Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seeing Blue!

Surprisingly I have not one but 3 project spectrum projects on the go this month. 4 if you count my P socks which are sitting in the knitting basket until I figure out what I did wrong!
I've cast on for Nanny's Socks once again. I'm trying the basic cable sock pattern because I'm bound and determined that these socks will have cables!!! I'm about to start the heel and think I'd like to try something new for it. Any suggestions???

Second is of course Butterfly, which is coming slowly but surely. I'm up to about 8 repeats. Haven't had much time to work on it since I started it but I'm trying to get a repeat done every now and again. This is definatley going to be an all summer project!

Three is going to be a one skein wonder. I'm using the blue bamboo yarn I won in a contest around February time. This yarn is silky soft and is going to be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

I was finally able to get a picture of one of our little friends who arrive in the summer for a seasonal visit. He was enjoying the weeds growing in the gravel when Moose stepped out the door tonight. I managed to get the camera and he got quite close before he hopped off. *sighs* If only I could pick him and give him a little squeeze :) They are just too darn cute for words!
* Excuse me as I sink back into my drawer to sleep!*


Knitnerd said...

haha. your cat is so cute!

Chris said...

You have a whole lotta knitting going on! I love seeing bunnies in the alley here...

Hi, Sockies!! Don't worry - you're WAY cuter than that bunny!

Laura said...

Hi KellyPoo!! How have you been?

Do you know that there's a lunch sack in my kitchen with your name on it and lotsa goodies inside?? hehe I love surprises and yours will be in the mail some time next week I think. When I'm done filling up the sack. :)

Have you tried an Eye of Partridge Heel before? that's different and would look beautiful on blue socks! :)

irishmama said...

Sockies is getting as bad as Chaos. We get rabbits in our yard too, my kids keep trying to catch the babies.

The Crafty Weasel said...

Have you tried the Sherman Heel? Although, I'm curious now about that Eye of Partridge!!