Tuesday, November 28, 2006

4 more sleeps!

Yes 4 more sleeps to go and Moosey will be home!!! We are BOTH counting down the days. He's gonna have to come see me at work though when he gets home cause I'll be there when he arrives. No telling what I might do when I see him :) I told him to watch out cause I'm gonna football tackle him from the knees :)

This past week I've recieved a few things that have cheered me up!
One I recieved a package from Kelli aka Knitter Bunny. She had a contest for her birthday and her beautiful dog Beau picked ME! She sent me some absolutely AWESOME sock yarn.
Sock can you please show them the goods!

*well I would but I kinda like lying on this green stuff that makes a noise!*

Well while Sockies is getting ready to show you the goods I also decided to get my hair cut.
I've been toying with the idea of bangs for YEARS now and have never bit the bullet and gone ahead with it. Well Friday night, I bit the bullet!!

What do you think??? Most people at work have said they prefer me with them so we'll have to wait and see what Moosey thinks. I did send him a picture but he says he has to see it in person.

Ok Sock, show them some yarny goodness.

*sniff sniff* ahhhh YES this is the one mum, cause it smells like BUNNIES!!!! This funky mailer was leaning up against my door when I got home from a close shift. Fab thing to come home to. So Kelli sent me 2 skeins 550 yards each of Fearless Fiber 100% superwash merino sock yarn in colourways Mermaid and Marakesh! I'd never heard of this yarn before but ohhhhh I can't wait to knit with it. YUMMMY! Now the ball in the far right is two skeins of Mohair send by Sarah from Knit for the Dutchians . My name was randomly drawn for a prize from all the knitters. It was sooo funny when I opened the package the mohair was in a ziplock bag and when I took it out it looked like mini beret's, flat as pancakes. I tried to get Sock to model a beret for you but she was having none of it. The mohair was quickly taken away before she could attack it. No idea's what I'm going to use it for yet but it will join the stash and wait until it is called.

I went christmas shopping on the weekend and got a good bit finished and wrapped. I also have a surprise for Moose when he comes back! Our tv in the basement died before he left but I found a great deal on a new one this weekend. Its all set up and waiting his arrival :)

The knitting front as severely been lacking. I'm about to turn the heel on my sock, but that is all I have accomplished during these two weeks. I'd like to tackle my tweed cardi today but when I came down the stairs I realised what a disaster the house is in so if I have time after tidying today I may start on it.

celticcastondesigns is going to have some new stuff added today so stay tuned for the goodies.


Rebekah said...

Yeah, I'm glad he'll return home shortly to you.

What lovely yarn! I'm so glad the kitty finaly cooperated in showing it, it's too pretty not to.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh Kelly,
I so owe you an email!! I just realized that Moose was away all this time! I hope you are doing ok - love the bangs!
I will write more later. Bayou sends lickies, she is going into surgery on Friday.

Laura said...

The bangs are GREAT! You'll enjoy having a new look I bet. :)

Hooray for yarny yums - that mohair sure is a pretty color!

Yay for Moosey coming home soon. I know you've missed him. Awww. :)

Jeanne said...

The bangs look good. I'm contemplating them myself, 'cause I'm tired of having hair in my eyes all the time. Glad Moose is coming back soon...

Chris said...

I like the bangs!! That said, having bangs scares me. :) I like being able to pull it all back...

Hey, you got some great goodies, yourself! :)

irishmama said...

I like the bangs too. Glad Moose will be home soon. Great packages