Friday, April 07, 2006

First Dyeing Experience

So last night I decided I'd try my first dyeing experience. I've been planning it for months but jsut never got around to it. I bought Kool Aid in January, pink wilton gel for PS's PINK month.. still didn't happen. Then Kim at the farm told me about dyeing yarn with easter egg dye so I decided to give that a go. The finished product ended up being a combo of easter egg dye and koolaid. I used a yellow easter egg dye tablet and soaked the whole skein in my turkey pan *first time its been used* until the water turned clear, and the yarn had soaked up all the dye. I then added two packets of orange koolaid to our lovely Kraft peanut butter bear jar and placed one end of the skein into it. I took it out after I got the orange I wanted and then added two more packets to the mix for an even darker orange. I let this end soak all night so it would be quite a bit darker. This morning I took it out, wrapped it in cling film and microwaved it for 2 minutes. Its now hanging on the odd red hook you see in the pics thats in my kitchen. Its been there since we bought the house and I couldn't figure out why anyone would put it *whatever it is * there. I made good use of it today, even moose commented on my good use of it. :)
My pictures got all mixed when I uploaded them so they aren't in order but you get the idea.
Fits well for project spectrum, even if the dark orange looks kind of red.

Peanut Butter Bear dyeing yarn!
I used Knit picks 100% merino and dunk and colour that we had at the store.
Drip drying... I should have taken a picture of the turkey pan in the floor catching the drips :)
Dyeing with yellow easter egg dye!
Now if only I had a ball winder and swift the last process would be sooooo much easier.
I've been working on my little star sweater #2 tonight, the back is finised so its on to the sleeves.
No #1 is not complete, there is still alot of weaving in ends and sewing left but lets face it, knitting is def. more FUN!


Chris said...

Fun! It looks like you got great color.

Laura said...

Ooooh that's going to look so pretty knit up!!