Tuesday, November 21, 2006


* humph I want my daddy!!! I'm not speaking to you till he comes home*

Sock and I have been missing Moose alot. Its just not the same around here. There has been very minimal knitting going on. I ripped back my second sock to just before the leg shaping because I couldn't remember where I was in the pattern *DOH* and i'm about half way up the leg. Other than that I haven't touched any other project. I just don't FEEL like knitting. I don't really feel like doing anything. My friend at work and I are on total opposites all this week so I really am all by myself. She works when I'm off and I work when she's off, so looks like its just me and the Sock in it for the long haul. I think Sock is totally punking me off too, all she's done in lie upstairs as if she's ignoring me. Frankly I think she's ticked that Moose isn't around for her to lie on. If you could hear the conversations he has with her lol I'll be sitting at the computer and I'll hear "GEEZ Woman, will you give me some space!!" That would be the comment made as Sock realizes he's sitting down and she jumps up to sit on him once again eheheh Honestly they are soooo funny together.

My fetching's have been done, for quite some time, but since Sock can't hold the camera up to take the pics you'll have to wait till Moose returns to see the final pics.

I got some new charms in yesterday and I'm still awaiting more so I'll be posting new markers in a day or two.

I hauled out my garland for around the deck yesterday and attempted to staple it on...... but of course the staples just don't want to stay in. My only solution was to buy some floral wire at work and wire it on. Anyone else have any brain waves??? Sock loves to chew on the garland....... can't wait to put it on the bannister to the basement. She'll be sitting on the stairs all day just chewing on it. She jumped every time I said her name last night to get her to stop chewing it. She'll have it ripped to shreds in no time I'm sure.


Rebekah said...

Awwww. Wish we could cheer you up and take away your boredom. I have a feeling he's going to have two plastered girls to him when he gets home.

Jeanne said...

Poor Sockies. It's bad when you normal lap isn't around. The garland will cheer her up in no time. Michael is in Mississippi for Thanksgiving, so I'm sitting at home, alone too, feeling uninspired.

Dave Daniels said...

If Sockie is lonely, imagine how Moose must feel. He's probably not sitting right or anything because he doesn't have her for "balance".

Laura said...

Awww. Such sweet loneliness. And you thought you'd be a knitting feind with Moose gone! Won't Sockies just cuddle with Mommy when Daddy is away? This is when most Mamas start talking badly about the Daddy for going off and leaving the family alone while he has fun with the guys. hehe

irishmama said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so lonely, hang in there, he'll be there soon. I think you should do something that you've always wanted to do while he's away

Amy said...

so sorry you're missing Moose. You need to check out some really good movies, things that he'll never watch. Maybe even have a girls movie and popcorn night!