Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Brunswick Day Trip

Moose and I both had the day off yesterday so we headed down to St. Andrews.
St. Andrews by the sea as its also referred as, is another village on the way to Maine from St. John. Its a very popular village Americans tend to come to for some relaxation. The main street is full of cute little shops and restaurants as well as Cricket Cove. Of course I drug Moose in for a look and bought some circulars for my first try at knitting socks with 2 circs. On our way home I was knitting away when Moose all of a sudden shouted BUNNIES!!!!!! I looked up and all I saw was a house, surrounded by green grass and bunnies EVERYWHERE! They were all just sitting around the yard. Of course I stopped and hauled out the camera. Just before I went to take the picture the man that lived in the house came outside with a bucket of pellets and started feeding them. I asked if I could go pet them and of course he said yes. They were all soooo cute! Here are a few pictures Moose took as I was feeding and petting them.

These are only the few that were in the front yard. I asked the man how many he had and he said around 70 or so. He started with a couple and of course they multipled, at one point he had over 100.
This is the sign thats graces their front garden. I thought it said welcome to the bunny hutch and immediately pulled out the camera to take a picture for Laura but alas it said Welcome Bunny watchers!
As we were leaving we looked at the neighbours yard and saw that the bunnies were over that one too. We sure hoped the neighbours like bunnies as much as they do :)
The Algonquin pictured about is a famous hotel in St.Andrews for its Victorian style. This is where alot of the vacationers come to stay, who could blame them :)

Cricket Cove is having an Autumn Retreat at the end of September in St. Andrews! There are going to be classes , demos given by Sally Melville author of The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch, Colour, and Sally Melville Styles. Kathyryn Thomas from FLEECE ARTIST is also going to be there demoing knitting with handpainted yarns and knitting with swing needles! Both Cricket Cove locations will be open to shop till you drop at and of course lots of knitting time to knit by the fire. Can I tempt anyone??? I really want to go but I'm not the type of person that would go by myself. Can I tempt anyone for a little NB vacation??? I'll make sure you get to London-Wul as well. Check out the info and class schedules on the website. I'd love to have you come and experience NB!


Chris said...

I would be tempted, but I'm already going to be on vacation then, alas...

Ye gads, that's a LOT of bunnies. Wow.

irishmama said...

Love the hotel, oh I would so love to go, but the kids will all be starting school. Wow so many bunnies.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh temptation!! It sounds absolutely wonderful! I'll go over my finances but I am not sure this is a good time! ohhh but it sounds so peaceful and quiet!

Amy said...

the bunnies are so cute. I would love to come up. If St. Andrews weren't so far I would be very tempted.

Laura said...

Oh my word how funny!! That would be the cutest thing in the world to drive by and see a yard full of Bunnies!!! heh And you thought of me. You're so sweet. :)

Neat hotel. Why do you call it an Algonquin? Is that the architectural style? It would be so fun to visit y'all in the winter but summer would be great too - look at your wearing a SWEATER in that bunny petting picture!! Too bad I can't come to the retreat.