Wednesday, August 23, 2006

awww my aching head!

This is going to be a short post today as I currently have a killer headache and i'm about to go lie down in a few minutes.
The concert on the weekend was grrrrrrrreat! I got my sock finished between acts and saw another knitting down the line from me knitting some sweater on circulars, unfortunately my camera got sand in the zoom lens and wouldn't do anything at all during the concert so I have no pictures to show, hopefully we get it going again so I can take some knitting pictures. The concert was awesome, Alan Jackson was by far the best entertainer. Brooks and Dunn were great but the weather kind of damped my attention span on that one. It started to bucket down rain after about their second song. There were about 40 thousand there at the concert and about half of them left when the rain started. We on the other hand were troopers though and wanted to see Brooks and Dunn so stayed till the end. We had garbage bags with us so we put them on like a sweater over our heads. I was a dancing garbage bag for their performance and completely drenched and muddy and cold by the time they were done. It was freezing out but we managed to get fairly close during their performance because sooo many people left.
It took forever to get back to our truck and about 150 vehicles got stuck in the fields where they parked due to all the mud. We however parked at the zoo so just had to walk through all the fields to get there. We decided not to camp that night since we were already drenched but headed back to mum and dad's and stayed the night there. It was a good time for sure but next time we will bring out ducky suits !!

Dave has a great dishcloth pattern out!! I've knit about 5 of them already but can only find a picture of one. Here she is in all her beauty. They are fun to knit and quite addictive. Go check it out!

This last picture I just had to take as I was coming out of Old Navy the other day. The car was in the parking lot....... only in NB would they tie a row boat on top of their car lol
Thats it thats all for now, hopefully I can get rid of this head ache and get my camera working asap.


The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh feel better soon, Kelly!!!

irishmama said...

Feel better soon. I love Alan Jackson, sorry you got rained on. I am so going to make that dishcloth.

margene said...

Feel better quickly!

Chris said...

Hope your head feels better and your camera recovers! I've been contemplating how I could make that dishcloth into a bib... ;)

Sounds like a fun concert, even if you got wet - definitely not one you'll forget, right?

Laura said...

Aww - hope that rotten headache gets better quick. You've got knitting to do ya know! heh Have you ordered the yarn for your froggy sweater? Or decided on which blue to use yet?

I haven't seen him myself but I've heard Alan Jackson is a wonderful live performer - I believe it. He's great no matter what. :)

Glad y'all had fun even though you got wet!

Annarella said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your headache, hope you're feeling better, nothing worst than hearing your head pounding, is there? Hugs! xx

Dave said...

Glad you had a good time at the concert, and sad you're feeling yucky.

Shelley said...

When the thunder & lightning started making an appearance I wondered if the concert was over by that point. Didn't want anyone to get struck by lightning!

The dishcloth looks so cute. I'm going to have to try that pattern. Have a long list of things I want to make, and will be adding mittens starting next month. I've decided to try to do a KAL (and hopefully can get some prizes), so if you or anyone is interested the blog is at Just send an email or leave a comment that you'd like to be added (just need an email to send the invitation to).

Hope you got rid of the headache, and that it wasn't a migraine. I get those and they are no fun.

Amy said...

headaches are the worse, use a lavendar scented hotpack and close your eyes. Glad the concert was good, washcloth looks great!

Peg said...

Hope the headache is gone by the time you read this. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Loved the rowboat on the car. I will be in NS in ten days. I will be glad to visit friends and family and go to my 45th nursing school reunion!!