Saturday, April 29, 2006

Invisible Children!

Tonight at 7pm all around the world Millions of people will be taking part in the Global Night Commute. These people will be commuting on foot to a large city and sleeping in in one designated place. Why you ask?
Every night in Uganda Millions of children have to endure this walk to another community and sleep with hundreds of other children in one place JUST to avoid being Kidnapped by the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) who kidnap the children and make them become part of this cult. Killing innocent people for no reason!
I encourage you to visit the invisible children webpage which shares more stories from the children that are kidnapped and the torturous things they go through.
This definately hits home for me. I have a sponsored child in Uganda. Although he is fortunate enough to be in a community away from the LRA and protected by World Vision there are still thousands out there just like him that live in fear everyday! I cannot even begin to imagine sending my children away every night and hoping that they will be safe and return in the morning. What a horrible way to live. The Global Commute is bringing awareness to this war that continues in Uganada and urges others to join the fight against it. We can all make a difference if we only speak out! Invisible Children has a store selling t-shirts, the dvd movie that started the invisible children movement. There are also bracelets available that you can purchase for a mere 19.99 that are named after a child that is enduring this and comes with a dvd telling their story. All the proceeds go towards Invisible Children and ultimately ENDING THIS WAR!!!
Know that you can and are making a difference in a childs life by sponsorship or by buying a simple bracelet from Invisible children! You are giving them HOPE in life and a chance at a future they might otherwise not have.
If this is something you also feel needs to be heard please pass it on so others can become aware of this as well and change the lifes of children in Uganda!

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Wow... Did you participate in the Global Night Commute?