Sunday, June 04, 2006

Meet Team Celtic!

Team Celtic originating from the British Isles managed to find each other in Portland Maine and now reside in NB Canada. Their current home in NB is where they will all work together for one thing and one thing only....


This challenge is a first for all! Kelly although having been a knitter for many years is coming ready for her first lace knitting experience! This team is definately going to have to work together and feed of each others strengths if they want to complete this challenge on time. The team has been together for 5 months now and have been waiting for the right time to form together and create Butterfly! With co-operation and great teamwork I have high hopes that Team Celtic will make it to the end!

Yesterday I caught up with Team Celtic who where busy working on their skills. I witnessed the determination on their faces and the even had the chance to speak a few moments with Team Captain Kelly.

*Reporter* - "Thanks for taking the time out to talk with me Kelly. How are you feeling about the Amazing Lace??
*Kelly* - " Well we're all feeling pretty confident. There are of course some nervous jitters being that this is a first for all of us but as you can see we've been working on our team skills and feel that this will benefit us greatly.
*Reporter* - " Now looking at the other competition i've noticed a lot of people have already started the Lace..... Do you feel you are at a disadvantage seeing how your team hasn't left the starting block already??
*Kelly* - " Definately not. You know seeing as how we ARE a new team we figured we'd be best to take it slow and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses are before we jump in.
*crackling can be heard on radio* Kelly come in, Kelly come in over!

*Kelly* - "*speaking into radio* Go ahead Kid Silk!
*Kid Silk * - " Lets get this show on the road! We're more than ready!

*Reporter* - " Well there you have it folks! Team Celtic is up and ready for the challenge! Well check in on them later in the week!


Chris said...

Great intro!! :) I LOVE that last picture.

Becky said...

It cracks me up how you put little beads for eyes and a helmet on the ball of KSH. Hehe. Excellent!

Laura said...

Great pictures! Great interview! Can't wait to see progress photos!

Dipsy D. said...

I absolutely loved your intro - fantastic pics too! Looking forward to seeing your progress pics - and in the meantime: GO, Team Celtic!!!

irishmama said...

Good luck Team Celtic. Love the pictures.

The Crafty Weasel said...

LOL LOL LOL! Can't wait to read more!!

Amy said...

good luck, I think you'll love lace work.