Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Odds and Ends!

Here's what I'm storing from the loot Moose's mum brought back for me. Alot of packaging to house these tiny things.
This is the progress I've made on my striped socks! I'm just about to start the heel turn so its coming along nicely! Seems to be the only project thats working out at the moment. While I was trying it on to see if it was going to be big enough I kind of snapped my needle......... Those Takumi are strong though because its still useable its just got a crack in it. I figured I was going to be screwed as it was almost bent in two but the needle held on for me.
I always used to be a one project gal before blogging and couldn't understand why bloggers had soooo many knits on the go. Well I think your startitis has caught me because I find myself wanting to start ANOTHER sock. I SHOULD be starting nanny's socks again because she'll be here before I get them sent to her but another pattern is calling my name. I'm going to try and control myself and finish what I've got already started but you might see something totally new on my needles next post! GAHHHH!

This is all the packaging and extras that came with the tablets! Yummy Yummy dye!
I've had my bike in at the bike shop getting a tune up and a few things fixed and ready for the good weather. Mind you the weather is dreary again and the rain is back just when my bike is ready :( Oh well when I get it home it will be read for the sun and then off we go.

I've also been looking after L's kitty while she's in sunny Mexico on vacation. Gizmo is her name and she has the most gorgeous green eyes. Not normal cat green eyes but a little green shade. I'm taking my camera today when I go to feed her so I'll see if I can catch a few shots.

I've added a frappr map to my blog. I'd love to see where everyone is. As some of you know my U.S. geography is not so good *long story* so I thought this would help me out a bit!


Meh! Haven't figured out how to get it on my sidebar yet so this will have to do!

Well work is calling again. :( I need more knitting time!!!!


Becky said...

Yes! Startitis...she's an easy one to give in to :-)

Chris said...

Such a stripey fun sock!

I need to take my bicycle in for a tuneup, too - I've ridden it a few times and it has a lot of squeaks and rattles that need to be taken care of!

Laura said...

Hang on - is that the yarn you dyed yourself?? I love that striped sock yarn. You'll have fun with the Paas!! You know my philosophy: use lots of vinegar on everything! heh :)

irishmama said...

I love the map idea. I usually have 2-3 projects going as I get bored with 1. I bend not only the bamboo needles, I also bend the metal ones too(its that irish temper coming out on my knitting frustrations.

Amy said...

love the yarn..so sorry about the needle. when I took my sock class I guess that' why they said don't try it one with the needle :)

Peevish said...

What are those tablety things?