Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My afternoon on the farm!

Here are some pictures I was finally able to get onto my computer from my afternoon at the farm last week! On the far left in the first picture you can see the Apalca! She was very shy and weary of us, but oh sooo cute! She had black circles around her eyes making her look just like a panda :) With all that fur even down her legs I wanted to give her a big hug! Also in this picture is a pigmy goat and the llama*more to come of him in a bit!*

Here are just a few of the sheepies!!! There were black sheep too but they somehow didn't get into the picture! They are almost ready for shearing!! I wanted to take them all home they were so fluffy! We didn't get too close to the two little ones though as the mummy was keeping a watchful eye on them both.
Here's Miseour Llama! Such a loveable thing he was. Everyone was scared of him saying be careful they spit yadda yadda! Well I walked right up to the fence and he came right over let me pat him, he even nuzzled my cheek....... then tried to steel my earring! lol He was cute!
Here's the close up of the little babies! Too cute for words!
I do have more pictures of me spinning and the yarn I made and I'll tell you all about the fibers she had. We didn't seem to get any pictures of the angora rabbits. They were HUGE fluff balls! Even the tips of there ears had fluff! Kim said these are the easiest fiber animal to take care of and if they have any babies she will let me know! It started to rain not long after we got there so I didn't get long with the animals but certainly learned alot about spinning and fibers and dyeing! I'm excited to get some spinning classes under my belt!


Chris said...

How cute! The alpaca is adorable. Surely she wouldn't take up too much space at your house. ;)

Laura said...

Yay! Looks like you had so much fun - and those widdle sheepies are so CUTE!! I've kinda been thinking it would be fun to keep some bunnies - nice to hear that they're one of the easiest fiber animals to keep. Except for maybe dogs. But I definitely think bunnies might be in my future.