Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Turkey Day!

Moose had to work on Thanksgiving so I headed down to Mum and Dad's for the day and to have dinner..... yummmm turkey!
My mum makes the best Bisto Gravy and Roasters in the WORLD! Irish Mama, you like the ole bisto and roasters????
It took longer than usual to drive down because I kept pulling over and taking pictures of the scenery. It was just awesome! I'd go over a hill and all of a sudden i'd shout WOW! The colours were soooo intense and ran for miles! I love CANADA!
Mum and Dad's house was no exception to the beautiful colours. The tree below is usually just a green colour but this year has turned an awesome orange! They also have 3 big trees in the back garden that turn every colour before the leaves fall off. I wish I could up root them and put them in my yarn, they are sooo great to look at. It seems like every day they are that shade brighter or more leaves are turning yellow.

Now Miss Sockies, yeah well she's been catching up on all the blog reading and she's not to happy with all of you and the suggestion of getting a puppy. I found her reading my blog and doing this to the screen when I got up.
* Stinkin weasels! There will be no puppy in my house!! TTTTTTTTTTHHHARRRRRPPPPP*
How awesome are these trees??? Can you see why I want to keep them?
It of course wouldn't be a trip to mum and dad's without seeing my girl Summy. We went for a walk down the field and even a little dip in the river :) Her patch is growing in nicely and she's 100% back to normal. I have a picture of her patch but I couldn't fit any more pictures on this post.

I've made good headway on the second sock, and I hope to get it finished next week sometime. Hummmm I'll have to start planning the next one! I'm thinking toe up's maybe????


Dave Daniels said...

Beautiful photographs! And Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. That second tree photo is fantastic.

irishmama said...

Happy Thanksgiving, this will be the first Thanksgiving I'm scheduled off and I even got Christmas eve and Day off too. Bisto gravy and roast potatoes, I'm drooling. Tell Sockies sorry. Glad Summy is doing good.

Laura said...

Oh YUM!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. POOOOOR little Sockies! She must think Blogland is conspiring against her. :(

Thanks for the beautiful photos - it really looks like fall! It's finally starting to feel like it here. :)

Jeanne said...

I don't blame Sockies one bit. So glad that Summy is doing well. It looks like you guys got the Fall we missed completely. It was pretty much summer one day, winter the next. So sad.

Amy said...

I guess Thanksgiving in Canada is not the same thing here in the States. Pictures look great. Tell poor Sockies she is still the head honcho

Chris said...

Looks like Sockies is thinking how tasty a puppy would be!! Oh, fall, we never had it this year - thanks for sharing yours!