Thursday, April 27, 2006

Real Renos!

Last night was spent staining and hanging doors. We has nice wood wainscotting in the hallway and kitchen that we wanted to keep but the trim and door didn't match. They were those cardboard in the middle doors, if you know what I mean. So anyway we found my solid wood doors that I've been wanting on sale at Home Depot so we got enough for all the doors upstairs and pine trim that we will be staining to match the doors and wainscotting.
It takes quite some time to hang those doors as Moose has to make the holes for the handles and lock, plain them down to fit, stain them, install the hardware and then hang but he was busy at it last night. We have 2 up so far and I hear the plain going already outside so he's hard at it again. He also has another coat of paint to go on the cutting around the hallway so my paint job can be complete!
I had the job of stainer last night. I got all the trim, door casings and blocks for the corners done, while watching America's Next Top Model! :)
Now this is little Gizmo, L's cat i've been looking after. To say that she is TICKED at being left at home by herself is an understatment. She is PISSED! She won't eat any treats, hisses at me if I try to touch her, totally punking me off! I told her that she only had 4 more days until mum and dad come home so she should just be nice to me and eat all her food but she is just not listening!
I couldn't get a good picture of what her eyes are actually like for fear of being attacked by a mad cat :)
The sock is coming along nicely! I should have a finished sock for next post. Startitis is definately taking over! I can't wait any longer to start this next one! I have yarn sitting here thats been calling to me for oh so long and a pattern I can't wait to try! A new project is definately going on the needles!


Amy said...

if only that kitty could talk :)

Chris said...

Hmm, Gizmo does look really, really cranky in that picture! Probably how Chaos will be looking at the catsitter this weekend while I am gone!

You guys are getting SO MUCH done on your house - wow!

margene said...

Your hard work will pay off! Great looking cat you have there. I've never seen eyes so green!

Becky said...

Wow...I'm really impressed by how you guys are able to do all that work yourselves. If I attempted something like that, I'd probably do something hairbrained like shoot nails into the floor, or something.

That cat cracks me up. Nobody does 'tudes like cats. I feel a bit sorry for the owners when they come home. They're gonna get some serious attitude for a while! :-)