Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Today is New Brunswick Day and a Stat holiday aka day off!!!!!
So in order to celebrate New Brunswick I've put together a little factoid post. When people ask what is there to do in NB I kind of draw a blank, there are tons of things to do here and travellers seem to love our province but I guess living here you take so much for granted.
My family fell in love with NB right away and its how we came to be living in Canada now!

The New Brunswick Flag!

The gold lion on a red background represents the Duchy of Brunswick, a possession of Britain's King George III who ruled in the year of New Brunswick's creation in 1784. The galley, with oars in the water, represents New Brunswick's early seafaring industrial history.

- we have the highest and wildest tides in the world!
- warmest salt water beaches north of virginia (hummmm its still cold to me)
- more kinds of whales more often than anywhere
- Kings County *where I live* is the Covered Bridge captial of Canada
- 6,000 kms of snowmobile trails!
- St. Stephen houses Ganong Chocolate factory,maker of the world's first chocolate bar!
-Sabian cymbals are made right here in NB, musicans like Phil Collins and Eric Clapton won't play without them.
- we have one of the largest natural sandbars in North America. Fresh water washes the shores on one side and salt water on the other.
- There are 62 covered bridges in NB, the longest being in Hartland, its 390 meters long.
- Covered bridges were called Kissing Bridges in the olden days. When a couple was courting they would drive there buggy thru the covered bridge, they had the horses trained to stop halfway across to share a few kisses with their love.
- World known salmon fishing on the Miramichi River
- The inventor of the ice cream cone was born in Sussex, Dairy capital of the world.
- Second to none outdoor adventures

Check out some pics of NB HERE and NB's offical tourism site just in case you all want to drop by for a visit :)

Now I'm sure you're all wondering what about the yarn :) Well I haven't left that out.

Cricket Cove - is the largest selection of handknits and fibers in NB
They have 3 locations, St. Andrews, Blacks Harbour and the Saint John Market ( which just so happens to be my local yarn store )

Briggs & Little - is the Oldest Canadian woolen mill, check out the virtual tour and take a look at the mill and those massive carders. This mill has been open since 1857, although facing 4 fires, they rebuilt each time and is still up and running today :)

London-Wul- London-Wul is a farm, rabbitry, spinning and yarn HAVEN!!!! This is the place I've been BEGGING from Moose to take me to and also where I will be taking my spinning wheel to, to see if Heidi deems it spin worth or just for decoration. This place is my dream world and would be what I'd love to have some day along with a few donkies of course :)
Definatley check out this site as well as Heidi's Blog, she has the cutest dogs, and sheep and goats and rabbits and ohhhhhhhhhh I just want to live there.

Well I know thats not everything there is to know about NB but hopefully you've seen enough to make you want to come visit.

Happy New Brunswick Day!


Amy said...

looks like a beautiful place to live.

irishmama said...

Happy New Brunswick Day. Looks like a great place to live.

Dave said...

Very well done -- although I've been to NS, I didn't get to NB, but definitely will the next time I'm out that way!

The Crafty Weasel said...

OH what a fantastic post!! I've always to come up that way - I've been to BC and Quebec, and I loved Canada, now I want to go there too!

And I'm sure my husband would love the fishing - he and his father go often, in BC!

Happy New Brunswick Day! Doing anything fun on your day off?

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh I just went to links you wrote - it's beautiful up there!! I want to move there too!

Chris said...

Happy belated New Brunswick Day! Thanks for the fun facts - I had no idea. Hope you enjoyed your day off. :)

Laura said...

Happy New Brunswick Day to you KellyPoo!! Thanks for telling so many cool things about it - I love that it's the covered bridge capital of Canada! I love covered bridges SO much (we vacationed in Vermont several times when I was a child). I know you love living there - it looks like a really great place to vacation - maybe next summer we'll visit YOU! :)