Friday, August 11, 2006

Doggy Visitors part 1

Luke isn't the only doggy visitor we've had. Last weekend we had Zoomer and Toddy visit. They are Nova Scotia Duck Trawlers. Toddy is the older of the two while Zoomer is only about a year and a live wire. Poor Sockies got the shock of her life when they both came bounding up the stairs at here. lol Her back arched and she actually started growling like a dog at her. Poor thing!
She stayed clear of those two but she honestly doesn't mind Luke soo much as he's older and well behaved. She'll come out when he's here and has no problem letting him know who's boss.

The last night we had Zoomer and Toddy we took them down to the water to go swimming. They loooove to swim. Zoomer has this cloth frisbee type toy that floats in the water that he goes CRAZY over. We spent most of the time throwing it for him while Toddy only went up to his belly.

Here they are both trying to carry the toy back to Moose. Toddy of course is much slower than Zoomer so we tried to give him a head start :)
~ Toddy~
~~~~~~~~~ All set to go swimming. How cute are they!~~~~~~~~
Looking for the lost toy with Moose. It was hiding behind one of the row boats that was anchored.

Sockies had one days grace from having Zoomer and Toddy to then having Luke invade her home. All these dogs are having Moose want one now. Sockies you must use your charm to avoid having a puppy around 24/7.

Don't get me wrong I loooove dog's and didn't want to leave Zoomer and Toddy, I told Moose it wasn't fair to get me attached to these dogs and them take them back home again. I only had them for 48 hrs but I took them everywhere with me. We went on a trip to mum and dad's as saturday nanny and granda left to go home. They got to watch the parade there, but didn't like those horses. I had to take them away from the road as I didn't want them to spook the horses.
Then it was back home for some playtime, Toddy even slept at my feet both nights. How could I NOT get attached!
I also told Moose though that it wasn't fair to Sockies to have her hiding in the closest the whole time, Summer she is used to because she's grown up with her but I don't think she'd take to kindly with a new puppy. That and we want to get two dogs so I think that would really put her over the edge. Moose will just have to wait!


Chris said...

Poor Sockies! Sounds you had fun, but yeah, hiding in the closet all the time couldn't have been fun for her...

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh puppies!!! I love puppies!!!
Oh go on, get a puppy!! :-)))

irishmama said...

Poor sockies. Sounds like your house is becoming "Animal House". I'm so jealous you live so close to the water, the one place I ended up living in, in the USA is surrounded by desert.

KnitYoga said...

Lovely photos! Looks like the dogs had so much fun swimming!

trek said...

Kelly - your email didn't come through on your comment to my blog.