Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in Review

Carole had asked what our favourite knits in 2006 were and what we knit so here it is!

The List

*6 pairs of complete socks
*one hat
*6 scarves
*6 discloths
*1 one skein wonder
*4 baby sweaters
*1 gaiter
*1 pair of fetching
* one tank that was complete and then had to be ripped

Thats 27 items in total this year. Not too bad! I'm happy with the amount of socks I have made but I'm going to lets say doubt that in 2007 :)
I also want to make more sweaters for myself.

So my favourite knits in 2006 are:

The two little star sweaters I made for the twins. They were sooo cute I still wish I'd kept them. I can definately see me making another one if there is an addition to this family in the future.
My favourite knit for myself was my OSW. While I haven't really gotten much use out of it yet, I can't wait to wear it out this summer :)
I have lots of goals I want to accomplish knitting wise in 2007 so keep your eyes peeled for lots of knitting in 2007.


Shelley said...

I love those little star sweaters! You got a lot of great items made in 2006. I have a running list on my sidebar of all that I've knit in 2006. Most of the stuff was in children's or baby sizes, or were small projects so it seems like a lot - which I suppose it is, but there isn't as much work in the small items as there is in, say, and adult size sweater. Oh well, the point is I knit it all I guess, LOL!

Chris said...

You got a lot done in 2006! Those star sweaters were absolutely adorable. I need to make something like that one-skein wonder...

Rebekah said...

Wow that's a lot, more then 2 projects each month!

Those sweaters are adorable! I can see why they are on the top of your list.

And what a cute knit for yourself. I hope to do more selfish knitting this year.

Laura said...


Thatsalottaknitting!!! I hadn't realized you made so many pairs of socks! I guess a year is quite a long time and I've been here the whole while. So I should remember it all. I do remember the precious star sweaters - I just got that book for Christmas from my husband - I had it on my Amazon wish list just because I thought those star sweaters you made were so adorable! I'm glad to have the book now. And if you need a sweater like that in the future I'll make it and tuck it in your box if it's not been sent by the time you have a new addition to the family. hehehehehe