Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sock Bucket

I'm just in from work and sUUper Duuber excited. But first there is a story to go along with my excitedness.
Ok so for the past while I'm been carrying a *coughs* plastic bag to work with my knitting in it. *Hangs head in shame* I know I know you're all thinking "a plastic bag???? Is she on crack??? No one would disgrace their knitting enough to carry it around in a plastic bag."
Well I did and have frankly because I wasn't going to shell out the money for something I didn't really like. I haven't come across a knitting bag that I've actually said I NEEEED THAT....... that is until 2 weeks ago. Jen recieved her dyeorama yarn from Rosa. Not only did she get yarn but Rosa made her a Sock Bucket that matched her yarn! Here's Jen's BUCKET *scroll down to june 7th to see it.*
You back?? Ok how cute was that? So now that I was totally head over heels in love with this cute little bag, I had to have one. Not to mention that I'd had comments at work about my plastic bag *grumbles* HEY IT WAS SERVING ITS PURPOSE! AS LONG AS I COULD KNIT AT WORK I WAS HAPPY! I emailed Rosa and she said she certainly could make one for me.
WOOOOPPPPPPEEEE! Now I was super excited. Not only could she make me one but she could have it on its way to me in 2 days. Holy BATMAN! ROSA THE SUPER SEW 'er!
Just as she said it would be, two days later it was on its way to MEEEEEE!!!
She had posted a picture of it on her website so of course while waiting for it to arrive I kept going back and drooling over it.
So fast forward to Friday that just passed. I get the mail on the way home from work and my little notification is there that says I have a package. WOOP WOOOP! How sweet is this, I get to take it to Boston. So we did some running around in town and I go to get my package....... the post office part of Shoppers is closed.................... *gasps* but the lady was still there so I said I" just here to pic up a package. I can see all the boxes lined up in the back room, one with my name on it.
She says - "Sorry the systems are closed, I need to process it through the computer, we are open again at 9 in the morning."
Me - But i'm not going to be here I'm going away, I can't just get my package???
Lady - Sorry the system's are down I can't do it.
Me - Storms out of post office and getting in truck ranting to Moose about not being able to get my package. Stupid post office ...... mumble mumble. I really wanted to take that to Boston.
Little did I know when I told Rosa that my package was here and I just couldn't get it yet she says if she would have known I was going to Boston she would have hand delivered it as she lives 40 mins away. :( DANG!

So after all that, here's the much awaited pictures of the cutest Sock Bucket on earth!

Cute huh!
Its square on the bottom so it actually sits up right. There is even a few pockets on the inside and a pen pocket too!
I couldn't be happier with my new bag. Its exactly what I wanted!
Rosa does have a shop on her blog and sells some really cute diaper bags and bibs.
She also sells two more sizes in the bag I got. The sock bucket is the small one, just the right size for a sock project, then she has a medium size for a cardigan project and then a large that would fit a blanket project.
I'm strongly considering the next size up as well :) Rosa just doesn't know it yet hehehhe


irishmama said...

Love the bag. I have knitting bags, but I carry whatever project I'm working on in a Ziplock Bag, its just so much handier and can fit in to whatever handbag I'm using that day.

Donna said...

That is so cute! Love the fabric and the style.

Chris said...

It's lovely and looks really useful - and very YOU. :D

Peg said...

Love the 'bucket'! Doesn't it just steam you when you can see what is yours but someone has the right to say NO, NO, NO! It was worth the wait!

Amy said...

I love the bag and I will be ordering one once she posts them at her shop! I have a big bag that I use for multiple projects but inside they are in little PLASTIC bags..keeps the cat hair off!

Annarella said...

I'm so in love with your sock bucket, it totally rocks, I'd wear this to go out not just to carry knitting around. Fantastic!! xx

Rosa said...

Oh my! I am so glad that you got it and are pleased with it. I do wish you could have gotten it sooner. Happy you were in town and got to do lots of yarn shopping. Happy sock knitting. And don't hesitate to email me when the urge to buy the next tote strikes.