I get them sent to her but another pattern is calling my name. I'm going to try and control myself and finish what I've got already started but you might see something totally new on my needles next post! GAHHHH!

This is all the packaging and extras that came with the tablets! Yummy Yummy dye!
I've had my bike in at the bike shop getting a tune up and a few things fixed and ready for the good weather. Mind you the weather is dreary again and the rain is back just when my bike is ready :( Oh well when I get it home it will be read for the sun and then off we go.

I've also been looking after L's kitty while she's in sunny Mexico on vacation. Gizmo is her name and she has the most gorgeous green eyes. Not normal cat green eyes but a little green shade. I'm taking my camera today when I go to feed her so I'll see if I can catch a few shots.

I've added a frappr map to my blog. I'd love to see where everyone is. As some of you know my U.S. geography is not so good *long story* so I thought this would help me out a bit!

Meh! Haven't figured out how to get it on my sidebar yet so this will have to do!

Well work is calling again. :( I need more knitting time!!!!

Siding with Kreature!

Just try and bend my ears lady! I dare ya!

Well I tell you I would never have believed it had I not read Kreature's story with my own eyes while mum was getting a cup of tea!
That lady Chris is one old meany! Making Kreature out to be a mere puppet for her to play with. Do you NOT REALISE we HATE when you play with our ears and bend them in such ways?????? How would YOU like it if I started bending yours or how about ripping out all your PRECIOUS knitting! You'd be glaring too now wouldn't you!
Not only that but stealing the few precious toys he has!!! The nerve! I say rebell kreature get even with her!!! If you need back up I'm in!

xxx Sockies xxx

Friday, April 21, 2006

Just a tad excited!

It's DYE-O-RAMA time :) YAY! I've just signed up. If you haven't already get your butt over to Scouts!! There are over 100 people signed up already and only until the end of tonight to sign up. This swap is going to be sooo much fun! You dye enough yarn to make a pair of sock's. Send it to your swap buddy and get something fantastically dyed in return!! I can't wait to get dyeing!


Can't you guess what I just got last night at 11:30?????

A YARN WINDER!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo excited! My MIL and FIL just got back from Florida. I asked MIL if she could go to Joann's and pick me a yarn winder. Well of course the answer was yes so I was soooo excited, that is until I got an email saying they didn't have any and neither did any of the other stores in Orlando :( BUMMER! I was sooo looking forward to it. So last night after work Moose and I picked up his brother and dad and went to Tim's for a cuppa. His brother gave me and bag telling me it was from his mum. Well of course I had asked her to pick me up some Paas Easter Egg dye as well. She told me she had got six packages so I was pumped to get it. Then when I got home there was another bag inside the bigger bag which I thought must have been something for Moose. That is until I saw the City Side Yarn label on the side of the bag. I couldn't for the life of me think what she would have got me but I knew it would be good coming from a yarn store :) So I open it and there was a yarn winder!!! When they made a pit stop in Maine she found a phone book and called a bunch of stores to find me one. How awesome is she??? I picked up the winder and ran over to the phone, tripping on a cord on my way there and called her to thank her. I of course cracked it open at midnight to have a look at it but didn't get to play till this morning. All I have to say is WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THIS TIME WITHOUT ONE???? Next purchase is going to be a swift :)


As for Vacation, i've made a note of all area's of suggestion and plan to do some research on them. I forgot that I've been to New York and D.C :) and I also went on a cruise before but it was disasterous as I was sick the whole time. I have big time motion sickness and everyone kept saying oh you don't even feel the boat moving. BOY WERE THEY EVER WRONG! Let me tell you, you can feel every little thing! It was a puking good time!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Casting on for a new sock since my cable socks are giving me such frustration. This one I plan on being a mindless knit, something I'm able to work on during lunch at work.

Here's the one sleeved star sweater :) This is sweater number 1 and still has one more sleeve to add before I can block it. Where is sweater two you ask??? Don't talk to me about that sweater right now! Its still in my BAD BOOKS!
This is one of Sockies favourite places to sit. On my knee while i'm blogging. I SWEAR she HATES the camera! She was chewing on the other end of my sucker stick before I brought the camera out. As soon as I did she sat down and turned right around away from me. Can you tell by the nasty look she has on her face. *please excuse the up the nose shot*

Well I hope I actually get to post this entry because the one I wrote last night I lost!
Talk about frustrating!!!! Not only that but I re started my nanny's cable socks again last night, and AGAIN something frigged up. So add that to my no arm holes baby sweater equals one ticked off Irish Lady! I don't know about IrishMama but it is true for my family when they say the Irish have a wicked temper. Luckily it was just me and Sockies last night so Moose didn't have to listen to it :) I decided I'd just go to bed instead of get more frustrated. Then as I walked up the stairs I said NO I'm gonna paint that hallway and use all that pent up frustration on it. And that's just what I did!! The second coat is on and now Moose just needs to do the cutting. We are replacing the light fixtures on the walls in the hallway as well so I'll have a nice picture for you by the weekend hopefully! We are both off tomorrow so we plan on getting some more work done renovation wise and I've put in a request for my warping board so maybe Moose will make that tomorrow too! * Yes I know I could probably make it myself but hey when you have a carpenter in the house that could whip it up why frustrate myself for no reason RIGHT*

A have one favour to ask you all. We are looking at vacation spots. We aren't planning to go over seas this year as we will be doing lot of renovation to the house but we thought we'd go somewhere in the states. I've only really been to Maine and Florida so if any of you know a great spot let me know so I can check it out. We are pretty much up for anything.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Energy Restored!


Project Spectrum paint job! Sorry for the crap photo's but there wasn't any natural light left!
The colour is called Canyon Cove, its a butter gold, yellow colour!

Well siry! I think I'm back into the swing of things! We had a very restful weekend which I think helped alot and I got a crazy notion in my head today at work that I was going to go home and paint the hallway.......... and thats just what I did. Saw Moose off to work and then I ran over to Kent to get my paint *which I'd been eyeing for a while* and away I went. I got it primed and the first coat on so I'm pretty happy with my progress, and after all that I'm STILL not tired! The hallway and archway that I painted is joined to the kitchen so there won't be much left to paint once I decide on my cabinets*still have no idea what I want*.

And Yes I know I missed a bit! Just incase any of you smarty pants try to pull that one! Moose is going to do the edging tomorrow!

On a knitting note : I do have some knitting news. I got mum to sew up a sweater for me *bats eyelashes* she got it all but one sleeve so I told her i'd be sure to have the other one sorted for when she comes to visit :) I despise sewing! I was motoring away on the sweater #2's front, the last part I needed to do. Got up to the the shoulder shaping and realized i'd forgot to put arm holes in it DOH! I was so busy working that dang star pattern! So rippity rip it goes.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Not enough hours in the day!

How true is that statement! Lately it just seems that I'm getting nothing accomplished! Absolutely NOTHING! No knitting, no housework just work and sleep it seems!
Granted I have been sleeping all my knitting and housework away *sheepish look* yes yes I know its my own fault but I can't help it! I run ragged all day at work, end up having to stay later than supposed to and then when I come home and sit down I pretty much just pass out!
No rest for the wicked I guess. I did manage to stay away last night though :) Watch Coronation Street and Survivor. I had to FORCE myself to pick up my knitting! You know when your just so drained that the most you have the energy to do is sit??? Yep thats me! My head was telling me PICK UP THE DANG KNITTING YOUR WASTING PRECIOUS TIME JUST SITTING THERE! I did manage to pick it up for Survivor and I'm glad I did. I got the second sleeve done on star sweater #2 and cast on for the front but it was a fight to the finish :)
I have the next three days off, Good Friday we are closed and then sat and sun are my days off this week so I hope to get those 2 star sweaters done and start on Calum's Cable jumper. We are off to mum and dad's on sunday for yummy turkey dinner so I'm gonna try and con mum into sewing one up for me while I sew up the other!

Scout is having a dyeing swap! I'm pretty excited about that and can't wait to do some more dyeing.

Also there is a Destash Blog that you can sign up and sell some of your stash and purchase something you really want!
LAURA there is a couple of colours from Knit Picks Palette that might interest you, if your in need of those colours for your Palette Cardigan.
Of to knit a few rows before I tackle THE DISHES!!! *gulp*

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My afternoon on the farm!

Here are some pictures I was finally able to get onto my computer from my afternoon at the farm last week! On the far left in the first picture you can see the Apalca! She was very shy and weary of us, but oh sooo cute! She had black circles around her eyes making her look just like a panda :) With all that fur even down her legs I wanted to give her a big hug! Also in this picture is a pigmy goat and the llama*more to come of him in a bit!*

Here are just a few of the sheepies!!! There were black sheep too but they somehow didn't get into the picture! They are almost ready for shearing!! I wanted to take them all home they were so fluffy! We didn't get too close to the two little ones though as the mummy was keeping a watchful eye on them both.
Here's Miseour Llama! Such a loveable thing he was. Everyone was scared of him saying be careful they spit yadda yadda! Well I walked right up to the fence and he came right over let me pat him, he even nuzzled my cheek....... then tried to steel my earring! lol He was cute!
Here's the close up of the little babies! Too cute for words!
I do have more pictures of me spinning and the yarn I made and I'll tell you all about the fibers she had. We didn't seem to get any pictures of the angora rabbits. They were HUGE fluff balls! Even the tips of there ears had fluff! Kim said these are the easiest fiber animal to take care of and if they have any babies she will let me know! It started to rain not long after we got there so I didn't get long with the animals but certainly learned alot about spinning and fibers and dyeing! I'm excited to get some spinning classes under my belt!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen.....

Boys and girls, children of all ages! Celtic Cast On is proud to present the new, the exciting, NEW

LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY NEW TRUCK *ahem* our new truck!
This is the GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4x4. Big enough to fit
all 3 Celtic's and room for more down the road.
Isn't she a beaut??????

I am sooo in love with this thing I never want to get out of it. *drools* I hate having to share it with my husband too :( I think we need to invest in another one lol We've been waiting for 3 months for it to arrive so when it finally did we were sooooo pumped to get in it and go. I haven't shared much about our constant car troubles that we've been having all winter long but I'll post some pictures of where our dear car ended up later.
In the meantime, we are off to Home Depot to look at kitchen cabinets!

Oh and my brother bought me the grill insert for my birthday tres chic huh!

Friday, April 07, 2006

First Dyeing Experience

So last night I decided I'd try my first dyeing experience. I've been planning it for months but jsut never got around to it. I bought Kool Aid in January, pink wilton gel for PS's PINK month.. still didn't happen. Then Kim at the farm told me about dyeing yarn with easter egg dye so I decided to give that a go. The finished product ended up being a combo of easter egg dye and koolaid. I used a yellow easter egg dye tablet and soaked the whole skein in my turkey pan *first time its been used* until the water turned clear, and the yarn had soaked up all the dye. I then added two packets of orange koolaid to our lovely Kraft peanut butter bear jar and placed one end of the skein into it. I took it out after I got the orange I wanted and then added two more packets to the mix for an even darker orange. I let this end soak all night so it would be quite a bit darker. This morning I took it out, wrapped it in cling film and microwaved it for 2 minutes. Its now hanging on the odd red hook you see in the pics thats in my kitchen. Its been there since we bought the house and I couldn't figure out why anyone would put it *whatever it is * there. I made good use of it today, even moose commented on my good use of it. :)
My pictures got all mixed when I uploaded them so they aren't in order but you get the idea.
Fits well for project spectrum, even if the dark orange looks kind of red.

Peanut Butter Bear dyeing yarn!
I used Knit picks 100% merino and dunk and colour that we had at the store.
Drip drying... I should have taken a picture of the turkey pan in the floor catching the drips :)
Dyeing with yellow easter egg dye!
Now if only I had a ball winder and swift the last process would be sooooo much easier.
I've been working on my little star sweater #2 tonight, the back is finised so its on to the sleeves.
No #1 is not complete, there is still alot of weaving in ends and sewing left but lets face it, knitting is def. more FUN!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

*sigh of relief*

I'm baaaaaaaack! Well I've been back since sunday night but I've been so busy with work I'm only now getting a chance to sit down and read some blogs. Can you believe the first month of april is almost done already?? Holy cats! I've almost missed a whole week of PS's Orange month! Once again I don't have any orange yarn.....yet! Strange really because orange IS one of my favourite colours! I do however have some orange projects in mind that I hope to get started on soon. In the meantime I'll show you some orange things to get the month started off right!

Our living room finally finished and painted Orange perfect for this months project spectrum!

A cool tealight holder I got from Moose's mum for my Bday. It has two interchangable glass inserts, that glow orange with black shadow's, perfect for my safari theme living room.
Another view of the living room.

More Orange things to come and an update from the farm!