Friday, April 21, 2006

Just a tad excited!

It's DYE-O-RAMA time :) YAY! I've just signed up. If you haven't already get your butt over to Scouts!! There are over 100 people signed up already and only until the end of tonight to sign up. This swap is going to be sooo much fun! You dye enough yarn to make a pair of sock's. Send it to your swap buddy and get something fantastically dyed in return!! I can't wait to get dyeing!


Can't you guess what I just got last night at 11:30?????

A YARN WINDER!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo excited! My MIL and FIL just got back from Florida. I asked MIL if she could go to Joann's and pick me a yarn winder. Well of course the answer was yes so I was soooo excited, that is until I got an email saying they didn't have any and neither did any of the other stores in Orlando :( BUMMER! I was sooo looking forward to it. So last night after work Moose and I picked up his brother and dad and went to Tim's for a cuppa. His brother gave me and bag telling me it was from his mum. Well of course I had asked her to pick me up some Paas Easter Egg dye as well. She told me she had got six packages so I was pumped to get it. Then when I got home there was another bag inside the bigger bag which I thought must have been something for Moose. That is until I saw the City Side Yarn label on the side of the bag. I couldn't for the life of me think what she would have got me but I knew it would be good coming from a yarn store :) So I open it and there was a yarn winder!!! When they made a pit stop in Maine she found a phone book and called a bunch of stores to find me one. How awesome is she??? I picked up the winder and ran over to the phone, tripping on a cord on my way there and called her to thank her. I of course cracked it open at midnight to have a look at it but didn't get to play till this morning. All I have to say is WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THIS TIME WITHOUT ONE???? Next purchase is going to be a swift :)


As for Vacation, i've made a note of all area's of suggestion and plan to do some research on them. I forgot that I've been to New York and D.C :) and I also went on a cruise before but it was disasterous as I was sick the whole time. I have big time motion sickness and everyone kept saying oh you don't even feel the boat moving. BOY WERE THEY EVER WRONG! Let me tell you, you can feel every little thing! It was a puking good time!!


Chris said...

That was super sweet of your MIL! Talk about going the extra mile. :)

The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh boy, I think you have convinced me to join! Any more ideas on the holiday?

The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh my goodness, and yes CONGRATS on you winder - I am so so dying to have a winder and a swift. I use my chairs and I wind the yarn but that's such a pain!!!!

Laura said...

Aww what a wonderful MIL!! Look at that pretty yarn all cakey and everything! hehe I can't wait to get my ball winder and swift!! Tell me what brand is your winder? I'm so paranoid to buy one because they're just plastic and I don't know how the work and stuff. Couldn't be too complicated but I'm so big on research but there aren't many to pick from out there!!

I'm giggling about your puking good time on the cruise. I haven't been on a cruise before and it sure would be disappointing to be sick the whole time!! Blah!

Peg said...

Congrats on the yarn winder. Aren't they just the best! My DH made me a swift and I will look after to see if you have an email address and send you a pic! You can write to me at, if I can't email you. It was cheap - a little bit of wood, some dowel and a mechanism like the one used in a lazy Susan!