Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Siding with Kreature!

Just try and bend my ears lady! I dare ya!

Well I tell you I would never have believed it had I not read Kreature's story with my own eyes while mum was getting a cup of tea!
That lady Chris is one old meany! Making Kreature out to be a mere puppet for her to play with. Do you NOT REALISE we HATE when you play with our ears and bend them in such ways?????? How would YOU like it if I started bending yours or how about ripping out all your PRECIOUS knitting! You'd be glaring too now wouldn't you!
Not only that but stealing the few precious toys he has!!! The nerve! I say rebell kreature get even with her!!! If you need back up I'm in!

xxx Sockies xxx


Chris said...

Oh oh.

Jeanne said...

Thanks Sockies! I appriciate your support! Great picure, BTW.


Peevish said...

Sorry guys, but my money is on Sockies here!