Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alpaca's and Socks

***If you have a weak stomach I probably wouldn't read any farther***

As we were leaving the Common Ground Fair we got a chance to stop in at Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm. It is a fairly new farm with a small herd of 3 alpaca's which should be four by now. The middle alpaca in the picture below was pregnant and actually due that day so I'm hoping there is a new baby alpaca amongst the herd now. After taking lots of pictures of the Alpaca's we got a chance to talk to Robin, the owner and ask a good lot of questions about owning and keeping alpacas.....*no reason why, you know just filling our minds with knowledge ;)*

Now while Moose was asking many questions and I was listening and looking at all the Alpaca goods at their stall I started to get veeeeeeeerrry Hot, I mean sweaty hot and woozey. Now do you all remember that ORGANIC beef burger I had for lunch that day??? Little did I know, my stomach was rejecting that organic stuff and telling me not to even try to put any more of that its way. So usually when I feel dizzy I just need to sit for a bit. Well I sat down on the grass,Moose kept on talking but at this point I knew I was in trouble. If you've been around me enough you would know I'm the QUEEN of throwing up. Throwing up to me is the worst thing in the world, but something that happens quite frequently lol I have super duber motion sickness, boats, planes, trains, sometimes cars, ferris wheels, any rides, basically anything that moves. If I stand for a long period of time, I could go on but the newest thing that makes me throw up ORGANIC FOOD!
So as you can guess I went white as a ghost, to which someone commented "OH your really pale looking" YA THINK???? I'm gonna throw up, do you think I'm going to be rosy cheeked. Moose tried to relocate me as I was right IN FRONT of the stall, ohhhh noooo I couldn't throw up in a bush, nope its right in front of the stall for me baby. Now its happened to me before that I tried to relocate myself after going pale and ended up blacking out and falling down a flight of stairs........ yes yes don't think I'll be moving this time. So the inevitable happened, right in front of the stall, but it wasn't just your plain puke, it was massive chunks of burger trying to make its way back up my throat LOVE IT! So after Moose got me something to drink and picked up the puke with his bare hands God love him, he went and got the truck and took me back to the hotel. I was sooooooo embarrassed, Moose just laughed but I swear I could have crawled under a rock and died.
So apart from making a fool of myself we did learn alot about raising and keeping alpaca's BONUS!

This is the only one of the Alpaca's that I remember the name of. Her name is Splenda. I searched the website but they don't have anything about the alpaca's up yet.
Now this beautiful statue is adorning Robin's front lawn. How cute is it.

Now that I've grossed you all out with my puke story, don't worry i'm sure there will be many more to come.

I joined Socktoberfest, which started on Sunday. I have two different socks on the go at the moment, the Lorna's Lace gentlemen's shooting socks and my Norweigan Stockings. I'm about to start the heel of the Lorna's Lace..... yes I know I said that last time but I haven't been working on them since. And the Norweigan Stockings I'm about to start into the fair isle pattern, hopefully I will do it right, these are my first fair isle project and I'm jumping in with two hands tied behind my back and a blind fold on. I've only got the internet and emailing knitters to help me out so wish me luck!


The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhh Kelly, you poor poor thing!!!! I am so sorry! That puts a damper on otherwise perfect day! I hope you're fully recovered!!!!

irishmama said...

I'm sorry, hope you're feeling better. I think we were meant to eat the real thing, our stomachs are not use to this organic stuff. I'm doing Soctoberfest too.

Chris said...

Sorry you got sick! Hope you're feeling lots better now.

Shelley said...

Wow...that must have been horrifying for all involved! Hope you're feeling better now.

I'm in Socktoberfest too! I have to start some more socks though...lol.