Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Work getting in the way of christmas!!!

IIEEE IEEEE IEEE!!! What a week! I've been missing blogland over the last week or so but i'm sooo glad to be back. My computer corner was taken over by a hard working Moose and I had no internet all week!!! I didn't know what to do with myself. Not that I had time to go online except for maybe in the morning's while i'm drinking my tea and I definatley missed that. Then I went to write a post yesterday and the computer died on me......what is that all about?????
Finally I'm here and ohhh soooo happpy!
Work has been CRAZY!!!! I have two shifts left until I get a few off for christmas and I'm ooohhh sooo glad. Working seven days straight during crazy time is NOT what I call fun.
The basement i'm glad to say is 98% done! There are parts of a few walls left to paint, the floor is complete and the woodwork painted and trim on! I'll be soooo glad when its done and the basement can get back to normal.
What little time I have had to knit *ie: in the truck while Moose drives, or right before I go to bed* has been spent on Dulaan knitting. So I missed the Knit Unto Others KAL, everything was jsut CRAZY with work and the house turned upside down that I didn't even attempt it but this past week has been declared knit unto others week and most likely over the holidays as well. It seems everytime I sit down to knit by the time I get my charts and patterns and needles and yarn its time to put it away again so I opted for some very simple back to basics knits for Dulaan. Something that will keep my hands busy, and enjoy the tention relief knitting gives me and not have me frustrated and wanting to pull my hair out. This type of knitting will continue over the holidays me thinks. I want to beable to spend time with my family and not have to worry about patterns and counting.
I present my first FO fo Dulaan.

The Gaiter *cue jaws music* I whipped this puppy up on our last christmas shopping trip to moncton. A gaiter is basically a neck warmer that can also be pulled up over your face to sheild out the cold. Its made out of Bernat Solo a steal of a deal at work for $2. I doubt the giftee of this knit will mind that it is acrylic. Its a bulky yarn, and will give much warm to those who need it.
I made it long enough too that it can go over your head like a balaclava. ahhhhh the balaclava days, I remember having a white one with pink fair isle around the edges. Those were the days :) I have two other dulaan projects done, one which really needs blocking and one that I just cast off the needles. I hope to cast on another knit this afternoon, after my attempt at putting the christmas tree lights on by myself.
It was soooo nice this morning to SIT and knit for a good hour. I just want to go back to the couch now, wrap myself in a big blanket and knit some more but I do need to get some things done before the weekend. We have company coming for christmas. :)

Sunday at work we had one of our Bob Ross classes going on at work. It wasn't your typical landscape painting but a super cute baby seal. Everyone had been admiring the sample in the store for weeks but only two signed up for the class. I had been tempted to take the class but with my lack of painting skills and also having to work I didn't get to.
I asked the instructor if I could buy the sample painting before the end of the class,that seal pup was just so cute I could take him home and scratch his little chin all day. So told me that she was taking it back to an art show in NS but if I wanted to pay for the canvas of the seal pup she was painting with the class I could have that one.
Of course I jumped at the chance and after thanking her over and over that little baby seal came home to live with ME!

Isn't he gorgeous???? Moose doesn't think Sockies will like the idea of a seal pup joining the clan but I think she'll get used to him :)


Rebekah said...

Oh that seal pup is very adorable. What a bargain.

And cute gaiter. someone will get a lot of use out of it.

Hope you get some more knitting/relaxing time.

trek said...

I might consider heavy bribery to get in on a Bob Ross class. Lucky you guys!

Chris said...

What a deal!! Sounds like a fun class, too. I hope things settle down for you!!

Jeanne said...

I hope Sockies doesn't get upset you invited a seal pup to come home with you. He sure is cute, though.

Anonymous said...

you look so cute in that neck gaiter! ^^

hope you're able to finish up the last 2% on your basement, finish up with work, and have a nice relaxing holiday!

Laura said...

I'm ALL FOR the no-brainer knitting during the holidays!! Good for your basement being nearly done! Good for your internet getting hooked back up!! Good for you being home a few days before Christmas. What guests are you having??

Take care and protect the seal pup from Sockies!! :)

Peg said...

Only a few more days and then you can crash and knit or eat or sleep or do whatever your little heart desires. You are right it is just crazy! We are having another wind storm - cannot tell you how many that is in the last four weeks, but I would need more than one hand to count! Help!

irishmama said...

Love the picture of the seal. The gaiter turned out well. Hope things settle down.

Heidi said...

Love the gaiter, what a great gift idea. If I actually liked being outdoors in the winter, I might make myself one. But I'm a from the house directly to the car kinda girl!

Happy holiday knitting!

Rain said...

The gaiter is a great idea. I'm sure it will be appreciated by whoever receives it.

I hope things calm down so you can get more knitting time.

Annarella said...

Just wanting to wish you a wonderful Xmas xx