Thursday, April 20, 2006


Casting on for a new sock since my cable socks are giving me such frustration. This one I plan on being a mindless knit, something I'm able to work on during lunch at work.

Here's the one sleeved star sweater :) This is sweater number 1 and still has one more sleeve to add before I can block it. Where is sweater two you ask??? Don't talk to me about that sweater right now! Its still in my BAD BOOKS!
This is one of Sockies favourite places to sit. On my knee while i'm blogging. I SWEAR she HATES the camera! She was chewing on the other end of my sucker stick before I brought the camera out. As soon as I did she sat down and turned right around away from me. Can you tell by the nasty look she has on her face. *please excuse the up the nose shot*

Well I hope I actually get to post this entry because the one I wrote last night I lost!
Talk about frustrating!!!! Not only that but I re started my nanny's cable socks again last night, and AGAIN something frigged up. So add that to my no arm holes baby sweater equals one ticked off Irish Lady! I don't know about IrishMama but it is true for my family when they say the Irish have a wicked temper. Luckily it was just me and Sockies last night so Moose didn't have to listen to it :) I decided I'd just go to bed instead of get more frustrated. Then as I walked up the stairs I said NO I'm gonna paint that hallway and use all that pent up frustration on it. And that's just what I did!! The second coat is on and now Moose just needs to do the cutting. We are replacing the light fixtures on the walls in the hallway as well so I'll have a nice picture for you by the weekend hopefully! We are both off tomorrow so we plan on getting some more work done renovation wise and I've put in a request for my warping board so maybe Moose will make that tomorrow too! * Yes I know I could probably make it myself but hey when you have a carpenter in the house that could whip it up why frustrate myself for no reason RIGHT*

A have one favour to ask you all. We are looking at vacation spots. We aren't planning to go over seas this year as we will be doing lot of renovation to the house but we thought we'd go somewhere in the states. I've only really been to Maine and Florida so if any of you know a great spot let me know so I can check it out. We are pretty much up for anything.


irishmama said...

It is true the Irish have one hell of a temper, especially an Irish woman. Love the baby sweater.

Chris said...

The sweater is cute, even with only one sleeve!

Hee hee - love how cranky Sockies looks in that picture. She totally hates the camera, doesn't she?!

Hmm, what sorts of things do you like to do? Lie around on beaches, go hiking, go biking?

margene said...

Come to can do ANYTHING here!

Amy said...

love the sock yarn ..looks like about a cruise some place warm and relaxing like the carribean

Laura said...

Good luck with the new sock project. And the star sweater - it's so cute and the colors are really great.

For a vacation: For city visiting, I think New York City or Washington, D.C. are good for city/restaurant/museum stuff. For country type visiting, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is wonderful, doesn't cost too much, has fun hikes, and Gatlinburg is a nice clean family-oriented place to spend your evenings with wonderful shopping too. And you can camp there, which makes it even more cost effective - means you can shop more! :) I have a campground recommendation if you decided to do that.

The Crafty Weasel said...

How about Chicago? It is a city and yet it has a beach. It's a beautiful city, filled with fantastic museums and architecture and great shopping (Michigan Ave), not to mention great restaurants. I'd swap NYC for Chicago any day! :-)